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I was just so happy that she complimented Bell that I even bragged about Lynn, and we ended up talking for almost an hour.

[……I\'m sorry, Chris-san.

I got a little heated and became a bit enthusiastic……]

[……I also got a little heated, though in a different way.]


[N- No, don\'t mind it…… I was just saying that I got a bit careless……]

I apologized for making her stay with me for so long, to which Chris-san, for some reason, answered me, breathing heavily with her back turned towards me.

[……M- Miyama-sama.

My apologies, I\'m afraid I will suffer serious psychological damage if this continues…… No, I remembered that I actually had something I need to do now, so please excuse me.]

[Ah, no.

I\'m sorry for taking up too much of your time.]

[N- No, something like this isn\'t so b…… Please excuse me, my mind is still a bit confused! Well then, till we meet again.]

[……Y- Yes, see you later.]

It seems like Chris-san was in quite a hurry, as after she said goodbye, she quickly walked away.


I\'ve done something really bad, haven\'t I…… I really tend to talk a lot when it comes to Bell and Lynn.

I\'ll try to be even more careful from now on.

After seeing Chris-san off, we decided to take a quick walk around the area since we still had a little over an hour before our meeting.

If I knew someone, I could kill some time talking with them…… but I guess you can\'t just meet someone you know that easily……

[My Lady! Please stop! What do you think you\'re buying with such an amount of money!]

[P- Please let me go! It\'s a limited-edition model! If I miss this opportunity, I might not be able to get it, you know!]

[Guhh, this is difficult…… Sieg too, can you not watch on the sidelines and help me out here!]

[…….L- Lili As expected, this isn\'t something you should waste your money on…… Please reconsider it.

Just one of them is already equal to my and Luna\'s annual income put together, and there are also lots of types that you\'re trying to buy…… Most of all, aren\'t they too large……]

When I turned my head to the direction of the voices I heard, I saw three people having a dispute in front of several huge dragon models, each of which was several meters tall.

[It\'s alright! I have enough personal assets! Please let me buy everything!!!]

[You can\'t! I mean, where the heck are you going to put these things! They won\'t even fit in My Lady\'s hidden room……]

[In that case, I\'ll place them in the garden……]

[Lili, you\'ll end up scaring Bell-chan and Lynn-chan, so stop with that plan…… Anyway, could you just calm down for the moment]

……Ah~~ Unnn.

I guess it\'s that huh.

I thought I knew who they were, but they ended up just being strangers.

Unnn, I wonder if they didn\'t notice that they\'re gathering quite the crowd A- Anyway, I didn\'t see anything.

Quickly averting my gaze, I somewhat forcefully pulled Bell and Lynn away from the scene.

W- Well~~ This city sure is big~~ I\'ve walked for quite a while already, but I can\'t find anyone I know~~ A- Ahaha……

[……You just insulted Miyama-sama, didn\'t you Does that mean you want to die]

[Wha! P- Pando——– Ghaakk!]

[……Don\'t you dare speak my name, you filthy War King subordinate…… It seems like you need to be disciplined.]

[Aghaak! Y- Your chains are…… Gaahh!]

[Go on, scream out like the pig you are.

Oh, don\'t worry, you won\'t die…… I\'ll just torment you until you\'re on the verge of dying.]


…….H- Hmmm.

I wonder who they are Nope, don\'t know them at all.

Totally don\'t know them at all.

The stranger just gleefully tied up someone with chains that appeared out of nowhere, but since I don\'t know who they are, what they\'re doing is unrelated to me.

W- Well, even though I don\'t know who they are…… As expected, I can\'t just ignore the situation……

[Alice, go.]

[……Yep yep.]

At any rate, I decided to just leave it to Alice and departed from that scene.

It\'s kind of strange though, why is it that I keep running into strange situations

F- For the time being, let\'s just pretend we don\'t know them and avoid the trouble they bring.

Getting involved with them would definitely be a really bad idea after all……

Thinking about this, I moved quickly and let out a sign when I managed to get as far away from them as I could.

If I\'m this far from them, it should be alright.

[……Oya If it isn\'t my child.]


……It\'s over.

It\'s totally over.

Just when I thought I had averted several crises, I ended up stepping on a huge landmine.

[……E- Ed- Eden-san G- Good morning.]

[Good morning.

I am so happy to see my beloved child\'s face early in the morning.

Ahh, could it be that you\'ve come to see Mother Ahh, so that\'s how it is! That must be it! As expected of my beloved child, you know exactly what Mother wants, didn\'t you Ahh, how wonderful.

Oya However…… Didn\'t you sleep for only 4 hours, 52 minutes and 23 seconds This won\'t do, my child should get a good night\'s sleep, you know It might end up being detrimental to my child\'s body otherwise.

Ahh, yes, that must be it! My child was lonely, wasn\'t he I\'m sorry, all I\'ve been doing is spreading the word about how wonderful my child is.

I really should look after my child even more, shouldn\'t I Yes, it\'s alright.

It\'s alright now.

Mother will sleep with you, my beloved child.

I will envelop you with my endless love, making sure my beloved child sleeps in peace!]

H- Hyyyiiiiiihhh! Scary! This person really is scary! Why the heck does she know how long I\'ve slept down to the smallest second Moreover, she started rattling about without letting me speak……

Eden-san, with black hearts forming on her eyes, began nudging closer and closer…… but at that moment, Kuro\'s uppercut immediately appeared, striking Eden-san\'s jaw.

Kuro\'s uppercut…… It was a strike so powerful that it even cleared up the clouds in the sky.

However, even though she was hit by a fist with such power, it only managed to make Eden-san\'s head slightly turn.

[……You just keep popping out every single time…… How dare you interrupt my conversation with my child.

Even this mild-mannered me have limits, you know]

Objection! Which part of you is mild-mannered at all I mean, shouldn\'t you rather describe yourself as a berserker!

[That\'s my line! How many times should I warn you before you learn to restrain yourself!]

[I am the pinnacle of a world.

The word restrain doesn\'t exist in my vocabulary.]

[Ahh, geez! You\'re still as ill-natured as ever…… You better cut it out or I will crush you where you stand!]

[If you can do it, I\'d like to see you try it.]



Sparks began buzzing between Kuro and Eden-san.

Thereupon, a vortex silently appeared above Kuro, and both of them disappeared within it.

Dear Mom, Dad————– Unnn, how should I say this…… It isn\'t on the level where I\'m saying that I\'m feeling anxious about the future…… I still haven\'t met up with Dr.

Vier and Neun-san yet, you know And yet, why are troubles appearing———— one after another……

: [I- I\'ll just tell you what happened, okay Just when I…… Alice-chan commanded Pandora to sit, two monsters fought…… T- The heck am I saying…… (the rest are omitted).]

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