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The 2nd day of the Earth month.

Regarding my reply to Isis-sans confession and the difference in common sense between my world and this world…… At Sieg-sans suggestion, I came to visit the royal palace to consult Orchid, someone of the same gender.

Im sure he must be busy with lots of things because of his status as the First Prince, but I cant thank Orchid enough for making time for me the next day right after I sent him a hummingbird.

[……I see, I think I can understand what Kaito is troubled about.]

I told Orchid the same explanation I gave to Sieg-san, in a tasteful private room that isnt lavishly decorated with all sorts of stuff, but is simple and elegant.

Thereupon, Orchid tells me he understands what Im troubled about, but he looks like he heard something complicated.

[I wonder what I should tell you though To be honest, I think cultural differences are a big part of it.]

[Unnn, I honestly dont know what to do…….]

[Kaito may know about this already, but I have been married to three women.

One is a human, one is elven and the other is a half-elf.]

I knew that Orchid had three wives, but I didnt exactly know much about them.

All of them technically seem to be of different species but…… I wonder if the relationship between his fellow wives doesnt get stormy

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When I asked him about that, Orchid calmly smiled and shook his head.

[No, my wives are all very close to each other.

Too close that I even feel like Im being the odd man out when Im together with them…… Well, we are talking about beings that possess a heart here, there are people who they would be agreeable and people they dont but…… I dont think jealousy is within their hearts.]

[Wouldnt that be…… because Orchid loves everyone probably]

[……I- It might be embarrassing for me to say this, but it might certainly be as you said.

In the publics eyes, theres a clear distinction between the standpoint of the legal wife and the concubines but…… I dont see the point of having differences in showing my love for them.

[……I see.]

Theres no point in having differences huh.

It certainly may be as he said, and that could possibly be the biggest difference in their mindset compared to the mindset of the people of my world.

In this world, you dont have to choose one…… or even make distinctions of who is number one.

Its an open-minded world where the idea of liking everyone is accepted, so theres no need to have differences in treatments and fellow wives wouldnt have stormy relationships with each other.

[……Though I say all that, Im also still inexperienced with this topic.

I may not be able to give Kaito solid advice…… Thats why, how about we ask Father about it]


[Yes, Father has 10 wives and he has a good relationship with his spouses…… I think you can get better advice from him than I can.]

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Ryze-san has 10 wives! T- Thats amazing…… No, he certainly looks like an ikemen, hes also a king, so I guess he would obviously be popular huh……

After announcing this, Orchid rings a small bell on his desk.

Thereupon, a butler came into the room and asked the butler to give a message to Ryze-san.

The butler immediately bowed and left the room, and returned in about 10 minutes later.

Thankfully, Ryze-san seemed to have responded that if were fine with talking with him while hes doing his official duties, he could talk with us, so along with Orchid, we decided to head to Ryze-sans office.

Walking down the wide royal corridor, we arrived at Ryze-sans office, which is located almost at the far end of the hallway.

After Orchid knocked and asked permission to enter, we entered and saw Ryze-san sitting in front of a desk with a large stack of papers, moving his pen and occasionally stamping with his seal.

[Excuse me.

Im sorry to bother you at this time.]

[Ahh, welcome, Miyama-kun.

Im sorry for not being able to offer you some great hospitality…….

So What is it that you wanted to talk about]

[Ah, yes.


Seeing Ryze-san who looked busy, I called out to him and apologized for intruding, and he welcomed me with a gentle smile on his face.

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He said he would listen to me while hes doing his work, so I told him the same thing I just told Orchid.

[……And thats why Im feeling troubled……]


When I finished speaking, Ryze-san stopped his pen and looked up towards me.

And then, putting his hand on his chin, looking as if hes thinking about it, and seeing this, Orchid takes a step forward and speaks.

[What do you think, Father]

[……What do I think…… I dont even know why youre so troubled about it.]


[Ahh, no, Im sorry.

Its not that Im saying Miyama-kuns worries were mistaken.

Were in a different world with different cultures, so I think its only natural to be troubled by such differences…… However, shouldnt you be more bothered by “other things” right now]


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Hearing what Ryze-san amiably told me, I tilted my head.

I should be more bothered by other things What did he mean by that

[……Miyama-kun, what you need to prioritize right now isnt the difference between your previous world and the one you were currently in, but rather, how you, yourself, “feel” about that person and “what kind of relationship you want to have in the future”…… Isnt that so]

[ ! ]

Hearing those words, I felt like a hammer had just struck me right on my head.

I thought of Isis-sans face as she told me she would wait for my answer for as long as she could.

Its as Ryze-san said.

