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The 9th Day of the Wind month.

With the reservation ticket Dr.

Fear gave me, I came to the summer resort in the Demon Realm, Carrel.

It seems that Carrel has a cool climate close to autumn throughout the year, and is a very popular tourist destination near the Teleportation Gate.

The place I arrived at was just like the image of a summer resort.

Wooden cottages stood in the midst of the shining, beautiful scenery of the plateau facing a big lake, and a tourist city with various shops can be seen on the other side of the shore…… I see, I can stay in this cottage and shop for anything I need in the city on the opposite shore.

The place looks even better than I expected…… I came alone because I left on such a short notice yesterday, but it might have been more fun to come with someone else.

Well, thats for next time.

For now, Ill go to the cottage where I plan to stay.

Fortunately, my luggage is all in the magic box, so I can just walk around empty-handed.

Magic really is quite convenient.

Leisurely enjoying the scenery, I presented my reservation ticket at the Teleportation Gate and looked at the key I received.

When I arrived at the cottage where I would be staying, the faint smell of wood tickled my nostrils.

The inside looked quite luxurious, looking like a true resort, even having its own bathroom assorted with magic tools.

I feel like its a very luxurious place to stay.

It seems that there are several bedrooms to accommodate multiple people, and after choosing one of the bedrooms, I realized that it was just the right time for me to sort out my stuff.


I forgot to bring any bath towels.]

Yes, I brought a change of clothes and other household items that I usually use…… but the bath towels I usually use were from Lilia-sans mansion, so I guess I accidentally forgot about them.

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I do have face towels with me, so I could use that for the time being…… I guess its a good idea to take a stroll and go to the tourist area to buy some.

Even though it wasnt very big, its a tourist city, so I think they would at least have a towel sold there.

Thinking that, I decided to put the luggage I was about to spread out back into my magic box, locked the cottage up tightly before heading out.

About half an hour after Kaito leaves the cottage, a shadow approaches the cottage.

[……Its been a while since Ive been here, but its still a nice view.]

Lazily muttering with a smile on her face, Lilia reached the cottage while her shimmering blonde hair swayed with the wind.

Entering the cottage with the key in her hand, she lightly looked around the rooms.

[This is quite a nice place to rent again…… Now then, theres probably still some time before Luna arrives, so what should I do]

Muttering that, Lilia glances at her body.

Unlike Kaito, who used Teleportation Magic to travel to the gate, she felt a little sweaty, though not to the point that she was being bothered by it, probably due to the fact that she had traveled to the gate in a carriage.

[……I guess I would have a light bath……]

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In fact, Lilia is quite fond of bathing, and since she originally came here with plans to stretch her wings, she decided to take a bath, even though it was still early, and moved towards the bathroom.

Not knowing about the tragedy that awaits her……

The tourist city was closer than I thought, as my shopping was done in about 40 minutes and I came back to the cottage to sort out my stuff again.

Then, after I unlocked the door and walked into the cottage……

[……Arehh Whats with this luggage]

There was a small travel bag in the living room of the carriage…… Of course, I dont remember bringing that with me.

Did someone get the wrong cottage by any chance No, they wouldnt have been able to open it without my key so…… a thief No, a thief would be the one taking bags, not leaving them here.

As I was tilting my head at the strange situation, I heard small footsteps with the faint sound of creaking wood…… and also, a voice that somehow sounds familiar…… the voice of someone who shouldnt be here.

[……Luna, youre early.

Im sorry, I took a bath first—— Eh]


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The one who appeared was Lilia-san, dressed in a thin bathrobe while wiping her water-soaked hair with a towel.

The slightly wet white skin peeking through the gaps of the bathrobe looked so beautiful that it made others salivate, but I was more shocked by this situation than I was by such things.

As Lilia-san and I remained staring at each other, the both of us stiffened.

Lilia-sans eyes widened when she saw me and she began to profusely sweat.

[……Kaito…… -san]

[Errr, why is Lilia-san……]




[ ! ]

Immediately afterwards, with a scream that seemed to rip through silk, Lilia-san disappeared into the inner rooms at great speed, leaving me stunned as I stared in the direction Lilia-san went…… Errr, what the heck is going on

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Lilia-san came back a while later, properly dressed…… and currently sitting across from me at the table in the living room, looking down with her face blushing red.



It feels awkward, outrageously awkward…… How the heck did this situation happen

I got a summer resort reservation ticket from Dr.

Fear, and came here to get some rest…… but when I went back from shopping, I found Lilia-san fresh out of the bath in the cottage for some reason……

[……K- Kaito-san……]

[Eh Ah, yes!]

[W- Why are you here…… L- Luna was…… supposed to be here……]

[E- Errr, I dont really know anything about Lunamaria-san but…… I got a reservation ticket from a friend of mine because she said that she cant use it……]

Lilia-san thought that Lunamaria-san was coming.

I thought I would come alone…… Deriving these two points, the answer would be……

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[P- Please calm down, Lilia-san!]

