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The place Fate-san brought me was her temple, a place I had visited several times before.

Ive never really taken the time to look around her temple, but the large room, with its beautifully decorated pillars, had a sacred atmosphere to it.

[……Errr, Fate-san Why are we here]

[For the atmosphere, I guess I thought that, as expected, if were going to do “that”, this would be a good place for it.]

[“That”…… what do you mean]

[Errr, well, it doesnt really mean anything but…… I have a present for Kai-chan.]

[A present]

When I tilted my head at Fate-sans words, she slightly smiled, and letting go of my arm, I walked to the far end of her temple…… to an area where there is something that looks like an altar.

She then looked at me straight in the eye from a higher vantage point, smiled and spoke.

[By my name———– By the name of Fate———– I tell the revolving fate.]

[ ! ]

A voice full of dignity echoed in the hall…… containing words that I think Ive heard twice before.

Could this be……

[That this person———– Miyama Kaito———– is one I acknowledge worthy of my blessing.]

The first time I heard it was when I met Shiro-san, and the second time was at a party at the royal castle I attended with Lilia-san.

They were words that held very important meaning for the Gods.

[Therefore———– By my name———– By the name of Fate———– I command the fate.]

Fate-sans appearance as she announced this, releasing a huge amount of magic power, combined with the atmosphere of the temple, looks very divine.

However, her expression was filled with tenderness that seemed to envelop me.

[Oh, Revolving Fate———– Become the guiding wind and push his back forward———– Lead him to a blessed future———– By my name———– By the name of Fate———–]

Up to this point, it was the same as what Chronois-san had said to Lilia-san.

However, Fate-san paused for a moment, before she continued with a dazzling smile on her face.

[———–I command———– That this ones name———– That the name of Miyama Kaito———–As “my beloved”———– To be inscribed in fate———– in conjunction with my name.]

With those words, dazzling lights began dancing around my body and started gathering together.

[It doesnt have much use for Kai-chan, who has received Shallow Vernal-samas blessing…… But even if thats so, I want you to accept it.

To Kai-chan, who accepted my feelings and this contradictory heart of mine in its entirety———– Filled with my overflowing love———– I wish for a blessed future for Kai-chan———– And thus, I give it to the one and only you———– The blessing of fate.]

The converging light was then absorbed into my body and I felt warmth fill my heart.

I see, this really is the best present I could have gotten.

As I was so happy with Fate-sans feelings that I was lost for words…… Fate-san got off the altar and walked towards me, and with her blushing face turned down, she hugged my arm again.

[……Ahh, this is insanely embarrassing……]

[Errr, ummm, Fate-san.

Thank you.

It makes me feel very happy.]

[U- Unnn.

I- If youre happy about it…… Im happy too.

T- Then, how about…… we continue our date]


Dear Mom, Dad—————- Even though the person herself said that it doesnt have much use for me, who has Shiro-sans blessing, I dont think thats true.

At the very least, the warm and happy feeling that fills my heart now————- I think its thanks to Fate-sans present, her blessing.

———–Hey, the guy over there.

Yes, if I remember correctly, my story with Kai-chan started with those words.

What were the feelings I had for Kai-chan at that time again I think it was “He seems easy to handle” or something horrible like that.

Its strange, isnt it Im the God who governs fate…… A being who should be able to see the future, but I didnt even know a single thing regarding my own future.

No, I think I could have at least seen my future if I wanted to.

However, the me at that time…… doesnt hold any interest in my own future.

Only holding the thought that it would be nice if I could just relax and take it easy, I never thought of any concrete plan.

I didnt have any aspirations for the future.

For the time being, if I can just take things easy, thats good enough for me…… I was such a being.

That must be why, I guess.

When I became aware of my love for Kai-chan…… It was agonizing for me.

This self-indulging, irresponsible and selfish me, dares to fall in love with Kai-chan, holding such a thought made me feel like an inexcusable jerk.

I knew from the beginning that I was in love with Kai-chan.

But the more I loved Kai-chan, the more I hated myself.

However…… I gave up.

Kai-chan still accepted my feelings.

Kai-chan affirmed that it was okay that he couldnt be my first priority.

It was the first time since I was born that I felt that happy.


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