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With the words Come visit me at my laboratory next time, Fors-san left with Laguna-san, and though we\'re a bit late from our schedule, the three of us and my two pets started going around the city, celebrating the fourth day of the Six Kings Festival.

[My presence was a bit thin earlier, wasn\'t it Well, I guess it\'s inevitable that my presence would be a bit thin within that group, especially given my previous standpoint.]

[Errr, yes.

Putting that aside, Dr.



[Why are you holding my arm……]


Vier, who was walking next to me, was clinging to my arm as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

It\'s that so-called linking arms…… the problem is that I can\'t compose myself, especially with the very ample bulges pressed against my arm.

[It\'s a date after all.

This is what you do on a date, right]

[I- Is it…… really how it is]

[That\'s right! Well, putting our distance aside…… Why are you walking away from us, Neun]

As Dr.

Vier said, Neun-san is walking a few distance…… around three steps behind us.

That certainly shows the modesty of a yamato nadeshiko, but it wasn\'t very appropriate considering that we\'re currently at a festival.

What I mean is that I\'m worried that we might get separated.

(T/N: yamato nadeshiko = personification of an idealized Japanese woman)

[Aren\'t women supposed to walk three steps behind a gentleman]

[……That\'s the first time I\'ve heard that.

I can understand if it\'s a servant saying that for her master but……]

[Errr, I guess there was such a custom () like that in the world Neun-san and I were in before.]


For someone like me who lived most of my life in Japan, I feel like Neun-san\'s actions were old-fashioned, but I don\'t feel like such actions feel out of place.

However, Dr.

Vier found Neun-san\'s actions strange, tilting her head in wonder.

Chuckling upon seeing Dr.

Vier\'s reaction, I turned around to call out to Neun-san.

[But Neun-san.

We might get separated, and since Bell is with us……]

[I- I see…… Come to think of it, that\'s certainly the case…… W- Well then, please excuse me.]

With Neun-san walking three steps behind us, it makes it difficult for the large-bodied Bell to walk behind me.

Hearing my words, Neun-san looked at Bell who was walking while always glancing behind him.

She then nodded her head in understanding and started walking next to us.

Even with her newly-colored pink hair, Neun-san still looks like a yamato nadeshiko, and even the way she walks seems to have a certain elegance to it.

[……Neun You\'re blushing like crazy, you know]

[……T- This is the first time I\'ve walked alongside a gentleman…… and walking l- like this makes me feel like we\'re l- l- lovers……]

[H- Hmmm]

Neun-san, who was walking on the opposite of the arm that Dr.

Vier was clinging on, was walking with her blushing face looking downwards, probably because she\'s feeling embarrassed.

I don\'t know if I just feel like each of her gestures was cute or not, but seeing her react like that makes me feel embarrassed too.

However, hmmm.

The situation I\'m in now is certainly something that a man would envy.

On one hand walks a ladylike beautiful swordswoman, while on the other is a cheerful beautiful doctor…… a situation that those winners in life would be in, and if it was the usual me, this would have been something I would be nervous about.

But I\'m rather calm right now, and the main reason for that is Neun-san.

[Neun-san, your dress looks very beautiful and looks great on you.]

[Yeasshh! Eh T- Tha- Thank you.

K- K- K- Kaito-san also looks c- c- c- charming……]

When humans see someone more nervous than they are, they become calmer.

Even though the day had just started, seeing her panicking this much…… It certainly is very much like Neun-san.

[Miyama-kun, what about me What about me]

[Eh Dr.

Vier is wearing your usual nun habit though]


I\'ve actually been only wearing clothing like this, so I don\'t have any other clothes other than nun habits.

I wasn\'t really planning to participate in the beginning, so I didn\'t have the time to buy new clothes.]

[I see…… But I think your usual clothes look great on you though.

I guess I could say that it\'s like Dr.

Vier to wear clothes like that Anyway, I could feel such an impression from you.]

[Really In that case, I\'m relieved.


In contrast to Neun-san, Dr.

Vier didn\'t seem to be embarrassed by my compliment, and looked very happy instead.

In the first place, for Dr.

Vier, who hadn\'t even participated in the Festival of Heroes, being in a festival seemed to be a very fresh experience, as she had been curiously looking around since a while ago.

Thereupon, Neun-san looked at Dr.

Vier, and as if she suddenly thought of something, she spoke.

[……I know that Vier really isn\'t a nun, but wouldn\'t it be a problem if you go on a date wearing that Nuns are apparently called the brides of God after all……]

[……Bride No, I mean, all Gods are women, right]

[……That\'s right.

Hmmm, even after a thousand years, I still couldn\'t stop thinking based on my previous world\'s common sense huh.]

It\'s true that nuns had this image that they\'re strictly forbidden to fall in love.

It\'s probably different depending on what religion you are in, but they still had this kind of vague image.

Though I say that, it seems like it isn\'t the case for this world at all.

After all, Gods are real in this world, and all of them are women…… This is one of the things that makes me realize how different this world is.

Well, to begin with, the head of the Gods is Shiro-san, and she\'s someone who wouldn\'t be interested in a nun\'s love life at all.

(……Did you compliment me just now)

……It\'s kind of hard to say whether it\'s a compliment or not.

I guess you could say that it was a compliment in some ways.

(You can compliment me more if you want.

Being complimented makes me feel happy.)

……I\'ll think about it.

Dear Mom, Dad————- My experience today makes me feel that I really am in a different world, as small differences in common sense could be found anywhere.

Religion would probably be the most obvious difference in particular.

But come to think of it…… The God of our world was Eden-san, right H- Hmmm————- Ignorance sure is a bliss.

The character rough draft for Chronois is now available for Activity Report.

Another World God…… Airhead Extraordinaire.

Earth God…… Yandere.

: [……Serious-senpai, are you alright It would start increasing from here on out……]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : [……Fuuu, you don\'t mind if I make the novel serious, do you]

: [Nah, you can\'t do that.]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : […….Eh I can\'t!]

: [Well, I don\'t think that Negative Serious Power-senpai could do that……]

Ground-type Serious-senpai : […………………]


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