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Trials…… It has been something that people have overcome since ancient times in order to grow.

One theory is that these trials are given by God.

Some say that God only gives us trials that we can overcome…… but is that really true At least Im not at all confident that I can overcome the current ordeal given to me by God.

Currently, I was looking at the white murky spring water, shuddering at the thought of the trials brought upon me…… was just a lie.

Im still a man…..

All I can think about in my head is their sexy figures Im about to see on all sides.

Entering the onsens, the three Goddesses other than Chronois-san…… Of all things to do, they started saying incomprehensible things about taking our clothes off together, since were going to the onsen together anyway, but I somehow managed to convince them otherwise.

Having to choose between going ahead of them and wait, or wait for them to change out of their clothes and enter the onsen later…… I honestly dont feel like walking in on them later, or rather, nine out of ten, Id really like to run away from this place, so I just chose to go ahead and wait.

I havent got into the bathtub yet…… because I felt like if I did, my head would quickly boil over and I would end up passing out.

However, well, Im wondering why everyone is in such high-spirits…… No, only Chronois-san, the only person with working conscience in their group, resisted to the end, but sadly, Chronois-san couldnt say no if Shiro-san ordered her to, so she ended up agreeing to the mixed bath, even though she had a look on her face as if the world had ended.


Chronois-sans reaction is normal, right

[……Thank you for the wait.]

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[ ! ! ]

As I was thinking about that, a familiar intonationless voice rang out and I could slightly hear footsteps.

Aside from Chronois-san, the fact that I cant even hear Fate-san and Life-sans voices mean that the first person to come in really is Shiro-san.

Thats right, Im confident that she would show up naked, throwing the stone that would sink the ship of my reasoning…… So since Chronois-san is on my side, she agreed to make sure that Chronois-san is wrapped in a towel.

I wonder if my mind was slacking off or not…… but when I heard Shiro-sans voice, I reflexively turned my head…… and tremendously regretted it.

[Wha! Wai— Eh S- Shiro-san]

[Whats the matter]

[W- W- W- Why…… t- the towel……]

[It was properly wrapped on my body though]

[Why did you wrap it “just around your hips”!!!]

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Yes, Shiro-san appeared…… and she certainly had a towel wrapped around her, just as I asked her…… but it was wrapped as if she was a man…… And than– because of this, Shiro-sans rich, shapely bulges and the beautiful protrusion on her naked breasts made me swallow my saliva and blood instantly rose to my face.

Shiro-san always goes way beyond my expectations…… and it seems that what I was thinking was still too naive.

Or rather…… A- As expected of Shiro-san…… Shes too beautiful.

Even the expression “beauty incarnate” is lukewarm, with a beautiful body and proportions that can be described as the golden ratio…… I- I should have looked away here, but my body doesnt listen to me at all.

[S- S- S- Shiro-san! A- A- Anyway, please hide your breasts!!!]


[Why…… thats because……]

[Kaito-san seems to be happy looking at them though]

[Please dont read the strange areas of my mind!!! Anyway, hide them!!!]

[…… I understand.]

Saying that Im not happy seeing them…… would certainly be a lie.

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I mean, were talking about the half-naked of the immensely beautiful Shiro-san…… And such an appearance is already burned into my brain in an instant.

Shiro-san just tilted her curiosity, but following my words, she lightly waved her fingers.

Thereupon, the towel grew larger and it firmly hid her breasts.

T- That was close…… She just entered the bath and nearly made my nose bleed in a matter of minutes…… Shiro-sans scary.

Just as I exhaled out a sigh of relief, the door to the changing room adjacent to the hot spring immediately opened, revealing Fate-san and Life-san.


Thank you for the wait~~]

[ ~ ~ ! ]

Fate-san did say before that her body might be petite, but she certainly has breasts…… And its certainly as she says, as even though shes small enough to be as tall as Kuro and Alice, but the breasts wrapped by the towel are quite large…… I think she might be about as large as Hina-chan.

