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Having decided to go camping with Isis-san, we finished discussing the location.

I heard that the Western Demon Realm is an area with sandy plains, but the Demon Realm itself is quite vast to begin with, so there are places suitable for camping in whichever area of the Demon Realm it is.

This time, we decided on a place near the area mentioned in the book that Isis-san and I read, and considering the influence of Isis-san’s magic power of death, somewhere a little far from civilization.

There also seems to be a river nearby, so we can do some fishing.

And so, I’m thinking of buying some camping gear…… but well, I suppose I’ll just go to Alice’s store for that, so I went to her miscellaneous goods store through the basement.



[……That being the case, I need some camping stuff.]

[That’s fine and all, but up to what level do you want]

[What do you mean by “level”]



Sitting down on a chair in front of the counter, I consulted with Alice about what to buy.

Alice, who used to travel around the world in the past, seemed like she’d have a lot of knowledge about camping and matters like that, so she’s very reliable for a complete amateur like me.



[If you want to do it in an orthodox way, camping can be a lot of work.

To put it simply, amateurs would often have trouble setting up tents, cooking, and things not going just as they imagined.]

[Well, it certainly seems like it would take a lot of time and effort if you aren’t used to it.]

[I know this might not sound great, but in the end, Kaito-san, rather than wanting to go camping, it’s okay to think that you just want to enjoy the leisurely experience of camping, right]

[Of course, if we could easily enjoy the atmosphere, that would be better…… Both me and Isis-san are amateurs at camping after all.]



Nodding to my words, Alice arranged several products on the counter.



[In that case, my recommendations are these magic tools.

For example, this one…… is a bonfire-style heater.

Kaito-san, you remember that toy you bought a while ago that casts Illusion Magic when thrown, right Its effect was something close to that.

When used, the Illusion Magic in it would manifest a campfire, but since it isn’t actually a fire, it’s safe and only has a heating effect on the surroundings.]

[I see, this is interesting…… It also looks like a real bonfire, so it’s perfect for setting up the atmosphere.]

[In addition, there’s this tent that can be assembled in a few steps…… As it’s a magic tool, it’s expensive, but there are many items like this that allow you leisure while also giving the atmosphere of camping.]



Many of the items that Alice introduced are quite good, even just these items she lined up here on the counter.

Like, this small folding chair looked like it would be nice.



[And then, there’s also stuff like this.

Stainless steelish mugs.]

[Ahh, I like these ones.

It makes me feel like drinking some soup in it.]

[If you want soup, I recommend the instant soup Kuro-san’s company recently released.

It saves you the trouble of making it, and it’s easy to bring around.]



Ahh, come to think of it, when Kuro introduced the instant goods her company made, she said they also have various breads, soups and other items.

That sounds great…… Drinking hot soup in a mug under the stars at night…… Yep, that would be great.



[By the way, when it comes to chairs, in addition to the small ones…… I think you should also buy one with a high backrest, as not just for this camping, you could also use it for other occasions.

Another thing that isn’t to be sneezed at is this field rack…… Well, think of it as a small folding shelf for camping.

Because you can place your ingredients and utensils on it when you’re cooking, it’s very convenient.]

[I see…… If you have nice stuff like this, I’d like you to tell me.]

[Let’s see, when it comes to cookware…… I think this would be good.

A simple smoker…… To put it simply, it’s a device that allows you to easily make smoked food.

Cheese and wieners were delicious when smoked, you know My personal recommendation is this burner-type cookware.

When you roast your ingredients on the mesh grill, it would also be delicious.

Other than that, there’s also this lantern-style Illumination Magic Tool.]



That sounds great, all of them sounded like it would be enjoyable.

Having a tool that can brew coffee might also be nice.

Although it’s easy to drink freshly brewed coffee by putting it in a magic box, brewing and drinking it in the midst of nature seems like fun.

Isis-san and I have almost no experience in camping itself.

When I stayed out with Anima before, it wasn’t for the purpose of camping, but for a fishing trip.



For the time being, I’ll go buy all the things Alice recommended.

It might also be a good idea to look for other stores specializing in camping and find something that looks good.

Magic tools exist in this world, so even if they’re expensive, even an amateur like me can enjoy the atmosphere of camping.



[……By the way, I’ll ask just in case, but do you have any of the instant soups that Kuro’s company sells]

[I’m not selling any of those here.]

[Why is it that every time I go shopping here, you have everything but food……]

[That’s obviously because I’d eat them myself!]

[……It’s amazing how that’s very persuasive.]



After all, Alice eats the most out of all the people I know……


















Serious-senpai : [This is bad…….

Heh…… Hehehe…… My body is shaking…… Since when was the last time I felt this much fear…… Was it back in the Founding Festival, when Illness appeared]

: [Isn’t that quite recent……]


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