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Along with Noir-san who I found by chance in the city, we arrived at the hospital/church.

There we found the doctor, Dr.

Fear, who was dressed in a nuns uniform.


Fear looked at Noir-san, who I was carrying, and somewhat dumbfounded, she muttered.

[……Noir-san, could it be……]

[Ah, yes.

Im feeling anemic…..]

[Haahhh…… Ive already told you multiple times, even if its impossible for you, “not drinking blood” is no good.]

[I know, but its quite difficult……]

Errr, what kind of conversation is this Eh I didnt know, the common way to prevent anemia is to drink blood huh…… No, theres no way thats the case.

Anyway, Noir-san seems to be a frequent visitor here, and Dr.

Fear seems to know whats going on with her.

[……Noir-san, you are aware that youre a “half-vampire”, right]

When I heard the words Dr.

Fear said with an astounded tone, I was inwardly quite surprised.

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Half-vampire So, does that mean Noir-san has half the blood of those bloodsuckers from legends W- What is this, ummm…… I felt the same emotion boiling within me when I saw the dragons…… As expected of the other world.

[Its embarrassing to say this, but I dont really think of it that much.]

[Even if its a lie, I wish you could have told me youre well-aware of it…… Well, anyway, lets go treat you first.

Errr, you are……]

[Ah, errr, Im Miyama Kaito.]

[Miyama-kun, okay.


Well then, Im sorry, but could you bring Noir-san over here to the examination room for a moment]

[I understand.]

Hmmm, talking to her like this, she seems to be a very capable and mature woman, just like a doctor.

The fact that she fell down earlier may have just been a coincidence, and since Dr.

Fear would be embarrassed, I wont mention it in the future.

With that in mind, we began to move on to the examination room under Dr.

Fears lead…… but just as we were about to move, Dr.

Fears feet hit a wooden bench in the church as she started to walk…… Moreover, the one that hit the bench was her pinky toe…… and that definitely hurts.

[Gyyuuuu…… I- It hurts……]

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[E- Errr, Dr.

Fear Are you alright]

[U- Unnn…… Im alright.

A- Ahaha, Im a bit of a klutz from back then…… Now, lets get a move on, the room is this way.]

[Ah, yes.]

Hearing my words, Dr.

Fear giggled like a child while scratching her cheek with her finger.

With her height which is taller than common adults, seeing such a gap makes her somewhat cute.

Noir-san and I sat in a round chair in the examination room, which had an atmosphere more like a town doctors clinic rather than a large hospital, and waited for Dr.

Fear to get ready for the examination.


Fear quickly proceeded with her preparations and asked me why I came here with Noir-san on my back, so I briefly explained the situation.

[Hehhh~~ Then, Miyama-san worriedly called out to Noir-san when you just first met huh.

Unnn, I think its very fantastic of you to naturally help those in need.]

[T- Thank you.]

[Let me thank you once again.

Thank you so much, Miyama-san.]

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[No, thats…… Errr, youre welcome.]

Its not like I meant to do anything that big, but I think it would be rude not to receive their thanks here, so I will just obediently accept it.

Well, Im still a man…… I would obviously be happy if Im being praised by Dr.

Fear and Noir-san, two beautiful ladies.

[Alright, well then, Noir-san.

Im gonna start giving you drips.]



It looks like everythings read as Dr.

Fear appeared with a syringe, but for some reason, Noir-san sounded startled as she glanced at me, her cheeks blushing red.

[Noir-san Whats the matter]

[Errr…… Ummm…… N- No matter how fantastic he is, stripping my clothes in front of a man I just met is kind of……]

[……No, its an IV drip, right You just roll up your sleeves for that, right]

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Errr, how should I say this… Could it be that Noir-san is an airhead like Shiro-san, though in a different way It seems that Dr.

Fear was also exhausted from it……

A- Anyway, Dr.

Fear seems to have convinced Noir-san, and she rolled up the sleeves of her calm-colored dress and injected the IV drip in her.

[Speaking of which, Noir-san.

Arent you with Lu-chan today]

[Yes, she has work to do today.]


[Ah, shes my daughter.]

[Daughter! Eh Noir-san, errr, youre married]

When I tilted my head when Dr.

