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The second volume of I was Caught Up in a Heroic Summoning, but the World is at Peace will be released on October 23!

The detailed explanation and the cover art can be found in the Activity Report!

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The second volume will be filled with newly-written content, and will incorporate a sneaky sales strategy: If you read Volume 2, you\'ll find out why Isis wanted to wear a crown of flowers instead of a veil in the First Anniversary Extra Chapter.

And on September 28, the first chapter of a 4-koma of this novel will be published on Phantaporta, a website run by Shinkigensha-sama.

It\'s a wonderful 4-koma manga drawn by our illustrator, Ochau-sama!!!

Sieg-san had unusually, or rather, I think this is the first time I\'ve seen Sieg-san fainted.

According to Luna-san, the self-proclaimed Faintology Sommelier, apparently because she had firsthand knowledge from her diagnoses of Lilia-san, it seems that Sieg-san won\'t wake up for a while.

So, Lilia-san said she would let her rest at the inn, so we parted ways here.


Vier offered to cast Resuscitation Magic on her, but Lilia-san refused, saying that she needed time to calm down Sieg, who would probably wake up confused, and that we should just leave her to them, Sieg-san\'s best friends.

As her lover, I wanted to accompany Sieg-san, but I gave up when Luna-san told me that Sieg-san wouldn\'t want to be seen in a confused state, and that I should visit her after she had calmed down.

I thought of helping them carry Sieg-san to their inn, but decided against it when I saw Lilia-san easily carry the 170cm Sieg-san with one hand.

No matter how slender Sieg-san is, for Lilia-san to easily carry her……

Anyway, Lilia-san was also carrying the Rainbow Dragon in her other hand.

She looked like she was about to break into a grin, but that\'s probably just the fault of the light or something like that.

[Well, let\'s just leave Sieg-chan to Lilia-chan and Lu-chan.

Let\'s take a look around the festival again.]

[……You\'re right.]

[Yes…… Vier, something just occurred to me.

You unusually haven\'t made many mistakes today because of your klutziness huh]

As we were talking while moving around , Neun-san spoke, looking surprised.

Now that she mentioned it, indeed…… Dr.

Vier hasn\'t tripped today huh.

After hearing those words, Dr.

Vier turned to us, still walking forward, and gave us a thumbs up……

[Fufufu, even I am growing up every day.

Yep, yep, klutzy Vier is no more……]


Vier! In front of you, there\'s a signboard!]

[Eh ———Migyaaahhh!]

……Her face hitting on the signboard of a food stall, she fell.

Her recovery from such an appearance was quite splendid.



Vier A- Are you alright]

[U- Unnn…… My clothes got a bit dirty, but this much isn\'t anything to worry about.]

I rushed over to her, feeling concerned, but Dr.

Vier doesn\'t seem to be hurt that much, getting up with a wry smile.

[Ahaha, I fell down again huh.]

[……Don\'t you I fell down again me.

Do you not understand that falling due to your inattention to the road ahead…… is a disgraceful sight to behold]

[ ! ]

As Dr.

Vier muttered with a wry smile…… I heard a quiet but incredibly intimidating voice that made the atmosphere tremble.

Hearing that voice, the smile on Dr.

Vier\'s face instantly disappeared, and for some reason, Neun-san also turned pale, profusely sweating where she stood.

The voice came from behind me.


Vier and Neun-san, who were facing me, could see the owner of the voice, but I could not.

Just before I was about to turn around to check who it is…… Dr.

Vier turned on her heel and started running away at a very fast speed…… is what I thought, but I suddenly saw her sitting in a seiza.

Moreover, the ground around Dr.

Vier seems to be slightly dented, and Dr.

Vier has a look of agony on her face.

It\'s just a guess but…… Could it be that Dr.

Vier is being brought down by a large amount of gravity

Slowly walking up to Dr.

Vier was a woman I had never seen before.

She had a dark green evenly-trimmed short bob hair.

Her red eyes looked sharp.

Dressed in a trouser suit-like outfit, matched with a neatly arranged necktie, she looked like a capable career woman.

Her hands were covered with white gloves, making her somewhat look like a woman cosplaying as a butler.

I think she\'s around 160cm tall The atmosphere around her…..

It was as if she\'s as sharp as a polished blade.

As the woman walked up to Dr.

Vier, her voice quietly resounded.

