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Giving Isis-san a brief tour around the mansion, but it was just as I thought, everyone is frightened by the magic power of death that Isis-san was clad in, and it seems that it would be difficult for us to talk in rooms with many people in it like the dining room.

Lilia-san is still unconscious, so I left her under Lunamaria-san and Chronois-sans care, and after asking to only bring us a cup of tea, I brought Isis-san into my room.

Honestly, thats the choice I made after thinking that it would be easier for Isis-san as well, as there are no other eyes on her.

It may look like there would be problems in a situation where a woman is alone in a mans room if you were just reading it from this novel…… And even if the words “All men are wolves” states that Im a wolf, Isis-san would be something like a dinosaur or a dragon, so there wouldnt be any problems at all.

By the way, my room…… this room that Lilia-san lent me is honestly too large for one person, and this is just a guess, but I think that this room is prepared for important guests.

The room is so large that youd think it was a hotel suite, and although its just an estimate, I think it would be more than 15 tatami mats.

Theres a large bed, high-class furniture, and even a sofa and table for guests.

As soon as I offered the guest sofa to Isis-san, who was looking around the room with great interest as soon as she entered the room, Lunamaria-san immediately brought us tea and cookies.

As expected, even Lunamaria-san would tremble when shes close to Isis-san, so fearing that she would accidentally drop her tea, I received it at the entrance of the room and brought it to the table myself.

[Here, Isis-san.]

[……Thanks…… Thank you for the meal.]

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With a small smile on her face as she sat down across from me, Isis-san received the tea and sipped some, and then brought a cookie into her mouth.

Those cookies look like theyre bite-sized enough to me, but Isis-san still broke that cookie in two and ate each piece with a small mouthful.

Isis-san, who has the appearance of a fleeting beauty, smiling as she eats a cookie with her small mouth, looks as adorable as a small animal, making all the people who see her have smiles on their faces.


[Im glad that you like it.

Though I said that, its not like Im the one who made those cookies……]

[……No…… If Im together with Kaito…… anything I eat…… tastes great.]

[Ah, errr, thank you very much.]

How should I say this, Isis-san is unlike the other people Ive been around with before.

She holds tremendous power, but shes ladylike and somehow looks fragile…… If I were to compare her to something, she would be like a snowflake, a beauty holding unto a delicate loveliness, and how should I say this… Its like she really emanates femininity.

And Im feeling strangely embarrassed by the fact that Isis-san is turning her unconcealed favorable emotions towards me.

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As Isis-san was looking at me who was in that kind of situation with a really happy smile on her face, as if shes curious, her gaze began to move around my room.

[……Kaitos room…… looks beautiful.]

[I tried to make it as clean as when I borrowed it.

I think the only thing I brought into this room myself was books.]

[……Does Kaito…… like books]

[Yeah, I used to read a lot of novels and stuff like that back in my world.]

Well, most of them were light novels though…… but I dont think it would be an exaggeration to call myself a book lover.

When Isis-san hears my words, she seems to have a happier expression than she did before.

[……I also…… read…… lots of books.]

[Really I guess we have that in common.]

[……Unnn…… Having something in common with Kaito…… makes me happy.]

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[Ahaha, in that case, Isis-san has lots of books back in your home]

[……If I remember correctly…… I think I have about…… 10 million books.]

That was a lot more than I had expected though! Thats almost like…… No, her home had completely turned into a library……

Anyway, Isis-san seems to like books, and perhaps, because shes happy to have found a common hobby with me, but her voice sounds more enthusiastic than before.

[Thats amazing…… Isis-san must really like books.]

[……I like…… Kaito more.]

[Ah, errr, thank you very much.

T- Thats right! I dont know much about books in this world, so if you can tell me about any books you find interesting, that would be great.]

Her pure favorability punched straight towards me.

I dont know if its because of happiness or embarrassment…… but my hearts strangely beating fast.

[……Unnn…… What books…… does Kaito like]


I like books that were based on legends.

I guess something like adventure stories Thats what Ive been reading recently.]

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While answering Isis-sans question, I brought out the book I bought a few days ago and just finished yesterday…… A book thats telling the story about the adventures of the First Hero.

It was recommended to me by Kuro, so I bought it, and it was quite interesting.

It is based on historical facts, but since theres magic in this world, it kinda looks like a fantasy novel and I was so engrossed in the story that I finished it quickly.

[……Ive also…… read that book before…… It was interesting.]

[Yeah, it was quite an exciting book, a true adventure story.

It was apparently based on a true story, so that means it really happened, right]

[……Unnn…… That book is…… quite faithful to history…… but…… some things are different.]

[Is that so]

The book tells the story of the First Heros subjugation of the Demon King, and if they were to exactly base it on history, it would essentially turn into an adventure story that wont be written in just a single book.

However, the story up to the defeat of the Demon King was written in considerable detail, but after that, the story of how the Treaty of Friendship between the three realms was just summarized.

Probably because this is a book written in the Human Realm, or perhaps, because of the effects of the Information Concealment Magic, there arent many details about the Six Kings.

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Since Isis-san is one of the Six Kings who knew what happened around those days, she probably knows which part of the book was embellished.

Its like hearing the hidden truth behind a story, and its making me a bit excited.

[……It was written in the book…… that she had returned to her previous world…..

but…… she actually didnt return…… and stayed…… together with Kuromueina.]

[S- Speaking of which, Kuro also said something like that.

She said that Ive already met her……]

[……She is now…… calling herself…… “Neun”.]


I feel like something earth-shattering and extremely important has just been revealed.

I mean, eh That is to say, is that really what I think it is Neun-san…… is the First Hero

I see.

Now that she mentioned it, indeed…… If I were to also base it on what Kuro said about how I already met her, the only ex-otherworlder Ive met since I came to this world is Neun-san.

[Ummm, that sounds really important……]

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[……Hikari…… said that…… dont tell the others.]

[Errr, and its fine for me to know about this]

[……Unnn…… rather than Hikari…… I like Kaito more…… thats why…… its alright.]

I have no idea whats alright with that, but I guess, from Isis-sans point of view, it doesnt seem to be a problem for her even if she tells me the identity of the First Hero.

Well, I might also lead to this answer if I just thoroughly think about what Kuro had said, so as long as I dont go around telling people about it, I guess it should be okay, right

Yeah, even Neun-san might also have Information Concealment Magic around her anyway.

I may have found this out because Ive spoken to Neun-san myself or because one of the Six Kings is telling me about it, but she may have done appropriate measures so that other people aside from me wont hear it.

How should I say this… I feel like Ive found out an extraordinary secret, but well, it should be alright since Isis-san seems to be having fun, right

Dear Mom, Dad—– Isis-san seems to like book.

Also, I found out something new—– It seems that Neun-san was a hero.


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I feel like the Death King has such a high level of Heroine Power that it seems like shes leaving behind more than half of the women that have appeared in Kaitos life.


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