Shes certainly one of those people called as big-breasted lolis…..

Personally, I thought they were something created by the heretic minds of people, but when I saw someone like that in person, I felt my thoughts completely overturned, as the gap between her breasts and her height accentuated the immorality, and I felt like her destructive power was tremendous.

[……Its the first time Ive heard of onsen…… but it certainly has quite a good atmosphere.]

[ ~ ~ ~ ~ ! ! ]

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And Life-san is…… something that is difficult to describe in words…… as those things could already be considered as weapons.

Along with Lillywood-sans, her breasts may have been the largest Ive seen so far, and even though they are hidden behind a towel, it feels as if they were reigning their overwhelming presence over the others, bouncing like its about to spill out as she walk, completely drawing my eyes to her.

I- Im nearing the end of my rope at this point…… I felt like my head was about to go overheat……

[Then, Ill heal you.]


Announcing so with a wave of Shiro-sans finger, the heat in my head, which was about to make me faint, quickly resided, and after I saw the clear appearance of Shiro-san and the others in my eyes, I felt my body heat rise again.

And when I felt like I would overheat again, the heat disappeared…… but after a while, my face started to get hot again.

Eh What is this What the heck is this The embarrassment I was feeling doesnt go away at all, but my body is forcibly cooled down when Im about to reach my limit! Isnt this already torture…… Shes not even letting me escape by fainting!


Seriously, youre actually not the Goddess, but a Demon, right I shudder at the thought that she has the ability to crush every single one of my escape routes.

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Trying to brace myself for the ensuing trial, experiencing a sense of despair of my means of retreat being completely blocked…… but thats when I noticed something.

[……Ummm, wheres Chronois-san]

[……God of Time and Space~~ come over here already! Its disrespectful to keep Shallow Vernal-sama waiting!]

[I- I- I- I know…… I- I- Im coming……]

When Fate-san called out to Chronois-san, a trembling voice could be heard from the changing room, and as if it was rehearsed, Chronois-san appeared.

Different from the other three Goddesses, not having to anywhere to get caught up to and because she was that slender, if she lets go of her hand, it feels like the towel she wrapped her body in will fall off, and perhaps, because she is very tall, her appearance while shes wrapped in her towel looked risque…… I feel like I would be able to see it if she walked.

Chronois-san was wrapped in a towel with her hands crossed in front of her chest, her face was already so red that its as if she would faint from dizziness, and her body was trembling, as shes a newborn fawn.

What is this feeling, hmmm…….

Im feeling very sorry for Chronois-san as she desperately tried enduring her embarrassment but…… Seeing her makes me feel soothed.

It may be partly because the other three are too open, but I couldnt help but feel my heart skip a beat, seeing the embarrassment on her face that should have been a normal reaction in this situation.

[W- W- What! M- Miyama! If you want to laugh, just laugh!!!]

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[Ah, no, errr…… Ummm, you looked so beautiful, that I couldnt help but be entranced.]


What the heck did I just suddenly freaking say! It seems that Im also quite confused.

Hearing my words, Chronois-sans already red face turned even redder, and her mouth snapped open and close.

[……Y- Y-You! S- S- Such cajolery…… i- is shameless!!!]

[I- Im sorry.

I unconsciously said it.]

[Ah, n- no, my bad.

I- I dont intend to condemn you…… I was just not used to hearing such words……]

[God of Time and Space, youre sneaky.

Even though you just came here, you started flirting with Kai-chan.]

[Im not flirting with him!!!]

As Fate-san complained while adorably puffing up her cheeks, Chronois-san frantically shouted, and her voice echoed in the Sanctuary where there was no one else but us.

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Dear Mom, Dad——– Finally going into the mixed bathing with the four Goddesses, I feel like Ive been hit with one heck of an attack right from the start.

My head began to hurt, thinking about whats to come, but I wasnt even allowed to pass out.

Truly——- lots of trials await in front of me.

Serious-senpai: [Gafuuhh…… Kyuu~~]

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