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She wont let me see Dr.


She wont let me go any further…….

As Neun-san said these to me, she wasnt in a battle stance, nor was she wearing her helmet…… She had her Japanese katana at her side, and placed three fingers of both her hands on the ground.

[What are you……]

[Im begging you, Kaito-san.

Please dont get involved in this matter anymore.]

Bowing her head on a dogeza, Neun-san pleaded in a sad sounding voice for me to stay out of it.

Of course, that wouldnt convince me to just say, “Okay, I see.” but I couldnt say a word in front of her pleading figure as she rubbed her head on the ground.

[……Can I ask why]

[……If you were to talk to Vier…… Shed be deeply hurt.]

[……What do you mean]

[Youre the one who saved Kuromu-sama…… For that, I am truly grateful.

But at that same time…… “Youre the one who has accomplished what Vier couldnt”.]

When I was told that, I couldnt think of any words to refute.

Its not that I was trying to save Kuro because I wanted to save her.

Even so, in the end, I was able to free her from the curse she had been for a long time.

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I think that what I did would be something splendid for people close to Kuro but…… I see, for Dr.

Vier…… My existence also shows her how powerless she is……

[……Vier has always been suffering…… for hundreds of years already.

With tears streaming down her face, she apologized to the now-deceased victims and continued to push herself to atone for her actions.]


[Vier should have been forgiven by now.

And yet, she still wont leave the path of redemption.

Vier wont ever forgive herself forever.

She will continue to suffer…… So, please dont corner Vier any further.

Please, just leave her alone.]


“I walked away from the street where the church was located”, not knowing what to expect.

I cant stop thinking about the exchange I had with Neun-san earlier.

……Perhaps, I was naive in my outlook.

I thought that if I could successfully persuade Dr.

Vier to see Kuro…… that would solve the problem.

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However, that would certainly hurt Dr.

Vier a lot.

Theres even a possibility that she would fall into even deeper suffering than she is now.

I want to solve this matter as amicably as possible.

However, Neun-san stood in front of me.

If I tried to contact Dr.

Vier, it would be inevitable that I would clash with Dr.

Vier…… and thered be no way that this could be solved peacefully.

Isnt this enough already Im just an outsider anyway, and wanting Dr.

Vier and Kuro to meet just because of my selfishness and for my own self-satisfaction, wasnt it

Whether its Kuro or Dr.

Vier…… Both of them said that they cant meet each other, so theres no need to stick my head in it.

I know I should just give up…… and yet.

D*mn it…… Why is it that I am still feeling so bothered

I really dont know what to do anymore……

[Yes! Heres your “Hyperspice Cookies”, Thank you for your patronage~~]


As I was trudging with my head down, I heard such a voice and reflexively looked up.

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Thereupon, I made eye contact with someone I recognized…… and the other persons face twisted in utter displeasure.

Shes my acquaintance, and yet, shes reacting to my presence so harshly…… Shes definitely the God of Disasters that I knew from my previous visit to the Hydra Kingdom…… It was Shea-san.



She just relentlessly clicked her tongue in front of me.

Shea-san then glared at me and with an irritated tone, she spoke.

[……Whats with that hopeless look on your face…… Its irritating to look at.

If you have a reason for that, say it…… Itll probably be just something stupid, but Ill listen.]


Her voice sounded angry but…… arehh The words she just said, couldnt it be interpreted as her saying “You dont look so good, is something the matter You can consult me about it, you know”, or something like that

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H- Her kindness is still as incomprehensible as usual……

[E- Errr…… Well then, would it be alright to consult you about something]


[……Eh Ah, no, I didnt mean to impose on you……]

[What are you saying, just get your ass moving.

Theres a bench in the plaza over there…… I dont have much time.

Make it quick.]

U- Unnn.

Even though she complains about all sorts of things, it seems like she would still listen to me.

Shea-san brought me to a bench in a nearby plaza, and I sat down side by side with her…… And then, I started talking about the situation.

I wasnt sure how much Shea-san knew, so I started off by telling her something about “a doctor named Dr.

Vier” to make it sound ambiguous.

Upon hearing this, she replied “Ahh, youre talking about the former Demon Lord huh.”, so I assumed that Shea-san knew about what was going on and decided to tell her everything.

I told Shea-san about Dr.

Vier, Kuro, Neun-san…… and about how I dont know what to do.

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After I finished telling her everything…… Shea-san looked extremely bored.

