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The reward from Shiro-san, Life-sans Informal Blessing, went off without a hitch.

As for the question that had been popping into my head, I couldnt seem to find an answer, so I just pushed it to the corner of my mind and decided to greet Kuro and the others.

Incidentally, with Life-sans blessing, some of the people in the party venue have become insanely young.

There were even some people like Ryze-san who have changed their appearance to look as if they could claim to be teenagers.

Incidentally, Life-sans blessing…… it had no effect on me.

Since I have the Blessing of a higher-ranking God, the Blessing of a lower-ranking God will be rejected.

Well, to begin with, Im only 21.

Im not that old that I would want to look young again, and apparently, Shiro-sans blessing makes me immortal, so even if Life-sans blessing didnt work, I dont think there would be a problem.

Thinking about this, I approached the place where the Six Kings were.

Thereupon, Isis-san, who was the first to notice my approach, brightened up and standing up from her chair, she came towards me.

Unnn, each of her gestures really is cute…… I knew it, isnt she actually an angel

[……Kaito! ……Good evening.]

[Good evening, Isis-san.

Good work in organizing the Six Kings Festival.]

[……Unnn…… I did my best…… Did Kaito…… have fun]

[Yes, I had lots of fun.]

[……If Kaito had fun…… then Im…… glad.]

Isis-san, who bashfully smiled as she said this, bluntly speaking, was an angel.

Who the heck named such a lovely person a dangerous-sounding name like Death King

I knew that she had her magic power of death, but I think that dangerous name is also a factor why Isis-san was being avoided.

Whoever gave her that name totally has ill intents to it…… If I find out who that is, as her lover, I will give that person a hit or two……

[Ouch! W- Why did you suddenly hit me!]

She is here, the culprit…… she was surprisingly close.

[……Its just that I felt your ill intent, I guess]

[Eh Did it leak out No, well, its true that as the “Mysterious Transcendental Beauty”, I may have some ill intents in doing that but…… N- No, its a misunderstanding! Its not like I planned to “sell Kaito-san merch because I thought it would be a good way to make money” or any———– Migyaaaahhhh!]

[You…… Do you know what Personality Rights is]

[Me otherworldian dont understand———- Youch!]

Shes still fooling around as usual.

Id like it if she learns from the nearby Isis-san who had an adorable expression on her face, as if to say “Id love to have those Kaito merch, but Ill put up with it if Kaito doesnt like it”.

As I was throwing tsukkomi at Alice as usual, Kuro came up to me with a bright smile on her face.

[Kaito-kun! How was it Did you have fun at the festival]

[Eh Y- Yeah, I had a great time every day.]

[I see~~ That means all the hard work and preparation are worth it…… So, Kaito-kun, “which festival did you enjoy the most”]


When Kuro said those words with a big smile on her face, I felt as if the air around me froze.

W- What a frightening person…… With an angelic smile on her face, she just threw an atomic bomb at me!

[……Well, I felt that all the festivals were great…… but if you compared them to my festival, which used a lot of state-of-the-art technology, my festival is a little better.]

Alice takes the lead in the terrifying battle with her nonchalant tone.

“New doesnt necessarily always mean better, right I dont think that tranquility needs one to be flashy.”

I dont know when she appeared, but Lillywood-san suddenly said with a gentle smile.

[No, festivals are all about competitions! Its only when you overcome difficulties that you can have true fun!]

Megiddo-san joins in the ruckus as if its a matter of course.

“Your festival is too uncivilized.

When it comes to entertaining the participants, my festival, with its wide variety of components in it, is the best……”

I thought he wouldnt participate in something like this, but Magnawell-san also joined in quite aggressively.

[Fufufu, Kaito-kun doesnt like anything too fancy.

He prefers a simple festival like the one I organized.]

Kuro proclaimed with a confident smile on her face.

However, unnn…… Your festival wasnt simple at all! It was a baby castella festival, you know!

I was sweating bullets as I searched for an answer I could give to Kuro and the others, who were getting more and more heated in their arguments.

No matter how I answer, I would end up being pushed to a corner…… What should I do

Ahh, thats right! Theres also the seventh day! Thats the culmination of the six previous festivals, so I can conclude that all of them were fun if I answer that……

[The day Kaito-san enjoyed the most would be the seventh day together with me.

Thats what I concluded.]

What the heck are you doing here, Gods Top!!! Youve just ruined my safe choice of the seventh day, you know! D- D*mn it, what should I do…… wait, arehh Come to think of it, I think Isis-san was the only one who hasnt participated in this matter……

Glancing at Isis-san with that thought in mind, Isis-san spoke with a smile on her face.

[……I think that…… all of the festivals were fun…… I cant choose…… which one is the best…… I think that everyone…… is amazing…… Thats why…… if Kaito said that all of it was fun…… I would be happy.]

Looking at Isis-san, who seemed to really genuinely think that everyones festivals were awesome, without hesitation in her smile, Kuro and the others looked embarrassed.

[……T- Thats right.

Its no use saying which one is the best.]

“I agree.

I think it would be wrong to compare them.”

“U- Umu.

Thats right.

All of them have differences and all of them were great.

There is no need to compare them.”

[Yeah, I certainly couldnt make a festival like the ones the others make……]

[……That took me by surprise.

I really cant match Isis-san.]

As expected of Isis-san, her pureness and angelic nature is unrivaled.

The atmosphere that had been tense dissipated.

If I had made the wrong answer, I would have started a fight, but thanks to Isis-san, the situation was settled……

[Nevertheless, the seventh day with me is sti———— Oya]

[Im begging you, please read the mood.]

The only one who does not understand the situation at all is the airheaded goddess, who was about to say something unnecessary, so I hurriedly covered her mouth with my hand.

Dear Mom, Dad————- I think its really wonderful to be able to genuinely think that others are awesome.

It was thanks to Isis-san, who can do that as a matter of course, that the end of the Six King Festival————— was settled down to a great conclusion.

: [As expected of the Number 1 in the Popularity Poll, she was on a different level.]

Serious-senpai : [……I think its alright to say that shes the main heroine now, dont you think]

: [Ahh, wait!]

Serious-senpai : [……Eh]

Under King : [……………….]

Serious-senpai : [Ahh…… No, I- I was just kidding…… Stop…… Put down that fist……]


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