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Sieg-san\'s warning story to Rainbow Dragon has finally ended.

I wonder how much of what Sieg-san said could be understood by the baby Rainbow Dragon though.

But considering that the Rainbow Dragon followed Sieg-san\'s instructions and generated a Rainbow Diamond when I asked Alice to examine it, and considering the fact that she was nodding her head at key points in Sieg-san\'s story, she might actually be pretty smart.

However, it seems like she was still a baby.

After listening to Sieg-san\'s story, it seems like she has felt sleepy, climbing on the sitting Sieg-san\'s lap after her story, and curling up, she fell asleep.

As I was being soothed by her cute gesture, I noticed that Lilia-san and Luna-san had disappeared before I knew it.

It seems that they were being mindful and left Sieg-san and I alone.

[……Sieg-san, are you feeling okay I\'m sorry, it ended up in quite the commotion……]

[No, please don\'t apologize.

It was thanks to Kaito-san that I was able to meet this child…… I don\'t feel like I can thank you enough for it.

But still, allow me to express my gratitude…… Thank you.]

After telling me this with her usual gentle expression, Sieg-san added, I was surprised by the white gold coin though, with a wry smile on her face, and I smiled along with her..

After handing over the fruits I brought with me, Sieg-san sat down on the sofa and I sat down next to her.

……It\'s so quiet.

There were no servants in the common room, probably because Lilia-san and the others had taken care of having them leave the premises.

It was just Sieg-san and I.

I wonder if that\'s why Sitting side by side with Sieg-san tonight, I felt ticklish…… and yet, I felt relieved and strangely calm.

[……Speaking of which, have you decided on a name for the child]


Actually, in regards to that, I have a favor I\'d like to ask Kaito-san.]

[A favor]

[Yes…… Will you decide on a name for this child, Kaito-san]

[Ehh M- Me]

Those words were honestly something I didn\'t expect.

It was Sieg-san\'s long-cherished dream to have a pet, so I thought she would name her pet herself…… so I didn\'t think she would ask me to name her pet here.

My naming sense…… I wonder how good it is Bell\'s name came from Alice, and Lynn\'s name came from Mary-san.

I\'ve never named a pet before…… and frankly speaking, I don\'t have a shred of confidence in my naming sense.

I- Is it possible for me to gently turn her request down

[……It\'s thanks to Kaito-san that I was able to meet this child.

Ummm, t- this might be annoying but…… I think of her as our child…… That\'s why, ummm, I\'d like to ask you to name her, Kaito-san.]


[……Is it no good]

[No! P- Please wait a moment.

I\'m still thinking about it.]

I can\'t refuse! Receiving a request with such a murderously cute expression, combined with her blushing red cheeks and slightly downcast look, there was no way I could say no.

A cute girl like Sieg-san is asking a request filled with her love like this…… If I don\'t live up to her request, then no way I can call myself a man!

Think, strain my mind…… All the knowledge that exists in my head, I need you on my side for now……

[……Ah, come to think of it, is that Rainbow Dragon a boy or a girl]

[She\'s female…… a girl.]

[I see, alright.

P- Please leave it to me.]

A name, a name, a girl\'s name…… Ugghhhh, this is difficult.

A name that will live up to Sieg-san\'s expectations…… Show me the lightbulb, my head!

……This child is a Rainbow Dragon.

Rainbow…… Rain No, it\'s too cheesy of a name, and I feel like it would bring rain instead of rainbows in our lives instead……


From what I see, her wings may be rainbow-colored, but this child looks like the aurora.

She\'s got a body as black as the night sky and a mane like emerald…… I\'ll have to think along those lines.

Aurora borealis…… Aurora…… Speaking of which, I think I\'ve seen it being featured on a TV show back then.

What was it again If I remember correctly, didn\'t they talk about the origins of auroras If I remember correctly, they also featured what they call the aurora in different countries.

Remember…… Squeeze that memory out!

[……H- How about…… Selas You can also call her with Sela……]

(T/N: Aurora Borealis is Βόρειο Σέλας in greek, which is pronounced as vóreio sélas.

I\'m tempted to name her Seras though.

That\'s how MC-kun said it after all.

You know, JP with their R/L problem.)

[Selas, that\'s a very pretty name.

Does that name have any origin]

[Errr, in a language back in my world…… It means dawn.]

(T/N: Aurora in Latin, means dawn, not the name Selas.)



Do you have auroras in this world]

[Auroras Yes, I\'ve never seen it myself, but I believe it\'s something you can see in the Land of Death……]

It seems like the aurora is a phenomenon that also exists in this world.

I wonder if someone who played the role of Hero back then named it Well, that aside, this makes it easier for me to explain.

[In the world I was in, the aurora was a natural phenomenon where you could see green lights in the night sky, just like the body and mane of this child.

And the origin of the aurora was the Goddess of Dawn, so I associated her name after that.]

[……I see.]

[……W- What do you think]

The name I gave her, based on the hazy knowledge I managed to pull out of my head, is pretty good in my opinion.

It\'s a girlish name, and it\'s easy to call her by her nickname…… I think.

[……It\'s a really, really nice name.

Kaito-san, thank you.]


I\'m glad…… it seems like she liked it.

As I let out a sigh of relief since Sieg-san liked the name Selas, I felt Sieg-san\'s head gently leaning on my shoulder.



Can I stay like this for a while]


[……Thank you.

Just spending time with you like this makes me feel so happy…… I\'m glad to have met you, Kaito-san.]

[Yes, I\'m also glad that I met you, Sieg-san.]

I feel like from the part of Sieg-san\'s body that is touching me, heat was being transmitted and was slowly warming my whole body up.

I wonder what this is Can I say it like our hearts are communicating with each other…… The feeling of sharing the same happiness with each other feels inexplicably comforting.

[……Kaito-san…… I\'ll take good care of Selas.]

[I\'ll help you too…… It\'s our child after all……]


Hugging Sieg-san\'s shoulders as she leaned her body on me, I truly enjoyed a moment filled with happiness.

Dear Mom, Dad————— After my suggestion, it was decided that the Rainbow Dragon is named Selas.

Spending time with your beloved lover certainly feels warm and comforting.

I\'ve heard from somewhere about how two people sharing happiness could experience twice the joy, and indeed, when I\'m with Sieg-san————– I feel like my happiness is growing greater.

Serious-senpai SB mode : [Ughaaak! I- It\'s been a long time since I\'ve been struck with this huh…… This sugar-filled violence.

Straightforward lovey-dovey…… I can\'t stand it.

Even with the SB mode, my Defense power against such attacks hasn\'t risen at all…… Just get married already!!!]

T/N: 65/271


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