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A tag-team of Shiro-san and Alice…… Or rather, with Alice, who was very good at working in the shadows, supporting Shiro-san, I feel very uneasy.

However, despite my fears, nothing strange happened, as Shiro-san and I went around the amusement park as usual.



[……I’m a little thirsty.

Shiro-san, should we get something to drink]

[I understand.]



Feeling thirsty after visiting several attractions, we looked at the park map and moved to the area where the food court was located.

I wasn’t worried at all since Alice was in charge, but it seemed like all sorts of food stands were opened in the area.

When we arrived at one of the food stalls selling drinks, sales clerk Alice greeted us.



[Welcome~~ What would you like]



Hmmm…… She’s wearing a stuffed costume that’s kinda hard to explain.

It’s something pink that has a beak…… A flamingo, I guess

Wondering about such a thing, I looked at the drink menu…… and stiffened.



・ Couple Only – Lovey-Dovey Ripple Juice

・ Couple Only – Lovey-Dovey Orange Juice

・ Couple Only – Lovey-Dovey Mixed Juice

・ Couple Only – Lovey-Dovey Human Realm Juice

・ Couple Only – Lovey-Dovey Demon Realm Juice

・ **Shopkeeper’s Recommended** Couple Only – Lovey-Dovey God Realm Juice

・ Loners Only – Boiled Tap Water



Almost all of them are for couples only, aren’t they Also, I’ve been wondering about this for a long time already, but you have too much malice towards loners.

However, I see…… So this is her way of supporting her huh.

At this rate, all the menus in the food court would probably look like this.



[Kaito-san, which one would you like]

[……Errr…… Then, since it’s especially mentioned, I’d like to have the Shopkeeper’s recommended God Realm Juice.]



Well, I knew that I probably didn’t have a choice in this, so I gave up and made my order.

For the time being, let’s have the God Realm Juice, which was recommended by the shopkeeper.

Since it was made by Alice, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t taste bad, and since I couldn’t really tell what it tasted like from the name, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

However, when Alice heard my order, she tilted her head for some reason.



[What Do we have such a thing on the menu Please be precise with the product names.]



This freaking b*stard……



[Shopkeeper’s Recommended…… Couple Only…… Lovey-Dovey God Realm Juice……]


Understood! Ordering something like this, it seems like we have quite the passionate couple, eh]



What is this, I’m being forcefully made to choose this shame play……

The name of the product was just so embarrassing that I could feel my face blushing red, but that embarrassment was blown away when I saw the product that came out soon after.



[Sorry to keep you waiting~~]

[Whoa…… Amazing……]



The juice that was served in front of me was so amazing that it far exceeded my imagination.

In the transparent dome-shaped lid that I often see in those large coffee chains, there was a miniature God Realm inside.

The appearance simply looked amazing.

Also, I had already expected that we would get a straw where two people can drink together…… It wasn’t just in the shape of a simple heart, as it has a very complex and artistic shape.

On the bottom part of the drink, I don’t know how in the world this was possible, but it has “four layers”.



The bottom is a dark indigo, above it is green, above that is purple, and on top of it all is silver…… which I think represents Chronois-san, Life-san, Fate-san, and Shiro-san respectively.

I see, so this is why it’s called God Realm Juice huh…… It looks unquestionably beautiful, but how does it taste



[……Errr, Shiro-san.

How about we start drinking]




Opposite Shiro-san, I brought my face close to the straw…… Uuuu, this really brings my face close to Shiro-san’s face.

Looking at the face of Shiro-san, who was so overwhelmingly beautiful that it feels like she was “exquisite beauty” given form…… honestly makes me feel embarrassed.

Feeling my heart beating loudly, I prepared myself and putting my mouth on the straw, I drank the juice———— Whoa, this is tasty!



The taste of the juice was far beyond my imagination.

First of all, the bottom-most layer…… the indigo-colored juice tasted like Blue Hawaiian, but as if it permeated on my entire body…… It tasted so good that it was as if my body itself was craving for this juice.

The next layer, the green layer, was melon flavored, but the moment it came through the Blue Hawaiian layer, the two flavors mixed perfectly and spread in my mouth as another flavor that was neither Blue Hawaii nor melon.

The purple layer tasted like grapes, and the silver layer tasted like ramune, but they were all terribly delicious, and I found myself drinking the juice like crazy.

(T/N: Ramune, well, the original one, is a lemon-lime softdrink.

Kinda like sprite, but it has a ball in its container.)



It’s hard to describe, but it’s like my whole body feels the need to taste every bit of this juice, and before I knew it, I closed my eyes and only focused on the taste of the juice in my mouth.

The moment I vigorously finished drinking the juice…… I suddenly felt a different sensation.



If I had to describe it, I’d say it was “fleshy” or something like that It was as if something very soft and pleasant was on my lips……




[ ————-! ! ]



As if guided by that feeling, I opened my eyes…… and in an instant, all my thoughts were erased.

The moment I opened my eyes, beautiful golden eyes that seemed to suck me in were literally right in front of my eyes……



Eh What This situation…… What in the world happened! How is it that I’m “kissing” Shiro-san!



It was so shocking that the thought of leaving didn’t immediately cross my mind, so as I kept on kissing Shiro-san, I shifted my body a bit while my thoughts continued to spin.

No, I mean, as I was thinking that I was drinking a delicious juice…… before I knew it, the straw and the juice cup had disappeared and I was kissing Shiro-san.

This doesn’t make sense at all.



And the most intense of all was the feeling of Shiro-san’s lips on mine.

At the Six Kings Festival, I was caught off guard, so the feeling of our kiss at that time didn’t really enter my mind…… but Shiro-san’s lips were too good.

(T/N: I honestly don’t remember which chapter Kaito is talking about here.)

It’s not like a deep kiss or anything like that, it’s just a lip to lip kiss…… but I feel like I’m going to lose consciousness.

Shiro-san’s lips were so soft that it seemed to suck me in, and the feeling of her lips and the faint warmth of her body all felt supreme.

Kissing Shiro-san like this makes me think that God’s lips were as special as the person herself.



I mean, that may be the reason why the thought of leaving didn’t immediately cross my mind.

I wanted to forget about time and savor her lips forever.

The taste of Shiro-san’s lips was like heaven’s nectar, instantly erasing the taste of the incredibly delicious juice earlier.

But still, I managed to pull myself back to consciousness and tried to pull away from Shiro-san.



But of course, there was no way that I could anticipate the actions of Shiro-san, who could read my thoughts, as before I knew it, her hand was behind my head, completely blocking my escape route.

With the situation like this, I don’t have any choice but to give up.

No, perhaps, this may also be what I was hoping for.




My hands naturally went to her slender back, and gently hugging her body…… I continued kissing Shiro-san until she was satisfied.
















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