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A maid appeared, a knight in armor carrying a dragon appeared, a fairy appeared, a giant appeared, and a skeleton appeared.

This barbecue had turned into an assortment of various races.

[Ein~ Im sure that this is all the participants today, right]


Kuromu-sama said that Miyama-sama shouldnt be dwarfed by the presence of the other participants, so Ive limited the participants to 5 people.]

[Ummm, Ill leave the cooking to Ein then~]

[I respectfully obey.]

[Errr, then what we need is……]

A conversation between Kuro and the maid—- Ein-san.

If you were to just look at the two of them, they would only be the normal ones in this place.

Or rather, the other members are just too scary! Especially the giants!

[By the way, Acht-kun, please change into your human form~.

Youre scaring Kaitokun-san, you know~]

[Eh Me I think Lord Sechs is scarier to look at than me though……]

[Its because Acht-kun is too big~]

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[No, but Im like a child compared to “Magnawell”-sama, you know Or rather, rather than me being too big, I have a feeling that Sister Raz is just too tiny……]

[……Are you trying to say something about me]

[I- Im sorry.]

Dressed in green clothing and flying on the small wings on her back, the fairy with long pink blonde hair called out to the blue giant.

The conversation between the fairy, whos probably less than 50 cm tall and the blue giant, whos probably 5 meters tall, makes me lose my sense of perspective just by watching them.

I have lots of stuff to tsukkomi at, but fairy-san…… My name isnt “Kaitokun”, its Kaito.

And also, to think that there are also giants that are much bigger than him…… That this giant would look like a child compared to them……

While Im thinking about that, the blue giants body glowed and turned into a muscular man with two horns and blue skin that stands out.

He still looks big though, being at least two meters tall……

[However, its such a shame for those people who couldnt attend.]

[It cant be helped.

It would be a tremendous number of people if we had everyone who wanted to participate in here……]

And just as the armored knight and the skeleton walked over while talking, Kuro finished his conversation with Ein-san and came over here.

[Sorry to keep you waiting, Kaito-kun.

Well then, lets leave the preparations to Ein.

Once again, this child is Miyama Kaito-kun.

Hes a friend of mine that I recently found, and this childs from another world, so dont scare him too much~]

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[Well then, lets start introducing ourselves one after another!]

At Kuros words, the fairy cheerfully raised her hand and decided to introduce herself to everyone.

[Then, if you have already introduced Ein-dono, I guess Ill go next Nice to meet you, Miyama-dono, my name is Sechs.

Well, you could just think of me as one of the Liches you can find anywhere.]

(T/N: ゼクス / Zekusu… I wont name him what you may be thinking about.)

[N- Nice to meet you.]

The gorgeously dressed skeleton introduced himself with a graceful bow.

Liches you can find anywhere He kind of looks like a certain undead last boss from somewhere though……

[By the way, the person who sent the invitation to Miyama-dono is my subordinate, Sei Riverstar.

Im sorry to surprise you with the unexpected invitation.

Apparently, this skeleton—– Sechs-san is the boss of the Chairman of the largest trading company who arranged my invitation this time.

I could certainly feel the presence of someone who has accumulated a lot of experience, but just being Kuros close friend makes him not ordinary at all.

[Then, Raz is going to introduce herself next! My name is Razelia, please call me Raz.

Nice to meet you, Kaitokun-san!]

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(T/N: ラズリア / Razuria)

[E- Err, nice to meet you.]

The pink blonde fairy—– Raz-san cheerfully introduced herself.

Probably because of her tiny appearance, shes the soothing figure among this strong group of members.

[Hmm, then, Im next huh…… Im Acht, an Ogre.

Well, I dont like being stiff with people, so Ill call you Kaito, alright]

(T/N: アハト / Ahato)

[Ah, yes.

Nice to meet you.]

[Yeah, well met.]

Even though hes in human form, he still looks like a giant—- Acht-san has a lively personality.

He held out his hand to me with a fierce smile on his face, in which I responded by shaking his hand.

The heck, his hand is so hard!

[Then, I guess I would be the last one…… My name is Neun.

Im the youngest among the people who gathered today.

Ill be in your care from now on, “Miyama-san”.]

[Same here.]

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Dressed in a black knight armor all over his body—- Neun-sans voice sounds a bit strange.

