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After the game with Megiddo-san was over, I went around the various attractions with Lilia-san and the others.

Even though most of the attractions were like sports games, we still had lots of fun going around…… but to be honest, my scores weren’t so good.



I don’t know if I was feeling listless after my victory over Megiddo-san, or perhaps, I still haven’t settled down the joy I felt from winning against Megiddo-san, but I wasn’t able to concentrate on the attractions.

It was the first time I had fought to the death in front of such a large audience, so it was probably inevitable that the realization that I did such a thing would come to me late.



After visiting the attractions until evening arrived, I was able to gather 22 stamps.

I then went to the Central Plaza to exchange the stamps for prizes.

I thought for sure that it would be counted as me having 22 stamps but…… Each of the Five Generals’ oversized stamps is worth ten stamps.

The colossal stamp, which is the sign of my victory over Megiddo-san, is calculated as 100 stamps.



In other words, I had collected 172 stamps and I was able to get the top prize, “a pair of gloves made from Megiddo-san’s mane”…… H- Hmmm.

It seems that they can handle extremely high temperatures, and if you put these gloves on, “you won’t feel the heat even if you touch magma”…… However, “the parts other than the gloves would still be burned though”.



How should I say this…… It’s a very difficult item to use.

I at least don’t think I would ever face an instance where I would need to touch magma in the future…… I mean, I don’t want to be anywhere near magma.

……Can’t I just use them as a substitute for working gloves or as mittens I guess not.

Unnn, this thing would certainly be very expensive…… Well, I’ll just leave figuring out how to use this for the future me.



The hectic first day of the Six Kings Festival comes to an end at 8 p.m., and the participants are now returning back to their accommodations.

However, since Lilia-san and I were invited to a party by Megiddo-san, we didn’t return to our accommodations, but moved to the Central Tower where I challenged Megiddo-san.








……Isn’t this strange How the heck could this have happened



There were currently many people in my line of sight, and I was standing on a platform overlooking them.



[Ohh! It seems like everyone has gathered!!!]



And standing beside me was Megiddo-san, who had returned to his original form and was nodding in satisfaction at the sight of the gathered people.

I’ll just ask again, how the heck could this have happened



As soon as we arrived at the assembly hall, I was separated from Lilia-san and the others, and for some reason, I was brought to the stage set up in the center with Megiddo-san.

No matter where I look, I could only see people, people, and people…… I could feel eyes silently looking at me from a 360 degrees around me.

I feel really restless here.



As if to say that he doesn’t care about my feelings, Megiddo-san proceeded to loudly speak.



[The people I’ve called here tonight are my subordinates and those who performed well at today’s festival! We all had a good fight! Today was a great day!!! As a thank you, I’ve prepared plenty of food and drinks for everyone.

Go and have all the fun you want!!!]



With Megiddo-san’s shout, a loud cheer rang out.

As I was feeling overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the huge party, Megiddo-san picked me up and put me on his shoulder.

What the heck is going on!



[But before we start the party, I want to introduce someone to all of you! “This is the only person who has defeated me”…… Miyama Kaito!!!]



Immediately after that, loud cheers rang out again.

O- Oohh……



As Alice told me on the way here, the number of people who have managed to defeat Megiddo-san…… or rather, the number of people who have managed to challenge Megiddo-san is just one.

That’s because it seems like Agni-san, who was originally already strong, was completely fired up after she got defeated by Iris-san…… After I got a badge from her, night had fallen without any other person managing to win against her.



[Listen here! Kaito beat me.

That means he’s better than everyone at this party right now! Ora! Here comes the strong warrior!!! Get excited, you lot!!!]



At that moment, the crowd broke into cheers…… U- Uwoooohhhh…… This feels kind of amazing.

It feels like I’m shivering in excitement.

Or rather, n- no matter how I look at it, lifting me up is a bit too much……



After the loud cheers subsided, Megiddo-san announced the start of the party.

