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At one point in the battle between the God Realm and the Human-Demon Allied Forces is raging…… the battle was beginning to head towards a stalemate.

Considering the pure power difference, it would have been difficult for this battle to reach a stalemate.

This is because, although they have been fighting well here and there, the God Realm side is still far superior in terms of strength.

However, through the effort of the Six Kings and their executives, as well as the reluctance of the God Realm to initiate in fighting, putting emphasis on stalling for time, have come together to gradually bring about a stalemate.

The one who benefits from a stalemate in the war though is the God Realm.

The Gods\' purpose has always been to buy time so that they won\'t interfere with Shallow Vernal.

Therefore, some of the strongest members of the Human-Demon Allied Forces, who had begun to notice the flow of the war, began moving to somehow break past the flow and bring it to their side.

And taking the lead to change the flow of the battle, wearing a long white  headband on her forehead and a sword in hand was the First Hero…… Neun.

Only a few people knew that she was still alive, so the First Hero\'s appearance, without her helmet, shook quite a few people in both the Gods and the Human-Demon Allied Forces\' side.

That\'s how significant of a being she is to the people of this world.

Not missing their reaction…… Neun ran towards the place where the high-ranking Gods gathered.

Simply speaking, her strength is only around mid-tier Count-ranks…… and in a battle like this, although she may not slow others down, her strength isn\'t sufficient enough to be counted as a war potential.

However, this isn\'t the first time that a situation like this happened.

She…… Kujou Hikari has never been the strongest.

She isn\'t stronger than anyone else, nor is she smarter than anyone else.


[One-sword flash…… Cherry Blossom!]

There was something different about the way she wielded her blade with her eyes filled with strong determination.

Of course, it was currently not possible for her to match the physical abilities of a high-ranking God, as the blade she brandished was blocked and she was struck with a counterattack.

However…… she didn\'t fall.

No matter how many times she was attacked and no matter how many times her attack was blocked, she kicked the ground again and headed towards the Gods.

With each of her failures, little by little, her blade became keener…… and after several attacks, she finally made a faint cut on the cheek of one of the high-ranking Gods.

It was a wound that couldn\'t even be counted as a damage.

But for some reason, the high-ranking God looked slightly flustered as she swung her sword towards Neun.

[Like I\'d let you!]

However, her sword was blocked by Laguna, who intervened with her large spear.

[Don\'t think we\'d let you take down our general so easily! Fors!]

[I know.]

Following Laguna\'s words, Fors activates her magic and restrains the high-ranking God.

Strangely enough though, both Laguna and Fors are more powerful than they usually are, and they succeeded in defeating the high-ranking God.

[Hahaha! This really feels great.

It\'s really the best fighting with you, Hikari!]

[Will-power isn\'t really a word fit for a researcher such as me…… but indeed, well, it isn\'t that bad.]

It wasn\'t just the two of them.

It was clear that the Human-Demon Allied Forces were beginning to gain momentum.

The flow of the battle, which had been on the verge of a stalemate, began to move as if it had come to life again.

Repeating once again, she…… Kujou Hikari wasn\'t called the Hero because she was strongest.

In terms of combat power, there are many who can surpass her.

However, the way she takes on challenges…… gives courage to those who follow her.

Her unbreakable back gives people the strength to never give up.

On the path she trodden upon…… many people gathered.

As her small, yet extremely great back was burned into their eyes, they roused themselves and with blades in hand, they fought together.

She gives courage to those who follow, energy to those who fight with her, and hope to those who see her.

That is why, yes, that is the reason why…… Even though she isn\'t a King or a God————- but a Hero, she\'s the only person in the world who is extolled even up to this day.

Glancing sideways at the Allied Forces that were gaining momentum thanks to Neun, Vier, who had once fought her as the Demon King, slightly smiled.

[……Hikari really is amazing, isn\'t she……]

[Yes, we can\'t afford to lose to her now, right]

Agreeing with Vier\'s words, Ein glared towards Chronois in front of her.

With the assistance of her three family members, they managed to fight with minimal risks.

However, if they didn\'t manage to defeat the Supreme Gods, which includes the woman in front of them, they would never achieve victory in this battle.

[……Good grief, that\'s seriously quite the feat.

Even against us who have been reinforced by Shallow Vernal-sama\'s power, you still managed to bring a good enough of a fight.

However, I won\'t let you do as you please any————– What!]

While giving words of praise to the Human-Demon Allied Forces, Chronois\' relaxed expression suddenly changed.

And it wasn\'t just Chronois, as Ein and her team\'s expression changed as well.

While the girls were facing each other, the thing that suddenly flew in and stopped while half destroying the floating island they were in……

[Impossible…… God of Fate!]