Its kind of weirdly high-pitched like his voice is altered by a voice changer, but its very easy to listen to.

Its hard to tell if hes a man or a woman, partly because of his armor, but probably because hes about 160cm tall that I could see him as a knight of the human race.

Anyway, with the self-introduction over, Kuro urged us to move to a table prepared in the vicinity.

Then, at the same time, I could smell a fragment aroma and the sound of grilling meat, and when I moved my gaze to the table—–

[Eh How fast! Youve already started grilling!]

Our introductions should have only passed for a few minutes, but before I knew it, there were the three dragons, a large number of vegetables, and even the fishes, all skewered on a variety of large and small skewers and grilling them in the wire mesh.

No no, no matter how I look at it, isnt she too fast! Are you some kind of super being who has super acceleration!

The number of barbecue skewers on the wire mesh is also outrageous.

There were dozens of skewers neatly lined up and the aroma wafting in the air is nothing short of amazing.

[As expected of Elder Sister, you do one hell of a job~]

[Thats right.

If Ein-san is here, theres nothing we can do to help with the preparation of food.]

Acht-san and Neun-san spoke as if its a matter of course.

Apparently, Ein-sans extraordinary work speed seems to be a daily occurrence for them.

I mean, looking closely, theres also something that looks like alcohol and juice on the table before I knew it.

There were also some small dishes for people to share and eat.

Maid-san is so amazing……]

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[Ah, come to think of it, can you drink alcohol, Kaito]

[Ah, yes.

I cant drink that much but……]


Thats good.

Then, lets go exchange drinks already!]

[Ah, that wont do, Acht-kun.

We still havent made a toast yet~]

[Dont be so stiff, Sister Raz.

Men should always to talk to each other first after theyve had a drink.]

[Ein-san will scold you if you sip your drink before Kuromu-sama.]


Raz-san tried to stop Acht-san who was vigorously laughing, but Acht-san didnt seem to be bothered by her words and tried to reach out for the alcohol on the table—– but he stiffened when he heard what she said.

His face that was seemingly blue from the start, turned even bluer.

From the look of it, I can somehow see the power relationship between them, or at least, it seems that Acht-san is afraid of Ein-san.

[……Umm, could it be that Ein-san is actually an earth-shattering person]

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[Y- Yeah…… Or rather, you could even say that shes almost a mons—–!]

Acht-san was about to say something, but before I knew it, a cut appeared on his cheek as if something slashed it with a small blade.

Acht-san is trembling where he stood as sweat began flowing down on his face like a waterfall—– and with movements too refined and no hesitation in them, he put his hands on the ground and lowered his head.

[M- M- My apologieeeeesssss! Elder Sister!]

(T/N: Hes calling him anego, the same way delinquents do in fiction.)


[Ein-san was Kuromu-samas maid long before Raz and the others were born, and shes the strongest of all of us gathered here today.

Well, except for Kuromu-sama.]

[I- Is that so.]

[Its alright, Miyama-san.

As long as you dont make careless remarks like Acht-sama, shes usually a gentle and kind person.]

Something unfolded right in front of my eyes—- or so it seems While Ein-san advised, or rather, intimidated Acht-san, Raz-san explained and Neun-san followed up with more explanation.

Apparently, the oldest and the strongest member of this group, with the exception of Kuro, is the maid, Ein-san.

Shes a lot different from the maids that I know of……

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[Kaito-kun, would you like alcohol Juice]

[Ah, then, Id have alcohol—– “Here.”—— whoa!]

W- What the heck happened just now Im 21 years old now, one year younger than Lilia-san and Im not averse to drinking alcohol.

And in response to Kuros question, I replied that I would drink alcohol since Acht-san invited me a while ago.

Things are normal so far.

The moment that I answered though, Ein-san was already there, holding out a neatly poured cup of alcohol.

She was supposed to be grilling meat a moment ago, but I couldnt even hear when she suddenly appeared here…… Did she just teleport here Shes someone who can freaking teleport!

And it wasnt just me, Kuro would obviously have her cup, but Sechs-san, Raz-san, Acht-san, and Neun-san, all of whom had cups in their hands at some point that matched their respective body sizes.

[Ah, Kaito.