[……Where do you think you\'re going, Vier]

[S- S- S- S- Sister Zwei…… W- W- W- Why a- are you…… W- What about your work……]

[I\'m the one asking questions here…… Well, fine.

I had some time to spare, so I thought I\'d pay Kuromu-sama a visit and express my greetings.]

[I- I- I- Is that so……]

[……I\'m sad.]


[A family member I haven\'t seen in a long time is behaving in a manner unbecoming as a member of Kuromu-sama\'s family…… Hey, Vier I\'ve warned you many times before, haven\'t I That you should look ahead when you walk……]

[A- Awawawawa, t- t- t- that is……]

T- This person is…… Zwei-san I- I see, so that\'s why Dr.

Vier and Neun-san were that afraid huh.

I\'m not the one she\'s mad at, but I can\'t help but straighten up upon hearing her words.

Reservedly speaking…… She\'s super scary.

[It seems like I need to teach you once again what it means to be a part of Kuromu-sama\'s family, don\'t you think]


Hearing Zwei-san\'s incredibly intimidating words, Dr.

Vier looked like she was about to cry.

[Listen here, okay To begin with, us subordinates of the Six Kings needs to kno——- Oya]


In the midst of what seems to be the start of the long sermon that I heard from Dr.

Vier and Neun-san, Zwei-san stopped in her speech midway…… and her gaze was directed at me.

S- She\'s kind of glaring hard at me now, you know! Eh W- Why! Did I do something wrong

[……If I\'m not mistaken…… You are Miyama Kaito-san, right]

[Eh, ah, yes! Nice to meet you, I\'m Miyama Kaito!]

As her sharp eyes stared at me, I said my name with a posture that is surprisingly beautiful even for me.

Thereupon, with her sharp eyes kept focused on me, Zwei-san left Dr.

Vier\'s side and walked in front of me.

Then, she took off the glove on her right hand and held it out to me, as if asking for a handshake.

[My name is Zwei.

Pleased to make your acquaintance……]

[Y- Yes…… I- It\'s nice to meet you.]

[It\'s nice to meet you too.]

What the heck is going on…….

We\'re introducing ourselves and shaking hands, which was supposed to be a peaceful scene.

And yet…… Why the heck does she keep glaring at me with that displeased look on her face! Standing here feels really scary, you know!

Dear Mom, Dad————– Just when I thought we\'re going to resume touring around the Six Kings Festival…… The unexpected happened again.

I heard about how if one speaks of the devil, and the devil appears before you.

Zwei-san, the person that I heard about just a while ago, appeared.

And this Zwei-san was just as Dr.

Vier and Neun-san had said————— She\'s quite scary.

Zwei glared at Kaito with a look that seemed like she wanted to pull off his head.

However, the thoughts she had within her mind were completely different from her expression.

(H- He is the one…… that had saved Kuromu-sama.

T- The person I look up to…… Miyama Kaito-sama! I- Isn\'t he many times cooler than the one in his portraits! W- W- W- What should I do E- Even though I haven\'t planned on meeting him yet……)

Behind the cold, displeased look on her face, Zwei was in turmoil.

She\'d come to the Six Kings Festival to express her greetings to Kuromueina.

Seeing her family on the road, she approached, only thinking about warning them…… but she completely didn\'t expect to run into Kaito here.

(I was supposed to meet him with a souvenir or two, clad in new clothes…… W- What a blunder.

As my job requires me to meet a lot of people, I\'m sure I\'m well dressed enough not to be rude, but isn\'t this clothing too unsuitable for standing before Kaito-sama! Ahh, if I knew that I would meet him today, I should have worn my new perfume.)

As her mind was filled with thoughts opposite to her expression, Zwei firmly shook hands with Kaito.

She even took off her white glove, which she rarely takes off……

(I touched Kaito-sama! Even though I feel like today\'s my lucky day…… T- This won\'t do.

I\'m too nervous to speak properly!)

Zwei\'s piercing glare, her cold, displeased expression, and her indifferent tone……

……But the fact of the matter is that…… standing before Kaito, the person she admires, she was just feeling nervous.

Zwei is the type of person who doesn\'t show it on her face even when her mind is in turmoil.

Serious-senpai ZERO : [……I thought she was a serious character! Looking all serious,  but your mind is just as depraved as the others! I don\'t want her…… Also, doesn\'t it seem like her mind is equipped with some kind of maiden-in-love filter!]

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