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The 22nd day of the second Fire month.

Im currently in a place I had once visited before…..

the royal capital of Hydra Kingdom.

My purpose was to have a date with Fate-san.

The reason why our date spot is at the royal capital of Hydra Kingdom is simply because Fate-san requested it.

This town is also a memorable place for me since I had a date with Fate-san in this place before.

At that time, it was refreshing to see a side different from how Fate-san usually acts, and somehow, our date turned out to be fun.

However, unnn…… I know its rude of me to say this, but I never imagined that Fate-san would fall in love with me…… or an emotion close to that.

After all, in the past, the favorable emotions Fate-san directed towards me was filled with her own self-interest, and even the person herself had admitted this.

Im sure she liked me, but it probably wasnt the love one has towards the opposite gender.

It was more like she found me as interesting as a new toy.

However, I wonder when did it start Even though Fate-san and I didnt notice it, both of our feelings for each other were changing little by little.

For example, the line “feed me” that Fate-san often says.

When we first got acquainted, these words were filled with her desire to be supported by me and live a depraved NEET life.

However, Fate-san has recently been saying that line as if it was just a joke.

Not caring if I had rejected it, she was having fun just by having that kind of exchange with me…… An atmosphere like that……

There are also changes in other areas as well.

Before, when she came to visit me, she would resist like a child when Chronois-san comes to pick her up.

So much that she would cling to my legs or even use me as a shield……

But lately, when Chronois-san comes, she would just say “Arya Youve come already huh.

Do you really have to be in a hurry, God of Time and Space, before obediently following her back to the God Realm.

Putting aside whether shes working or not after that, shes not causing me any trouble anymore.

Thinking back on it, I can think of the changes that happened to Fate-san.

Thats also the same case for me,

To be honest, I was a little uncomfortable with Fate-san when I first got to know her.

Although I couldnt say that she was acting like a starving predator, she tried to make things happen whenever she could and was straightforwardly pushing her own desires, making it difficult for me to relax.

However, recently…… I dont feel that way to her anymore.

For better or for worse, Fate-san is still honest to her own desires, but in a sense, that would also mean she doesnt have a side that she was hiding to me, so Ive come to feel at ease talking to her.

Shes older than me by many years, but shes like a troublesome little sister…… I had come to enjoy being together with such a Fate-san.

At least, I enjoy it to the point where I feel lonely if I havent seen her for a while……

[……K- Kai-chan…… Sorry for waiting.]

[Ahh, no, good after…… noon…… Fate…… -san]

As I was thinking about this, I heard Fate-sans voice come from behind me.

As if guided by that voice, I turned around————- and was lost for words.

The person behind me definitely was Fate-san,, but her appearance was drastically different from usual.

I was indeed stunned by the white dress with some lightly-colored flowers on it but…… I was even more surprised that her hair, which she usually wears in twin tails, had been untied and her straight hair was neatly loosened behind her.

Eh No way Seriously…… Fate-san can actually transform into such a neat and beautiful girl just by changing her clothes and hairstyle!

N- No, she was a beautiful girl to begin with, but the mood around her right now was completely different.

She didnt have her usual lackadaisical look, and in fact, she was shyly blushing red, making her look so pretty that I was entranced by her.

[……Errr, w- what do you think Do I look strange]

[N- No, it really looks great on you.

I mean, how should I say this…… The atmosphere around you was very different from usual, so I was just surprised.]

[A- Ahaha…… I actually asked some advice from Shall-tan about how to dress up…… and I tried it out today.

I- Its a date after all…… right]

Hey, whats with that shy smile…… Fate-san looks really cute.

S- Somehow, perhaps because I know how Fate-san normally looks like, seeing the gap between the usual her and current her makes me nervous.

I- I see, this must be that so-called gap moe huh…… I now fully understand the meaning of those words.

[Ummm, errr, y- you look very beautiful.]

[T- Thanks…… T- This kind of feels embarrassing.]

[Ahh, I- Im sorry.

I havent paid close attention and went with my usual outfit……]


Its just like Kai-chan, so I, ummm…… like it.]

[……Thank you.]

[……U- Unnn.]

Arehhhh! What the heck is with this atmosphere, Im feeling incredibly nervous, you know! T- This is strange This should have been my second date with Fate-san already.

However, why the heck does it feel like were high schoolers going on our first date

After thinking about this for a while, it suddenly occurred to me.

The big difference between my dates with my other lovers and todays date…… Its the lack of composure of my date partner.

All of my lovers were older than me.

Its just a guess, but I think they may be a reason why I feel a certain calmness, even on our first dates.

Even the shy Lilia-san was a little more relaxed on our first date after we became lovers.

On the other hand though, Fate-san is at a stage where she is confused about her love, and I can even feel trepidation at the prospects of dating while holding unknown emotions.

Thats why she looks a little anxious and sometimes stutters her words.

Thats why, I should be the one leading this date but…… I was also confused by the difference in atmosphere between her and the usual Fate-san that I couldnt calm myself down.

As a result, the nervousness between us caused further nervousness, creating an incredibly bittersweet atmosphere.

Dear Mom, Dad————– The date between Fate-san and I began with an atmosphere that feels like this is our first time dating, exchanging a few words while wondering what to do next.

However, unnn, its just a feeling but————– I think todays date is going to be more frantic than I imagined.

Serious-senpai : [G- Gununu…… Shes showing an unexpected heroine power……]

: [Arehh Serious-senpai, you know that the sweetness isnt just that, right]

Serious-senpai : [I dont want that bittersweet nonsense eitheeeeeeer!]

T/N: I wont be around tomorrow, so Ill posting tomorrow chapter today.



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