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Even though I was pushed into a corner by a shocking no-guard strategy, I succeeded in persuading Lillywood-san with a game-changing move.

Of course, I still received an enormous amount of damage, but it seems like the tough fight will still continue.

Well, putting that aside…… I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but why does it seem like there’s something in Lillywood-san’s hair…… or rather, in her hair-like leaves



Lillywood-san originally had long hair, but her hair is now even longer than before…… I mean, doesn’t it seem like it’s increasingly encroaching the bathtub! It’s increasing! It’s definitely increasing!



[……Ummm, Lillywood-san]


[It’s just that, your hair…… I mean, your leaves, they’re increasing, you know]

“Ahh, my apologies.

I was just feeling comfortable……”



……Does that mean Lillywood-san’s hair gets longer when she’s feeling good Ahh, come to think of it, her hair withered when she was tired before…… It appears that Lillywood-san’s hair changes depending on her condition.

When I pointed this out, Lillywood-san apologized and returned her hair to its original length…… It seemed like she could also change it at will.



“Speaking of which, we’re in an onsen, right I don’t bathe in an onsen much, but how do Humans enjoy their time here”


Let’s see.

Of course, you can enjoy the scenery while washing your body, but you can also drink while soaking in the onsen.]

“I see…… I can prepare some “fruit wine” right away, would you like some”

[Eh Ah, yes.

I’d certainly love to have some if it’s alright with you.]



I’d barely drank fruit wines before…… Or rather, I’ve never drank anything but beer in my original world, so I’m interested.

I’m also looking for a way to change the mood, so her suggestion was a welcome one.



“Well then, please wait a moment……”



As she said this, a branch grew out of Lillywood-san’s hair and a Fruit of the World Tree that I’m oh-so-familiar with appeared.

The fruit then changed shape, as if it was being squeezed by an invisible hand, and the juice that was being squeezed out was poured into a wooden cup that had been prepared before I knew it.

After squeezing the juice from several fruits, Lillywood-san held up her hand and the wooden cup was enveloped in a faint light, which subsided after a few seconds.



“Here you go.”

[……Thank you.]



As if it’s a matter of course, a fruit wine was made in front of me…… Making use of Fruits of the World Tree feels a bit too luxurious, but I guess that’s what makes it look so incredibly delicious.

The scent was very strong, but it wasn’t sharp, feeling soft and natural instead.



Well then, since this is freshly-made, let’s have a…… wait, arehh I know it’s strange for me to question this now but…… since Lillywood-san is the World Tree…… Which means that the Fruit of the World Tree is made from Lillywood-san’s body, so to speak……

Eh Arehh That means that the alcohol in this cup was also made from Lillywood-san’s body…… In other words, one can think of this as “something that was part of Lillywood-san’s body”…… and I’m going to put that into my mouth



T- This is bad, the weirdest thought popped out of my mind! W- W- W- What should I do This is bad.

After what happened earlier, I’ve become completely conscious about these things.

H- However, after asking for the drink myself, I can’t just say I’m too embarrassed to drink it……




[ ! T- Thank you for the drink!]



When she called out to me, I panicked and took a sip of the fruit wine.

As I took a sip, the mellow aroma filled my mouth and stimulated my brain with its tremendous taste.

I would have liked to say that it was tasty, as to be expected from a luxurious item, but because of my weird thoughts, I felt giddy with each sip.



Thinking that just taking sips was a bad idea, I drank all the alcohol at once and called out to Lillywood-san.

As for what strategy I would use to divert my mind…… I forgot all about it, but let’s just run away from this place and reorganize my thoughts.



[L- Lillywood-san…… I- I’ll go wash my body now!]



As I was saying this, that’s when I noticed something.

That it was a stupid thing to say…… I was going to run away, but I stupidly cut off my own path of retreat.

After I said this, just as I had expected……



“Ahh, then I will wash your back.”



……She didn’t let me escape.

Hey, isn’t the Six Kings’ blocking ability too great Is it that Is that also the same logic as to why you can’t escape from a boss fight



[N- No, there’s no need for Lillywood-san to bother……]

“No, please let me help you.

Kaito-san has always helped me so much after all.”

[……Y- Yes……]



Seeing her 100% pure smile, my thoughts of refusing disappeared.

To be honest, I don’t remember taking care of Lillywood-san at all, even though she was the one who had always been taking care of me…… but I couldn’t say anything when people showed such pure good will for me.



W- Well, calm down…… It should be fine now.

Lillywood-san agreed to hide her body, and with her serious nature, there is no need for me to worry about her breaking her promise.

Then, I’ll just have my back washed like normal.

Of course, I will feel nervous while that is happening, but there won’t be a problem…… or so I thought.



However, as if to mock me as I stepped out of the onsen with such thoughts in mind, I heard Lillywood-san’s voice from behind me.




K- Kaito-san.”

[Y- Yes]



Making sure that I wouldn’t look back when Lillywood-san called, I replied……



“It’s just, the towel is too small and won’t wrap around my chest……”




I see.

It seems that the towel, which wasn’t that big, though it wasn’t as small as a face towel, wasn’t enough to cover Lillywood-san’s body.



“……Would it be alright if I just grow my hair out to hide them instead”




Dear Mom, Dad———— Whether it’s alright or not, the me of this time doesn’t know.

But one thing is for sure.

This whole back washing situation———— It doesn’t seem like it will go the way I want it to.



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