[……Guh…… Haahhh…… Haahhh……]

When she sees Fate on one knee, breathing hard, with glowing spheres of many colors around her body, Chronois looks disconcerted.

Her reaction isn\'t really that strange.

Fate is the strongest among the Supreme Gods…… That is to say, she should be the greatest asset of the Gods.

And yet, not much time has passed, but she clearly looked as if she suffered a great amount of damage.

That means…… There\'s someone who can overwhelm her who was supposed to be even more powerful than usual.

[Guhh…… Not yet……]

Not reacting to Chronois\' disconcerted voice, still sitting on one knee, Fate extended one of her hands forward.

And then, as she was attempting to invoke her authority……

[Like I said, you\'re way too slow!]


[God of Fate!]

In the next moment, she was punched away by Alice, who appeared in front of her.

[……Don\'t think you can catch up with me with that carefree fate manipulation of yours.]

Alice, who has just appeared, doesn\'t have any noticeable scars, and even her robe was almost spotless.

Seeing this proof that she really is overpowering Fate, Chronois immediately stopped time.

(This is unbelievable.

I really did assume that Phantasmal King would be the most troublesome.

However, my evaluation of her was still naive.

For her to be even more powerful than the current God of Fate…… I have to take care of her as soon as possible!)

With the time stopped, Chronois went behind the timestopped Alice and after her fist hit the back of Alice\'s head, her time stop was released.

The fist, which contains Chronois\' intent to kill, pierced the back of Alice\'s head, annihilating her.

[Wha…… I- It\'s a clone! This is b——— Gaaahhh!]

Realizing that Alice had somehow swapped with a clone too late, a sharp kick was slammed to Chronois\' side, sending her flying.

Bouncing on the ground a few times, making big craters on the floating island, Chronois regained her stance halfway and landed on both feet, holding onto her side where she was kicked.

(That\'s ridiculous, what the heck is with that power! For the current me to take this much damage……)

Strengthened by Shallow Vernal, Chronois has nearly ten times the magic power of her normal self.

Her physical power that comes with that magic power is overwhelming, and even if she were to be attacked by a trike that held enough power to wipe out all in this space, she wouldn\'t take much damage.

In fact, the current Chronois doesn\'t even suffer a scratch even when she is attacked by Ein, who is comparable to the Six Kings.

However, Alice managed to deal damage to such a Chronois with just a kick.

That means, Alice can easily penetrate the magic defense of the strengthened Chronois……

Shuddering upon realizing such a fact, the damage to her side disappeared as a green light fell on her.

[……God of Life huh, thank you.]

Life, who had been fighting elsewhere, seemed to have realized how dangerous Alice was, as she created a cavalry of over 10,000 soldiers to charge towards Alice while she healed Chronois and Fate.

She never expected that cavalry to be able to do any damage to Alice.

However, she\'s hoping that they buy them some time.

As if to ridicule Life\'s thoughts though, Alice\'s body blurred out and turned into two, and one of them changed forms.

[I\'m counting on you, Iris.]

[I know.

Widespread annihilation is my specialty after all…… Roaring Cages of the Underworld, Open! The Madness of Nightmares, Swallow all Creations———— Εφιάλτηςπύλη!]

(T/N: Nightmare Gate.)

When Iris, who had emerged from Alice\'s body, completed her magic, an ominous gate appeared in the center of the cavalry, sucking in the over ten thousand soldiers like a black hole.

Then, after confirming that the cavalry had been annihilated, Iris returned to Alice\'s body.

(……Combat power that overwhelms the God of Fate, ingenuity that surely outstrips ours, and an unlimited amount of cards in her hand…… She\'s too strong.

This is bad, if Phantasmal King can pin us down…… This would be really bad for our side.)

Alice\'s power overwhelmed the Supreme God, who was supposed to have been strengthened.

Shuddering at her power, Chronois pondered.

If all three Supreme Gods were to be suppressed by Alice, the Human-Demon Allied Forces would gain momentum, and if that happened, the tide of battle would completely turn towards their direction.

At this point, they must be prepared to sacrifice one of our Supreme Gods and do everything in her power to stop Alice alone.

Even the strengthened Supreme God wouldn\'t be able to stop Alice without using all of their strength.

This isn\'t something Life, the cornerstone of this battle, absolutely shouldn\'t do…… and it wasn\'t just Chronois who thought about this.



Fate, recovered by Life, lunges forward with a shout, and grabbing Alice\'s hand, she rapidly accelerates away.

Pulling Alice away, far from the center of the battle, she seemed to be planning to fight Alice one on one.

(……Sorry, God of Fate.

I would have to push this disadvantageous role to you.)

Fate\'s decision to take on Alice by herself was a welcome choice for Chronois.

