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In the main tournament of Maid Olympia, Frau-san…… Well, as we had expected, she was defeated by the Super Maid Emily-san.

The match wasn’t even related to the Super Maid of Physique’s specialty, her stamina, but about the taste of ingredients, and it seems that she was completely defeated in a competition of tasting 10 kinds of rare and hard-to-find ingredients.



And unfortunately, Luna-san, who had been making great progress, was also defeated by Beatrice-san in the quarter-finals.

They had fought in a Repairing match, a speed competition to see which one could repair an apron dress that was torn first, and Luna-san was defeated by a large margin because of a clearly visible difference in techniques.



[Luna-san, Frau-san, thank you for your hard work.]

[That was unfortunate, wasn’t it]

[As expected, was fighting Super Maids tough]



When I called out to them as they returned to the audience seats, the two of them didn’t seem that depressed as they had grins on their lips.

Frau-san seemed a little disappointed but……



[Well, I’m extremely satisfied with my results.

I’ve only been a maid for a short time, so I’m really happy just to get in the Top 8.]

[Lunamaria-san, you still have the placement matches for rankings below 4th Place.

If you do well, you can aim for 5th Place at best…… On the other hand, I have lost in the second round for 3 consecutive terms…… It seems like reaching the third round is far away.]

[As expected, you just had bad luck with opponents.

I had luck with my matchups.]

[However, Lunamaria-san’s strength really is quite high…… I too would like to receive guidance from that Illness-sama.]



Frau-san’s maid experience is quite long…… Since she mentioned attending the tournament for 3 consecutive terms, she would have been a maid for at least 12 years, and comparing her to Luna-san’s 6 years of maid experience…… That’s less than half of Frau-san’s maid experience.

Luna-san herself was quite dexterous from the start, but it’s also true that Illness-san’s guiding capabilities are high.

After all, Eta and Theta, who were terrible at first, rather than just having normal skills, they were now at a level that could already be described as excellent, so if you think about it carefully, she’s considerably amazing.



After that, in the placement matches for rankings below 4th Place, Luna-san worked hard and won 6th Place, which is a remarkable achievement for a first-time participant.



“Lunamaria, who participated for the first time this year, was very wonderful.

Seeing a new strong competitor amidst our ranks is always a welcome one.”

“Yes, she’s been a maid for less than 10 years, so you could say she’s still a bud waiting to blossom as a maid.

The direction of her Maidric Aura is still not completely set.

If it solidifies and she rises to the next stage as a maid, she may become a new wind blowing in the Maid World.”



Ein-san also highly praises Luna-san.

However, being a new wind blowing in the Maid World is probably meant as a compliment, and many of the people at the venue will see it as one.

In this place, me, who thinks being complimented as someone a new wind blowing in the Maid World is something unpleasant, is the one unusual…… and I could really feel the difference in our worlds.

Anyway, Luna-san and Frau-san’s battles were over for the moment, and with the two of them joining the spectator group, us 5 will be watching the next matches.



And at the same time, it wouldn’t be an illusion that the voltage at the venue seemed to have risen further.

After all, the four people left in the semi-finals…… All of them are Super Maids, so what would be occurring hereafter would be battles between Super Maids.



[Things are getting fired up! Having the four Super Maids together is a precious moment, and as the four Super Maids’ abilities are quite evenly matched, we can expect a heated battle.]

[As for the matchups in the semi-finals, Beatrice-sama will be fighting Camellia-sama, and Alexandra-sama will be fighting Emily-sama.]

[As for me, I will be rooting for Camellia-sama.

I’m her fan after all……]

[Hmmm, as expected, I will be supporting my senior, Beatrice-sama.]



Me, Lilia-san and Akane-san are all having fun…… but as to be expected, the excitement of the two maids in our group is quite different.

And until just a little while ago, one person was explaining to us while the other was fighting in her match…… but as the both of them were eliminated, from here on out, they seemed to be enjoying themselves as part of the audience, and they seemed to be quite excited.



[Akane-san, who do you think will win I think that Emily-san, who has a lot of stamina and can handle fatigue well, will be the stronger one when they’re competing strengths.]

[What I think Hmmm, for me…… Since Alexandra-san has the highest Maid Power among them, I think it would be Alexandra-san……]



In response to Lilia-san’s words, Akane-san thought for a moment before answering.

It was interesting how the predictions of the four people were coincidentally scattered.

Frau-san is cheering for Camellia-san, Luna-san for Beatrice-san, Lilia-san for Emily-san, and Akane-san for Alexandra-san.



[What do you think, Kaito-san]

[Me Hmmm, I don’t really have any basis for my thoughts, but I somehow feel like Beatrice-san will win.]

[……Somehow, when you say it, it sounds like that’s really gonna happen.]

[No, I’m really just noncommittally saying it, okay]



It’s not like I predicted the future, it’s just my random guess…… but come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever missed in the random hunch guesses I made back in that Monster Race……


















Serious-senpai : [I see, Beatrice will win huh.]

: [Beatrice-san winning is almost certain now huh.

After all, Kaito-san predicted it……]


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