[……Are you an idiot The First Hero is an extremely large idiot already, but youre even worse than her.]

[Ugghhh…… N- No, its not that I was thinking of stupid things……]

[Thats not it.

What Im saying is that, what kind of hubris are you saying now Even though youre just a mere human.]


Shea-sans cold eyes glare at me and she gives me a stern warning.

[Youre the one whos thinking of saving this person…… Do you think youre someone who can save everyone Dont be conceited.

Youre just a small being.

You cant do a d*mn thing on your own.]

[…..But thats…… Im also trying to……]

[If you think you know what youre doing, then why are you here “all alone”]

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[……Youre a very small being.

However, you have the power to change the very foundation of this world if you want to.

Why dont you use that power]

[……T- That is……]

In other words, what Shea-san is trying to ask is “Why am I not using the power of the Six Kings or the Supreme Gods that Im close to”…… “Why am I not asking for help from people around me”…….

To be honest, for this matter…… The Six Kings are all parties that are involved, they are all Dr.

Viers family…… Thats why I dont want them to get involved in this.

I wonder why Ahh, thats right…… I knew that no matter what I did, I would end up hurting Dr.

Vier, and I didnt need Neun-san to tell me that, because I already understood that myself.

As I was thinking about this…… My collar was suddenly grabbed by Shea-san and she glared at me.

[……Dont act spoiled.

Youve been an outsider from the start, and on top of that, this issue youve intruded on is quite sensitive…… Theres no such thing as an amicable solution for this.]

[ ! ]

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[Then, what should you do What, do you want to stay all neat and tidy, and solve everything peacefully Stop being a hypocrite! Or perhaps, even if youre smeared in mud…… Will you bare your own fangs just to persist like that Go think for yourself!]


[Are you a pure and peaceful saint Or perhaps, a selfish, unsightly beast]

Saying that, Shea-san removes her hand from my collars and stands up from the bench.

As I blankly gazed at the scene…… Strangely enough, I felt like the fuzziness in my mind cleared up.

Thats right.

It is as Shea-san said…… Ive been an outsider right from the start, and all of this started because of my own selfishness…… I want Kuro and Dr.

Vier to make up, because I dont want to see Kuro looking sad.

This situation is just because of my selfish desire.

Then, what should I do This is something I selfishly wanted, and there are obstacles in the way of achieving my selfishness…… Then, the answer is obvious.

[……Weve talked for long enough.

The rest is your business.]


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[Unnn Is there anything more]

Shea-san was about to leave, but I loudly called out to her.

When she turned around, I immediately stood up and bowed my head.

[Thank you very much!]

[……Fumu, that should mean that youve made up your mind huh]


It seems like Im a selfish, unsightly beast.

I want to reunite Dr.

Vier and Kuro…… No, “Ill forcibly make them reunite”!]

[Then, will you ask the help of the Six Kings]

[……No, I decided right from the start that I wont be borrowing the power of the Six Kings.

As for the Supreme Gods, I dont know to what extent they are related to Dr.

Vier, so I wont ask for their help.]

[Thats, well, quite selfish of you…… Then, how are you going to break through the First Hero]

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Her tone sounds like she was testing me, but I could feel gentleness within those words.

Its as if she already knows what Im about to say……

[I cant get past Neun-san and get to Dr.

Vier all by myself…… Thats why, Im begging you! Please lend me your strength!]

I looked up once and then bowed deeply once again, before telling Shea-san that I needed her help.

Ive just heard that Shea-san has no direct connection with Dr.

Vier and she only knows things about her, so she perfectly fits the type of person I can rely on.

When Shea-san heard my request, she was silent for a while…… She then said, sounding somewhat happy.

[……Hmph, youve become a better you than you were just a few while ago.]


When I heard Shea-sans voice, I looked up.

She had a slight smile on her lips as she held her hand out to me.

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[Fine then, “Kaito”.

I am a benevolent Goddess…… If you bow to me, asking me to lend you my power, I will respond to your wish!]

And so, calling me by my name for the first time, she agreed to help me.

Dear Mom, Dad———— It seems like Im not a pure and righteous saint, nor a worldly person who knows when to give up.

Im going to be selfish and drag Dr.

Vier out in front of Kuro…… Yes, the situation here is simple.

If Neun-san stands in my way———– Ill just push my way through.

Shea-senpai is someone valuable in this novel, a heroine who harshly scolds Kaito.

Shes actually a very kind person.


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