If she were to speak honestly, she finds Fate\'s actions today as completely lackluster.

Even putting aside the fact that she was facing Alice, the strongest among the Human-Demon Allied Forces, she seemed to be somewhat unfocused on the fight.

Chronois doesn\'t know the reason why…… but as long as she had chosen to stand by Shallow Vernal\'s side, Chronois wouldn\'t outwardly criticize her for it.

But even so, she was slightly doubting Fate right now.

It\'s a cruel choice, but thinking that she can be revived later anyway…… Fate was the right sacrifice to suppress the Human-Demon Allied Forces\' strongest card.

Thousands of kilometers away from the floating island that was at the center of the battle, Fate and Alice engaged in battle once again.

The spheres floating around Fate unleashed numerous powerful attacks, but none of them managed to reach Alice.

(……Amazing, Shall-tan.

Before I knew it, you\'ve become this strong…… 20,000 years ago, I was barely on par with Shall-tan when she\'s using Ἑκατόγχειρες.

But now, I\'m being overwhelmed when she isn\'t even using it.

I can\'t catch up with her with my fate manipulation at all, and even when I did catch up with her, she would completely twist the law of causality.)

Yes, Alice currently has combat power that even her long-time friend Fate couldn\'t have imagined.

(Or rather, seriously, how did she get so strong I wonder how is it possible for Shall-tan, who originally was completely strong already, to grow so rapidly No, perhaps, did she not seriously fight 20,000 years ago)

Even as such questions popped up within her mind, there was something even more than that that Fate was questioning about.

(……No, rather than that…… Why is it that Shall-tan shake off my suicidal attack earlier No, before all that, why won\'t she use her Ἑκατόγχειρες If she\'s already overwhelming me like this, it should be easy for her to defeat me if she uses her Ἑκατόγχειρες……)

Yes, so far, Alice had not used her trump card, Ἑκατόγχειρες.

This shows her confidence that she can win without using it…… isn\'t the case at all.

In the first place, considering that Alice\'s goal is to save Kaito, she will not spare anyone nor show any mercy.

This is something that Fate, who has known her for a long time, understands.

If Alice is holding herself back, it means she has some reason why……

[……That\'s an ugly look on your face, Fate-san.]

[……Well, that wouldn\'t have happened if Shall-tan isn\'t beating me up.]

[That\'s not what I\'m talking about…… Good grief, you\'re still underestimating me, is what I\'m saying!]

[Eh Wha!]

Alice\'s speed increases even more.

She was currently moving at a speed that even the current Fate couldn\'t follow with her eyes……

[With such a tattered mind filled with indecision, there\'s no way you can ever beat me, is what I\'m talking about!]

[ ! ]

At Alice\'s words, Fate\'s eyes widened.

Yes, Fate was still wavering.

For she currently stands…… as an enemy of her beloved Kaito……

[……But…… I……]

[Boo hoo, cry me a river.

You used your position as an excuse and looked away from the consequences of your actions! And now, your mind is all uncertain…… How long are you going to pretend like you\'re some tragic heroine!]

[Uwaahhh…… Guuhhh……]

Blown away by Alice\'s fist, Fate\'s body pierced through several floating islands before stopping, buried under the ground.

She received significant damage, but it isn\'t that serious.

It\'s just something she can recover from instantly with her power.

But Fate…… couldn\'t move.

Even though the damage she received wasn\'t that serious, Alice\'s words brought Fate face to face with the fact that she had been looking away from.

(……Kai-chan…… Kai-chan…… Tell me, what am I supposed to do I don\'t want to lose you, Kai-chan.

But I can\'t betray Shallow Vernal-sama…… This…… hurts.)

With her face lowered down, a streak of something shiny ran down her cheek.

Serious-senpai : [Wait a moment, putting aside the Hero, aren\'t you too strong Why don\'t you just go defeat them all by yourself]

:  [No, it\'s not like I\'m the same person as the Transcendental Beauty Alice-chan, but of course, there\'s a reason why Alice was super enhanced in this battle!]

Serious-senpai : [There\'s a reason]

: [I guess it\'s more like an impetus In fact, when Alice-chan came to this world, she was at the limit of her growth and had already reached her maximum level, so her magic power and physical abilities weren\'t supposed to grow any further.]

Serious-senpai : [No, she got really strong though]

: [Yes, Alice-chan is now a being that can only grow under certain condition.

As for that certain condition…… If I had to give a hint, it would be that Alice-chan didn\'t take 20,000 years to get to her current level of strength, but that she grew rapidly over the course of a few dozen minutes during the past year.]

Serious-senpai : [……Ahh, I guess it\'s some kind of special ability or something huh.

What the heck is with that cheat ability……]


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