Fear mentioned the name Lu-chan, Noir-san explained to me that she was her daughter…… But even though it might be very rude, I was absurdly surprised and couldnt help but ask.

I thought I understood in my head that she was a half-vampire…… a Demon, but with Noir-sans appearance, which only looks about 12-14 years old, I was surprised when she told me she had a daughter.

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[Yes…… but my husband is already dead……]

[Ahh, I- Im sorry!]

[No, no, it was already over 50 years ago, so you dont have to worry about it.]

Apparently, Noir-sans husband has already passed away, so I apologized for making her recall such a terrible event, but Noir-san calmly smiled, not seeming to mind it.

Thereupon, as if to switch the conversation, Dr.

Fear spoke.


Ive said this multiple times already, but the magic power in the blood disappears over time.

You need to take fresh blood orally, not just through IV drips, okay]

[I know that…… But, I have trouble drinking blood……]

Hearing Dr.

Fears words of concern, Noir-san apologetically bowed her head.

An anemic half-vampire who has trouble drinking blood…… How should I say this… Arent your race supposed to be feeding on blood

Perhaps sensing my doubts, Dr.

Feat turned to me with a slight smile on her face.

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[The Vampires have an image of a race that drinks blood, but even they have certain types of blood that theyre compatible with.

And if the blood isnt compatible, they would reject it.]

[Is that so……]

[Yes, in my case though…… Errr, ironic it might be, but my husbands blood wasnt compatible with me…… And after I rejected his blood, I just couldnt handle drinking blood in any way.]


The heavy words she smoothly said with a chuckle…… was about how she rejected the blood of her beloved partner.

Noir-san said she didnt seem to mind, but she was probably in for a terrible shock at the time.

[Since she has my husbands blood in her, my daughters blood is inevitably incompatible with me…… And then, since I rarely go out, I dont have much opportunity to drink blood.]


You can just drink animal blood, you know]

[……Ummm, animal blood is kinda…… bitter so……]

[Well, with that, Noir-san is quite the picky blood drinker…… and as her doctor, its quite troubling.]

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Seeing Noir-san looking like a child telling her parents that she doesnt like bell peppers, saying that animal blood doesnt taste good, I cant help but chuckle.

The atmosphere softened a bit after that, and after letting out a sigh, Fear-san chuckles too.

[Anyway, if thats how youve been getting anemia so many times, Lu-chan will be worried.

You need to find someone to share blood with you on a regular basis as soon as possible……]

[Thats true but…… I dont know many people who are kind enough to share their blood with me……]

[Youre right, even if its only a blood donation, I would prefer if its someone willing to share their blood even if youre not too close……]




They were looking troubled as they conversed with each other, but for some reason, they stopped talking mid-sentence and turned towards me.

When I was puzzled by the uncomfortable situation of being stared at by two beautiful women, Dr.

Fear slowly spoke.]

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[……Miyama-kun, theres something Id like to discuss with you…… but can you share some of your blood]

[Errr, is that for Noir-san]

[Unnn, I was wondering if your blood could have some compatibility with Noir-san…… Of course, were not going to force you if you dont want to!]

[Yes, I know its beyond brazen and impolite to make such a request when weve only just met.

I wouldnt mind even if you refuse.]

In other words, if I were to summarize what Dr.

Fear is trying to say, if Noir-san can drink my blood, she wants me to share some of it with her.

She said that its equivalent to donating blood, and I can see that from the color of Noir-sans face that she is suffering from anemia…… Even though it was just a coincidence that I got involved with her, I dont feel comfortable neglecting her right here.

[Yes, I dont mind.]

[Really! I know I shouldnt be the one saying this, but it isnt really a polite request, you know]


If I can help in any way, I will cooperate.]

[……Miyama-san…… I really dont know how I can thank you enough……]

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Hearing my approval, Noir-san looked really apologetic and bowed her head many times.

However, we still arent entirely sure yet, so that would only happen if Noir-san can drink my blood, so were going to check our compatibility first.

I wondered what I would do if my blood wasnt compatible enough that she would reject it, but since Dr.

Fear is with us, that means she should be relatively safe.

And thus, it was decided that I would lightly cut my fingertip and give a drop of blood to Noir-san to drink.