Most of the people here are Megiddo-san’s subordinates……  In other words, there were people who were used to parties, so no one got bewildered when a noisy party started.



Looking down at the scene of people everywhere shouting “Cheers!”, I felt an indescribable emotion welling up in my heart.

There was this itchy…… embarrassment, but I’m also feeling a different kind of excitement, making me reflexively clench my fist.



After slowly lowering me down, Megiddo-san took out a large cup out of nowhere and handed me one of them before pouring me alcohol.



[……Here, alcohol.

Look here, Kaito.]


[You’re better than anyone here today…… and no one’s complaining.

That’s because you beat me.]


[Be proud, Kaito.

You have at least fought your way through the fight with me…… and won.

This scene was something you have definitely won.]




It’s there again.

Another indescribable itch buds in my chest…… Ahh, I see, I understand what this feeling is now.

This is called …… “a sense of accomplishment”……



As soon as I realized this, I felt joy surging from within me.

That’s right…..

It had been an unrefined battle.

Maybe it was because luck was on my side, or maybe it was because Alice was supporting me from behind the scenes.

Still, I certainly won…… It was my victory…… I had won…… against Megiddo-san.



[Come on, Kaito.

Drink up, it’s a celebration!]

[Ah, yes! Thank you for the drink!]



As I was savoring the feeling of victory that had finally come over me, Megiddo-san called out to me and made a toast.

And then, I gulped down the alcohol…… entering my mouth, down my throat and into my stomach…… The taste of the delicious alcohol seeped into my entire body.



[……This is very delicious.

Is it an expensive drink]

[No, it certainly was a relatively good alcohol, but it’s not that rare of a drink.]

[…..Is that so.

However, this tastes delicious.

I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever had……]

[I see.

Hey, Kaito.

My bad, for having you deal with my selfishness today.]

[Eh Ah, no…… Rather than that, in the end, what was it that Megiddo-san wanted to teach me]



While having a somewhat peaceful conversation, I took another sip of alcohol before asking Megiddo-san.

What Megiddo-san wanted to teach me…… He said he would tell me about it at this party, but in the end, what was it all about



[Unnn Ahhh…… That’s right.

Hey, Kaito.

Today was quite a rough day, wasn’t it]

[Ah, errr…… Yes.]

[Hahaha, I guess so.

I’m sure you’ve had a tough day, and I’m sure you’re tired…… but what do you think You fought like hell and won…… and after that, drinking alcohol.

Isn’t it the best]

[Ehh ……Yes!]

[Remember this Kaito.

The alcohol you drank there is called a “Wine of Victory”.]

[……Wine of Victory…… Could it be that that is……]



Is that what Megiddo-san wanted to teach me Just as I was about to ask that, Megiddo-san drank all the alcohol in his cup at once, turned to me and heartily smiled.



[Well, there’s certainly that too but…… there’s still one thing I want to tell you.

Kaito, you’re a great guy.

But you also have a flaw.

It’s that you have “low self-esteem”.]


[What’s this So you’re well aware of it huh…… Then, you better start learning how to fix that.

I’ll tell you again, you’re a great guy…… Otherwise, there’s no way I would lose against you twice.

So, well, how do I say this…… You need to be a little more composed and confident.

You’re not a pathetic person who’s always needing someone’s help.

You’re someone who can seize glory on your own.]




Those words of affirmation felt like a powerful push behind my back.

How should I say this…… I’m really quite blessed.

There was someone who would warn me when I was wrong, someone who would scold me when I was being reckless…… and someone who would push me forward.

They are truly a blessing in disguise.



[……That was quite unlike me.

Come, let’s drink again! We’re going to drink a lot today!!!]




Dear Mom, Dad————- I was bewildered, tired, struggled, and yet, I still desperately grasped for victory.

I’ll probably never forget this day for the rest of my life.

Feeling this rewarding joy of standing up with your own two feet…… Megiddo-san taught me———– The taste of the wine of victory……


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