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It\'s our second day in Hawaii.

Kuro is currently leading me to the place she wanted to visit…… the main destination of our visit to Hawaii.

Our destination is Ko Olina Resort, about 40 minutes by cab from Waikiki, a few distance away from the popular tourist area.

The place we\'re going to is a place regarded as sacred by the locals, a seaside church…… called Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel.

……We\'re really going to this place huh.

This church was on a page in the tourist guidebook that Kuro was looking at…… featured in a page talking about weddings in Hawaii.

Of course, there were other churches listed on the same page, but since Kuro wanted to get a hotel in Waikiki, and we were planning to go to this place the next day, not the day we arrived…… Besides, based on Kuro\'s preferences, I knew she would probably want to go here.

In a way, it\'s natural that Kuro would be interested in a Hawaiian wedding church.

In the other world, Kuro and I were in the middle of preparation for our wedding on the 30th of the Heaven month.

It\'s been quite a while since I proposed to Kuro, and we\'re both eagerly waiting for that day to come.

At any rate, Kuro is one of the Six Kings, the pinnacle of the Demon Realm, so our wedding would naturally be on a large scale.

The Six Kings of the Demon Realm, the three rulers of the Human Realm, the Supreme Gods of the Divine Realm, and the world\'s God, Shiro-san, were also supposed to attend, so it took a very long time to prepare.

The number of attendees alone was quite large, but Ein-san and Zwei-san were so enthusiastic about it that they even built a new ceremony hall for it.

Due to various factors, it had taken two years from my proposal to the wedding.

So, it was inevitable that Kuro would be interested in the wedding ceremony of my former world.

The format of wedding ceremonies is also different between my former world and that world, due to cultural differences.

Of course there are some similarities, but there are also differences in various aspects, such as the lack of exchange of wedding rings.

[Look, look, Kaito-kun.

Look at this place, it\'s so beautiful.]

[Yeah, churches by the sea have a really nice atmosphere, don\'t they The sea is beautiful and the wedding is nice…… Shall we go inside the church for a while]


Walking into the church hand in hand with the excited Kuro, I felt a smile rise on my lips seeing the happy smile on her face.

The light coming through the stained glass windows matches the chapel, which is built so that you can see the scenery, giving it a mysterious beauty.

[……Arehh There\'s no one here.]

[Unnn…… That\'s right.]


It was a sudden request, but it seems like she granted it.

I\'ll have to thank Amaterasu-san again next time.

After smiling at Kuro\'s curious expression, as if she guessed that I\'m up to something, I pulled out something from my magic box.

[Here, Kuro.

A present.]

[……Eh T- This is……]

[Yes, a wedding dress.]

[W- Why……]

Kuro seemed to have been completely caught off guard, staring at me with her eyes opened wide.

[I actually knew Kuro would want to come here.

So I secretly asked Amaterasu-san for this wedding dress and to rent out this church for a little while.]

[Ehh I- Is that so]


Well, you see, the official wedding is still days away, but as a little rehearsal…… Why don\'t you wear this and walk to the altar together with me]

[……Kaito-kun…… Unnn, thanks.]

I handed the wedding dress to Kuro, who nodded, her eyes slightly moistening as if she was overcome with emotions.

I had also prepared a white tuxedo for me to wear, so we each changed in a separate room before meeting up at the church\'s door.

Since it\'s a wedding rehearsal between Kuro and I, and since Kuro doesn\'t have a father, we decided to walk down the aisle side by side.

The wedding dress, having the base of white and silver with gold embroidery in some places, was designed to match Kuro\'s hair and eyes, and it looks great on her.

[……Kuro, it looks good on you.

You look beautiful.]

[T- Thanks…… Ahaha, this somehow feels embarrassing.]

Well, even though I call this a wedding rehearsal, there\'s only so much we can do alone.

I mean, the ring exchange was the main thing for things like this, right

There actually isn\'t a concept of exchange of rings at weddings in that world.

Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact that they\'re practicing polygamy there, but what is common there is for the bride and the groom to make a crystal that is a mixture of the couple\'s magic powers.

Well, in a world where high-ranking nobles have married 20 or even 30 people, they certainly wouldn\'t be able to wear their wedding rings.

So, I\'m planning to have my wedding with Kuro in the style of that world.

But well, ummm…… How should I say this…… a ring…… I have one prepared in my magic box.

Well, I mean, I didn\'t know what the wedding ceremony was like in that world until I decided to propose marriage to Kuro, so I ended up preparing a ring based on the common sense of my previous world.

I later learned that it wasn\'t common at all to give rings in marriage, so the ring was just kept in my magic box.

However, since I could have a wedding with Kuro in the style of the world I lived in, even if it was just a rehearsal, I boldly proposed exchanging rings to her.

Kuro happily agreed to it, and thus, we are now going to exchange rings.



[Errr…… Fuuu…… I, the groom Miyama Kaito…… take thee, Kuromueina, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, to love and to honor, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish for as long as she lives.]

Removing the veil from Kuro\'s face, I looked Kuro in her eyes as I made my own vow, rather than being asked by a priest.

Thereupon, Kuro spoke, her cheeks slightly blushing red, with a happy smile on her face.

[I, the bride Kuromueina…… take thee, Miyama Kaito, to be my wedded husband, , to have and to hold, from this day forward, to love and to honor, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish for as long as he lives.]

After exchanging the vows of our love for each other, we took each other\'s hands and placed a wedding ring on our left ring finger.

We then brought our faces close to each other and sealed our love with a kiss.

The first time I met her, I felt like she was a mysterious being…… The second time I met her, she told me that she was going to show me the world…… saving me who was stuck within my own shell.

She was the catalyst as to why I experienced encountering various people, challenging various things.

We have laughed together, supported each other when we were tired, enjoyed the same things together, and helped each other at the times we needed.

Even when our bonds turned into love, there is respect for each other, comforting and consoling each other, supporting and being supported, helping each other out…… walking by each other\'s side.

My story, which was once closed because of my parents, has begun again thanks to her, and will continue in the future…… together with her loving presence……

: [Come one, come all! Today\'s the day everyone has been waiting for! Today\'s product is this ! It\'s easy to use.

Just one press of the button and it would automatically and repeatedly say Kaito, Go Explode!]

Serious-senpai : [Ohh! What a wonderful product! ……It\'s probably expensive, right]

: [No, no, if you purchase it now, you can buy it for a special price of 8080 yen!]

(T/N: 8 = Hachi, 0 = Zero, Explode = Hazero.

The price is also shouting Hazero, Hazero)

Serious-senpai : [W- What a bargain! I guess I don\'t have any choice but to buy this!!!]

: [In addition, if you buy it now, we can add the , just for the sweet, sweet price of free!]

Serious-senpai : [That\'s ama…… Eh What\'s with the Explosive What the heck\'s with that ™!]

: [This item is limited to 100 units, so hurry up if you want one for yourself!]

Serious-senpai : [……Hey, wait a moment, in the end…… doesn\'t that look like I\'m also going to explode…… It\'s supposed to be Kaito, Go Explode, isn\'t it Why the heck does it look like I\'m the one going to explode!]

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