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The night festival is crowded with many people, and it is very boisterous because many people have been drinking…… or so it should have been.

However, what is this This uncomfortable silence and the chill running down my spine……


No, the cause for this was obvious.

It\'s because of the pressure being released by Zwei-san, who has been walking three steps behind me since a while ago.

Just as she said, she had been glaring at me without stopping.

Seriously, why the heck does she hate me so much…… wait, arehh Hate Wait…… Thinking about it, it\'s not like Zwei-san directly told me that she hates me or anything like that.

Although we\'ve only known each other for a short while, Zwei-san seemed to be the type of person who spoke such things without hesitation.

So, it\'s possible that Zwei-san only looks unwelcoming because we still didn\'t know each other.

Unnn, perhaps, if I try to talk to her, I might be surprised at how easy she can be talked to.

Even though she might be working like a Feudal Lord, I don\'t think there\'s any reason for her to be unwelcoming to someone she first met.

Let\'s just forget that she\'s glaring at me with very intimidating eyes…… a- and try talking to her.

H- Here I go…… With my communipower at full burst, let\'s give her a smile……

[Z- Zwei-san, you sometimes lose sight of your surroundings when you concentrate]


[I- I actually have a similar habit.

What a coincidence, isn\'t it]

[Is that so]




The conversation won\'t continuuuuuuuuueeee! The combination of her glaring eyes and nonchalant tone made it impossible for me to expand the conversation.

Kuhhh, so this is the limit of my communipower huh…… Ahh, monstrous communipower Raz-san is looking here.

[Wow~~ Kaitokun-san, you\'re amazing! You\'re already getting along with Big Sister Zwei~~]


Could you please elaborate a bit on where the heck were you looking when you say that we\'re getting along We totally looked like a snake and a frog, you know! Acht and Eva too, could you please not look away and help me out here……

……I feel so tired.

This is the first time I\'ve struggled this much with a conversation since the first time I met Shiro-san.

Even so, Shiro-san wasn\'t glaring at me, so we managed to have a good conversation but…… Zwei-san\'s eyes are so intimidating that I can\'t seem to communicate with her well.

If there was an opportunity for us to get to know each other……

As I was walking along thinking about this, I suddenly heard a loud angry shout.

[The f*ck did you say! You\'re just a subordinate of the War King, an imbecile who knows nothing but fighting!]

[And you\'re b*stards who just keep on hiding!!!]

When I turned around at the sound of the voice, I saw there was some kind of fight going on.

Incidentally, me, Raz-san, Acht and Eva turned to the direction of the voice…… but Zwei-san\'s eyes kept on glaring at me.

Apparently, she\'s so focused on watching me that she can\'t even hear those angry voices.

[……They\'re at it again huh.

War King\'s subordinates and Phantasmal King\'s subordinates……]

[Seriously, they don\'t get along with each other at all…… ah, it\'s troublesome if we get caught up with their fight, so let\'s get going already.]

Seeing the quarrel, Eva and Acht muttered with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

Hmmm, it really seems like the War King\'s subordinates and Phantom King\'s subordinates are like cats and dogs.

And just as Acht said, it would be better if we leave before we get caught up…… but at that moment, that incident happened.

The War King\'s subordinate threw an alcohol bottle she was holding, and the Phantom King\'s subordinate smashed it with a strike.

A tiny drop of alcohol flew from the shattered bottle towards Zwei-san\'s cheek, who had been staring at me all this while.

The drop of alcohol was so small that I wondered if I would even notice it.

But for the first time, Zwei-san took her eyes off me and slowly brought her hand on her cheek.

Then, after lightly wiping her cheeks with her gloved hand, she brought her hand in front of her face…… and her body began shaking.

[……Ahh…… Ahhh……]

It wasn\'t only Zwei-san whose expression changed.

The other three people with me also had a despairing look on their faces, as if the world had ended.

[T- This is bad, this is freaking bad…….]

[Big Sis Raz! Contact Big Sis Ein immediately! We won\'t be able to stop her!]

[I- I- I- I know that!]

W- What\'s happening Even that Raz-san turned pale and became flustered.

While I was feeling confused all on my own, Raz-san took a bow out of nowhere and shot an arrow towards the sky.

And at about the same time…… an extremely angry shout echoed in the surroundings.

[You b*staaaaaarrddsss! How dare you…… How dare you soil this body that Kuromu-sama gave me…… All of you b*stards! Don\'t think I\'ll let a single piece of your flesh stay in this world! I\'ll f*cking kill you all!!!]

[ ! ]

Zwei-san\'s expression was as fierce as that of a Demon that crawled out of hell.

S- She\'s completely pissed off!

It\'s literally as if she\'s boiling with rage…… As Zwei-san, who was clad in a rage that made the atmosphere tremble, was about to lunge at the pale-looking War King\'s subordinate and Phantasmal King\'s subordinate, Ein-san appeared before Zwei-san\'s eyes.

[Calm yourself, Zwei.]

[Get lost, Ein! They dare do this…… to my supreme body, bestowed upon me by Kuromu-sama! To this ultimate body where I won\'t let even the slightest trace of dirt to sully! But these trash!!!]

[……I know that you are proud of the body that Kuromu-sama made for you, and that\'s why you always wear gloves to keep your body clean.

But if you go out of control, you\'ll turn this area into scorched earth…… and Kuromu-sama won\'t want that, don\'t you think]

[Kuhhh…… Y- You\'re telling me to suppress this This anger that scorches me from within……]

Reacting to the part about Kuro, not wanting her to do such an act, Zwei-san bit her lips and glared at the two quarreling people with bloodshot eyes.

[You need to be patient…… Also, you\'ll scare away Kaito-sama if you continue.]

[Wha! Aaahh……]

When Zwei-san heard Ein-san\'s words, she turned towards me with a shocked expression on her face…… but on the contrary, I became confused.

No, it\'s not that that I felt nervous or frightened when she turned towards me.

I\'m also not going to be frightened or drawn back from Zwei-san\'s anger, because each person has something important for them.

What I was feeling confused about…… was the emotions coming from Zwei-san.

Zwei-san had been suppressing her magic power from earlier, so I couldn\'t read her emotions with my Sympathy Magic.

But now, as if her control towards her magic power was disturbed by her anger, I could feel Zwei-san\'s emotions.

From Zwei-san, who was looking at me with a troubled expression on her face, I could feel embarrassment, impatience…… and an overwhelming amount of affection.

Eh What does this mean

Dear Mom, Dad————– To be honest, I thought that Zwei-san hated me.

That\'s why, feeling Zwei-san\'s overflowing affection————- I was completely confused.

Serious-senpai : [Wait! Ein-san arrived too fast! The story advanced too fast! Can\'t we just let the battle start and give some serious development a chance!!!]

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