I heard that Dr.

Fear would be casting Recovery Magic on the wound later, so cutting my fingertip with a knife, I then held my finger over the waiting Noir-sans mouth.

I feel that the sight is somehow immoral, partly because she looks like a young girl.

Thereupon, a drop of blood falls from my fingers and enters Noir-sans mouth……

[……Hnn, ahhh, eh Fuaaaahhhhh……]

[N- Noir-san]

[ ! Whamfh!]

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[Ehhh! Wait!]

When I thought I had already dropped my blood in her mouth, Noir-sans eyes suddenly widened and grabbing my hand, she put my wounded finger in her mouth.

I couldnt react to the suddenness of the situation, but I quickly came to myself and tried to move my hand but…… Shes too strong!

[Hnnn, chhuuuu, shluupp……]

[Wha! N- Noir-san!!! What in the world are you doing!]

And the next thing I know, something a little rough and soft touches my finger, and Noir-san started vigorously sucking on my finger.

I didnt know what the heck was going on, but I know that something disastrous is happening…… I know that, but not even a twitch, I cant move my hand at all! I guess she really is a half-vampire, so her strength is quite strong!

[……Noir-san, stop.]

[Ahh…… m- more……]


Fear intervenes between me and Noir-san, who is hurriedly and enthusiastically licking my finger, and easily pulls Noir-san away…… Pulling her off so easily, I guess Dr.

Fear must be pretty strong too……

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[Ahhh…… Hah! Ah, I- Im sorry! I- Its my first time drinking such delicious blood, so I lost myself.

Im really sorry, Miyama-san.]

[Ah, n- no…… Im alright.]

Im not really sure, but it seems that my blood was very tasty to Noir-san, and thats why her behavior became bizarre earlier.

I then replied to Noir-san, who was repeatedly bowing her head while her face turned red, telling her not to worry about it.

[Miyama-kuns blood…… Was it that delicious]

[Y- Yes…… Its so sweet youd think it was honey from heaven, and its so smooth that it feels like its charming me…… After knowing the taste of such blood, I dont think I can drink other peoples blood anymore.]

[……Hmmm, let me check for a sec, okay]

Hearing Noir-sans words with a somewhat ecstatic expression on her face, Dr.

Fear touched Noir-sans cheeks and moved her gaze as if she confirmed something.

[……Indeed, your complexion has improved and the circulation of your magic power has become incredibly smooth.]

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[Errr, so, what does that mean]

[Well, coincidences are strange things, arent they It seems that Miyama-kuns blood couldnt be more compatible with Noir-san.]

I see, in short, shes saying that compatible blood tastes good for vampires and incompatible blood tastes bad for them.


This might help Noir-sans chronic anemia, and if its this compatible, it should be fine even with small doses…… Miyama-kun, if you dont mind, could you come here every ten days or so and even if its just a few drops, could you give Noir-san a few drops of fresh blood to drink]

[Would few drops really be fine]


[I understand, Im fine with that.]

If that makes Noir-san feel better, then theres no problem at all on my part.


I cant afford to have my fingers licked every time, but since Ive learned from her reaction this time around, I should be able to take measures beforehand.

[Thank you, that really helps…… Ahh, of course, since youre cooperating with my recovery, Ill also properly pay money.]

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[Eh Ah, no, its not like I need money……]

[Take it.

Otherwise, Noir-san would feel uncomfortable.]

[……I- I understand.]

Turning to Noir-san after acknowledging Dr.

Fears words…… For some reason, Noir-san is giving me a passionate gaze.

Her gaze is passionate, but her eyes seem to be shaking and unfocused, looking as if shes befuddled.

[……Next time, lets dilute it down a bit…… Im afraid that before she gets over her anemia, she gets addicted instead……]

I heard Dr.

Fear mutter that and sighed.

Dear Mom, Dad—— I heard about Noir-san and Dr.

Fear, whom I met by chance, and by a strange coincidence, I decided to help Noir-san treat her anemia.

Apparently, my blood——- seems to be very compatible with Noir-san.


Fear…… Former Demon King, a priest, a doctor, and a klutz.

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Noir…… Half-vampire, have a weak constitution, a widow with the appearance of a young girl, “Lunamarias mama”.


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