Lilia-sans voice echoes from the depths of the earth…… Unnn, I knew it…… It was that useless maid who did this!!!

So, does that mean Dr.

Fear is in on it too I- I thought she wouldnt be the kind of person who would act as an accomplice for this……

As I watched Lilia-san send a hummingbird flying towards Lunamaria-san in anger, I also sent a hummingbird flying towards Dr.

Fear to complain to her for a bit.

[……Ummm, what should we do about this]

[……Kaito-san…… D- Did you see]

[Eh W- What is]

[L- Like I said…… M- M- M- My…… n- naked body……]

[! I- I didnt see it! Or rather, I couldnt see it!!! You were properly wearing a bathrobe, and I was rather surprised at seeing you at that time…….]

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I wasnt lying, Im telling the truth.

I did see Lilia-san after her bath, but since she was wearing a bathrobe, I didnt see those ethically dangerous zones…… and the surprise I felt was too strong for me to take a closer look.

Unnn, Im not thinking that I should have looked at her a bit more carefully or anything like that…… definitely not!

[……I- Is that so…… thats good.]

[Ah, yes.

Errr…… So, ummm, what should we do now]

[……W- W- W- What do you mean]

[L- Like I said…… W- What are we going to do now…… Should I go home Or should I stay]

Putting aside my anger at Lunamaria-san for now, I talked about the topic of what Im going to do with my stay, which was originally scheduled for two nights and three days.

Hearing my words, Lilia-san moved her gaze a few times and her expression changed as if she were feeling troubled…… Then, with a bright red face, she muttered.

[……J- Just stay…… w- with me like this.]

[Eh I- Is that alright]

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[Y- Yes! F- Fortunately, there are multiple rooms here…… I- I- In the first place, K- Kaito-san and I are…… l- l- lovers anyway…… s- so there shouldnt be any problem.]

[……T- Thats right.




What do I do Lilia-sans flustered face turning bright red is just too cute, and at the same time, the atmosphere is so bittersweet…… that our conversation isnt going well!

T- Thats weird…… I should have gone to this place to get some rest, but why is my mind being strained like this……

As Lilia-san and I silently stared at each other, the silence was broken by an incoming reply sent by a hummingbird…… coming from Lunamaria-san and Dr.

Fear, flying in almost simultaneously.

The hummingbird stopped in front of us, and after Lilia-san and I looked at each other and nodded, the both of us touched the hummingbird before us.

The message from Dr.

Fear that emerged in front of me…… was filled with a tremendous amount of apologies.

Hummingbirds are supposed to only send short sentences, but whether its Dr.

Fears magic power or technique was amazing, she has written quite a bit…… It seems that Lunamaria-san asked her to give the reservation ticket to me, but she didnt expect that this would happen.

She wrote over and over again that she was really sorry, and I felt sorry just by looking at it.

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A- Anyway, I was relieved that Dr.

Fear didnt have any bad intentions, so after sending a reply to Dr.

Fear , I moved my gaze to Lilia-san.

Lilia-sans shoulders are shaking as she looks at the words floating in the air, as if shes holding back her anger.

As I was thinking “What the heck did she reply”, I took a peek, and saw a very Lunamaria-san-like frolicking sentence, telling Lilia-san to “Properly return my embrace with a tighter one”.


Its natural that Lilia-san got mad…… I mean, even I got mad seeing that.

However, ummm, Lilia-san…… she just smashed the table to pieces……

[L- Lilia-san! Please calm down!]


But… Buuuuuttttt!]

[I understand how you feel.

I understand, so just calm down for now……]

In the meantime, if Lilia-sans anger isnt qualified, I dont think we have to question anymore whether I should stay here in this cottage or not, as at worst, this cottage will be shattered by Lilia-san herself.

Im sure that Lunamaria-san thinks that shes acting as some kind of love cupid but…… I bet that more than half the reason she did this is that shes having fun…… and I wont forgive her for that.

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[Ehh Ah, yes!]

[……Im counting on you here.]

[……Errr, ahh, yes.

Ill go and punish her.]

When I tell her those few words, Alice immediately disappears, as if she understands my intentions.

For now, this is enough to strike back at Lunamaria-san, but I have to do something about Lilia-san, whose aura of anger looks like its about to make cracks around us……

Dear Mom, Dad——- I came to a summer resort, but for some reason, Lilia-san was there, and I ended up staying with her.

I feel happy that I will be with her but…… How should I say this… In all sorts of ways——— I feel like the future would be filled with troubles.

Lunamaria: [Fufufu, by now, My Lady and Miyama-sama are probably——- Hah!]

Alice: [For the time being, how about you tell me your last will and testament……]

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Lunamaria: [……E- Even if I were to perish, soon, a second and third me will be ap——- Gyyyyaaaaahhhh!]

Alice: [Personally, I would have given you my thumbs up but…… Sorrowful it may be…… Im on Kaito-sans side after all.]

Serious-senpai: [Sweet…… however, Ill forgive you for today…… Thats because, on Christmas, its finally my time!!! (The storyline still havent been decided yet though)]


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