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In the room I was guided to by Luna-san, Lilia-san and another woman in a maid’s uniform with her brown hair tied up in a knot and neatly kept into place with her headpiece.

How should I say this…… She had this neat and tidy atmosphere around her, really making you know she was the Head Maid, a woman who could do her job well.



[It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miyama Kaito-sama.

My name is Beatrice, and I am a Head Maid at the royal castle.]

[I’m Miyama Kaito.

It’s nice to meet you.]



The angle of the bow is also very beautiful, and her skill as a maid seems to be quite high…… but I wonder, just like Ein-san and Luna-san, are maids in this world basically always wearing maid uniforms Well, Luna-san does wear casual clothes when she’s doing something extremely private……



[Errr, you asked to see Nebula]

[Yes, I would like to ask that if it’s possible.

If she is a maid that Teacher Illness commends so much, I would very much like to meet her.]

[……No, Nebula isn’t a maid though]

[It’s alright.

Whatever your actual occupation may be, if you have the Spirit of the Maid within you, you are a Maid.]



……What the heck is this woman talking about Ahh, this is bad, she’s just like Ein-san.

Also, I’ll say this now, but I don’t think Nebula would have whatever that Spirit of the Maid is.

Ahh, I have this strong feeling of not wanting our cute Nebula around these maids who, with a few exceptions, were a gathering of monsters.



[I’ve seen Teacher Illness for the first time in a long time and I’m quite surprised.

Illness-sama’s Maid Power, which was already overwhelming, has increased even more.

I understand that a maid of my stature couldn’t make these conjectures, but it was clear that her status as a maid had risen compared to when she was in the royal castle.]

[……I- I see]

[I thought the reason for her becoming a greater maid was Nebula-sama, so I wanted to meet her once.

And by all means, I would really like to confirm her ability as a maid to the extent that Teacher Illness praises it.]



Slightly intimidated, I turned my gaze toward Lilia-san, but she just shook her head in sympathy.

I suppose she’s saying there’s no persuading her or something like that.

I mean, I’ve said this already, but Nebula isn’t a maid……

By the way, Luna-san, for some reason, was nodding her head at Beatrice-san’s words.

Well, that person also belongs to the Maid World, so I guess what Beatrice-san said sounded convincing to her ears.

As for me, who has nothing to do with the Maid World, I don’t have any thoughts other than wondering what the heck she’s talking about……]



[H- Hmmm, I understand how you feel, but Nebula might not like it, so I’ll have to check with her first……]


I understand that I’m asking something unreasonable, so I’ll wait here.]


Then, I’ll go ask Nebula.]



I personally don’t want Nebula to meet her, but I can’t just make that decision on my own.

First of all, I have to get confirmation from Nebula herself…… Thinking that, I left Lilia-san’s room once, walked to the garden under the World Tree and called out to Nebula.



[Nebula, you have a moment]

[Yes What is it, Milord]

[Actually, a visitor has come to meet you……]




She appeared as soon as I called her, and while Nebula was curiously tilting her head, I explained the circumstances to her.

Especially regarding what creature maids are and other topics related to them, I conveyed them to her firmly, including my warnings.

After listening to my story, Nebula nodded and spoke.



[……I see, I understand what’s going on.

I don’t mind.]

[Errr, you sure]

[Yes! I am the Absolute.

I would never turn away a visitor.]

[……I- I see.]



Nebula is a kind and generous child, so even if it was a sudden visit for an incomprehensible reason like wanting to confirm her ability as a maid, she would readily accept it.

I’m really feeling complicated about all this, but I can’t complain as long as Nebula herself says she’s going to meet her.




However, I’m still worried, so I’ll be there with you.]


Well then, let’s go meet her together, Milord.]



I think Nebula is a reliable person, so she will be fine, but I’m worried about her, so I decided to sit with her in that meeting.

I’m still not sure about Beatrice-san, but if she gets quite passionate like Ein-san and goes out of control, we have to be careful.

Well…… Though I say that, even Ein-san rarely goes out of control.

At least, when compared to Eden-san, that’s like a difference between heaven and earth between them, so I think she should basically be fine.

What I’m most worried though, is that just like what Ein-san suggested to Alice back then, the situation might develop into something like a Maid Showdown.



Well, even if a showdown like that happens, I don’t think Nebula would lose anyway……


















Serious-senpai : [Heck, against the Absolute, she has no chance of winning.]

: [In a match like that, it would be at a level whether or not I…… Alice-chan or Ein-san can really win against her.]


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