My priority right now should be how I feel about Isis-san……

Seeing me stunned, Ryze-san chuckles before he lightly scratches his own head.

[……Ive also been there myself, and let me tell you, the time between confession and waiting for the response isnt a pleasant one to be in.

I dont know who this person who has feelings for you, and I wouldnt ask but…… Dont you think she must be feeling uneasy inside]


[I understand that you are being sincere.

However, I think that you are still young…… Sometimes, I think it would be better if you forcibly draw the woman to you.

Well, this is only the things I could tell you other than about the differences between the different worlds…… But doesnt it seem like you already have budding feelings for this woman]

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Perhaps, I was just running away.

I may just be using the difference between the common sense of my world and this world as an excuse…… Perhaps, I was trying to distract myself from Isis-sans presence, which was growing in my mind.

And by bringing up the differences between the world I was in and the world Im currently in towards the discussion…… What I had in mind…… was just for someone to affirm my thoughts and encourage me to move forward.

[……I will be rooting for you, Miyama-kun.]


[If you were thinking about that, you must have already decided what to do with yourself, right Then, you should take the path that you think is best for you.

If you love this person, then you can just walk beside them and fill up the discrepancies within your awareness.]


I nodded, feeling really grateful for the words that gently, but powerfully pushed my back, as if they could see right through my heart.

Im glad I consulted with him.

Just as Im feeling that way, with a calm expression on his face, Ryze-san continues to speak.

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[……Please make Lilianne happy.]

[Yes…… Eh Lilia-san]

[……Oya A- Am I mistaken I was certain that……]

Seeing me tilting my head at what he said, Ryze-san looks as if something was different from what he expected.

Could it be that he thought that the one I was talking about all this time was Lilia-san

[…….Errr, I wasnt talking about Lilia-san though……]

[……I- I see……]

[……Just when I thought Father was being unusually reliable…… I see, so you thought it was about Elder Sister Lilia huh.]

[N- No, I mean, isnt Lilianne charming! Theres no way a man could living under the same roof with a woman and not be in love with her!]


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I wholeheartedly agree that Lilia-san is charming but…… Unnn, I wonder how I should think about this…… I feel like the mask of the reliable adult that I was relying on earlier has been completely destroyed……

[……I- I see! You must be dwarfed by the difference between your social status, right However, its alright, Miyama-kun! Im on your side!]

[……N- No, like I said……]

[……Or could it be, dont tell me…… Lilianne…… That cuteness incarnate Lilianne…… You dont see her as a love interest……]

[Y- Y- Y- Yes! I- I- I think that Lilia-san is a very lovely woman.]

I feel like a switch has just been turned on…… More specifically, I think I just triggered his siscon switch.

[Isnt she Youre right about that…… Lilianne doesnt seem to hate you either, so I guess the day I will see that girl wearing a bridal gown is soon huh……]

[Father, Father…… I dont think thats something that unrelated people like us should be getting impatient about……]

[Mngghh, it certainly is as you say.

I guess Im being too far ahead of myself huh…… However, theres no cuter girl than Lilianne, is there For her to brush Lilianne aside and express her feelings to Miyama-kun…… Im sorry, even though I said I wouldnt ask you earlier, but may I ask you who has feelings for you, Miyama-kun]

[Eh Ah, yes.

Its Isis-san…… Death King-sama, I mean.]

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[ [ Please accept my apologies! ] ]

[Why! Even you, Orchid!]

As if another switch has been completely flipped, when I told Ryze-san about Isis-san, the person in question……..

For some reason, Ryze-san and Orchid both made a really beatiful dogeza.

[M- M- Miyama-kun.

I take back what I said earlier.

I- I think Death King-sama is a really magnificent woman…… A true incarnation of beauty.

You definitely suit each other!]


Its not that anyone is watching, but Ryze-san hurriedly began to explain himself…… He must really be scared of Isis-san.

Hes shaking so badly, that I feel sorry for him.

I mean, its not like Im trying to be rude in saying this or anything, but its not like Im going to tell Isis-san what they just said though.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Thanks to discussing with Orchid and Ryze-san about the matter with Isis-san, I have a solid idea of what I need to think about now——- Its about what kind of relationship I want to have with Isis-san.

: [I guess it cant be helped.

Ill think about not telling her over a fancy dinner—— Fugyaaahhh!]

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What the heck is with this, I didnt see a single woman in the entire chapter……

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With that said, Im still troubled as to what order…… I should go after Isiss arc.

I already have the arcs completely planned …… Siegs arc, Lilias arc, Alices arc, Shiros arc, Lillywoods arc, and Eins arc…… Mngghh……

T/N: Sorry, a bit late in posting this chapter, I was opening boxes from lottery.

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