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The battle between the Super Maids has finally come.

First is the battle between Camellia-san and Beatrice-san.

Although I’m acquainted with both of them, I’ve been on good terms for a long time with Camellia-san, so I emotionally want to support Camellia-san.

But to be honest, Camellia-san herself doesn’t look as if she really wants to win……She’s earnest by nature, so she won’t cut corners in the actual match…… I’m strangely feeling a sense of sorrow and resignation from the way she stands.



“For our first in the semi-finals, it will be a match between Competitor Camellia and Competitor Beatrice…… According to past results, wouldn’t you say Competitor Camellia has a slight advantage”


As the Balance in her title suggests, Camellia is stable and strong in every field.

Beatrice, of course, possesses the necessary skills as to be expected from a high-level maid, but she does have certain strengths and weaknesses.

I suppose the result of the match would depend on the format drawn.”



Ein-san, the Analyst, explained to the Live Commentator.

I see, that does make it easier to understand.

Camellia-san may be stable and strong in any event, but she doesn’t have an event that she triumphs at, where she could exert explosive power…… Aside from Combat, which would basically be a Joker card for her.



“Whoa, it seems that Competitor Beatrice has kneeled on one knee, going for the customary prayer.”



It seems like it’s customary to pray that Combat is not chosen, even in the semi-finals.

Well, regarding that matter, I suppose they don’t have any other choice but to pray, as they would definitely lose in that match format……

And thus, Beatrice-san’s prayers seemed to have been answered, as another event was chosen.



The chosen event was Party Venue Setting When I tilted my head and wondered what they do in a match format like that…… when the appearance of the venue changed in an instant.

Probably done by Ein-san, a space that looks like a cutout dance hall is where Camellia-san and Beatrice-san are each standing.



“Now then, let me explain.

This time’s subject is …… Your task will be to create a party venue with such a subject in mind.

There are sets of tools prepared, and it’s also possible to use materials you brought in from your magic box, like tableware and such.”



I see, so the competition is to decorate each of their spaces according to the task huh…… No, but the space seems quite large, so would this be a very time-consuming competition



“The time limit is 45 minutes.

Well then, start!”



The time limit is short! In a space of that size, I feel like you would normally reach that time limit just by arranging the tables and tableware……  but well, both competitors have considerable strength, and each space was decorated as if I’m watching a fast-forwarded video.



Camellia-san’s space, although simple in overall design, has an elegant and luxurious feel, giving the impression of a sophisticated upper-class party venue.

On the other hand, Beatrice-san’s space…… Just as stated in the subject, it was set in a way that could be described as luxurious and opulent, and although it had a very dazzling atmosphere, it didn’t have the unpleasant feeling a nouveau riche’s party would, but is set up in a way that gives a sense of calculated uniformity.



“Whoa, as expected of Super Maids, both of them are quite fast! With more than 20 minutes left in the time limit, both of them seemed to have finished setting up.

Well then, the 5 Judges, including President Ein, will now score the competitors on a 10-point scale.”



I see, so the winner is judged through a scoring system huh…… Ein-san and 4 other maids each checked the tables and overall visibility of the space and wrote down what seemed to be their memos in their hands.

A little later, when the judging seemed to be over, the results were announced, and Camellia-san’s scores were 9, 10, 10, 9, and 9 for a total of 47 points.

Meanwhile, Beatrice-san scored 10, 9, 9, 10, and 10 for a total of 48 points, earning her a victory by 1 point.



“The match has been decided.

The winner is Competitor Beatrice! President Ein, could you tell what is the greatest key point of this match”

“Both competitors had great settings that made the most of their individuality.

There was no difference in their skills itself.

However, there was a slight difference in the masters they serve.

Camellia’s master is the World King Lillywood…… and she doesn’t like extravagance, so Camellia’s setting had as few decorations as possible and focused on elegance and calmness.

Of course, her setting was wonderful, but I got the impression that its first-glance impact was slightly inferior to Beatrice’s setting.

Since she’s the Head Maid of a royal castle, she’s also used to setting up extravagant parties, and it was a perfect setting for the subject in the Symphonia-style.”

“I see, so that was the factor that decided this match.”

“Yes, it’s just, if I dare say it…… the level of difference between them was just that much, but it was a good fight as both sides were evenly matched to the extent that there’s a possibility that Camellia would win if a match like this occurs again.”



I see.

It’s true that Camellia-san’s setting is beautiful and elegant, and the more I look at it, the more I can see that she has taken care of even the smallest details, but judging from overall appearances, Beatrice-san’s setting is certainly superior in terms of luxury and opulence.

……It sure is deep…… Troubling it may be, watching it myself made me think that it really was interesting…… The Maid Olympia, I mean.


















Serious-senpai : [I see, the direction of a maid could change to some extent depending on the master they serve huh…… Even so, isn’t that time limit too short]

: [For a maid who has advanced to the semi-finals, that amount of time is already considered long enough.]

Serious-senpai : [……I really hate myself that I’m not even questioning the formula that maids = superhumans.]


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