I know its unreasonable to say that you should be surprised since youve seen it for the first time…… but seriously, As long as Elder Sister Ein is in charge, we wont be able to pour even a drop of alcohol for ourselves…… Well, you get used to it.]

[H- Huh……]

Maid-san is amazing…… No, could I even call her a maid at this point

[Then, everyone has their drinks, so lets get started! This time is to welcome Kaito-kuns arrival from another world and of course, I may have talked to him about various things too, but Im glad that Kaito-kun and everyone else are getting along with each other.

Lets just relax and have fun~!]

When Kuro speaks with the usual smile on her face, I felt my heart warm up a bit.

In fact, after coming here, I have the impression that everyone, including Acht-san, has been welcoming me, and its so easy to talk with them.

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In Lilia-sans mansion, other than Lunamaria-san, Im not sure “how to deal with other people” or should I treat them like “a guest does to servants”.

Its as if were talking to each other very naturally, without taking a step back in consideration for the other people.

The fact that I can sense that theyre welcoming me without any malice nor curiosity for being an otherworlder, but just as Kuros friend.

I guess thats exactly what Kuro wanted when she planned for this barbecue.

Lifting my cup in time with Kuros movements, I felt a natural smile come to my face.

[Well then, cheers!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ Cheers ! ! ! ] ] ] ] ] ]

The “seven” cups clinking together along with the cheers of our voices—— As if its obvious, Ein-san was also there as well huh!

And then, I brought the slightly bitter beer-like alcohol to my mouth and when I put the cup back down to the table, theres suddenly a freshly made barbecue on the small dish in front of me…… your timing is so perfect that it honestly looked scary instead, you know!

I picked up this seemingly normal skewer of meat and vegetables stabbed at equal intervals and looked at Kuro, who nodded, before bringing the barbecue into my mouth.

And then, I remembered.

Wasnt this dragon meat I feel like a dragon would taste like lizards—- whoa, delicious!

As soon as I took a bite, the meat is so tender that the fibers come loose and I could feel a large amount of umami gushing into my mouth.

The taste is like high-quality beef, seasoned only with salt and pepper.

The food is so exquisite and I found myself devouring it.

Honestly, its not just the meat thats the best thing Ive ever eaten, the colorful vegetables in between couldnt have been more exquisitely grilled and they seemed to multiply the overall flavor of the dish many times over.

[As expected of Ein-dono…… Excellent work.]

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[Thats right~ It seems like all the vegetables are well grilled were enhancing the flavors!]

Sechs is eating a fish skewer and Raz-san is holding a skewer with just vegetables in his hand.

They each have different sizes of skewers and I guess that means theyre tailored to their preferences Acht-san have a skewer with a large piece of meat stuck on it and Neun-san have the same orthodox one as me…… or rather, Neun-san, youre still in your full armor! How the heck can you eat with that thing on you!

However, this barbecue was so delicious that I didnt have the time to think about it.

Or rather, I finished the skewer in the blink of an eye.

What should I have next…… Id like to try the fish skewers that Sechs-san is eating too.


[……T- Thank you very much…… Errr, I dont think Ive said anything yet though]

And in front of me, a fish skewer is held out of me as if it was obvious that this is what I wanted.

Are you an esper Ein-san, youre an esper too!

[Knowing what a person wants is one of the bare minimum needed for a maid.]

[I- Is that so……]

This maid is amazing! Shes out of this world!

And these fish skewers are completely freshly grilled…… Eh Did she anticipate that Id want this, and set the timing of when she grilled it so that the flavors are raised to the peak of flavors Hahaha, theres no way……

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So, in that case, for example…… What if I finished my drink in this one sip, but I want another one

[Youve already poured one!]

When the cup separated from my lips, before I knew it, alcohol has already been poured on my cup.

Moreover, the rim of the cup is perfectly wiped clean…… Ein-san, could it be that you can stop time No, Im somewhat serious about that……

After all this time, I realized the meaning of what Acht-san said about not being able to pour even a drop of alcohol for ourselves as long as Ein-san is in charge.

Dear Mother, Father—– I have met lots of people.

However, the strongest profession in this world may not be the Hero or the Sage—– Its probably the maid.


Its probably something like this……

Name: Ein


Housekeeping Lv.


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Super Acceleration



Invisible Attack


Time Stop

Mind Reading


Job: Perfect Maid


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