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If one asked me if I didn’t have a bad feeling about this, then I would have to say that this isn’t the case.

I’ve never played the Twister game before, but I know its general rules.

Originally, the game was played on a mat lined with colored circles, and one would have to touch the colors using either their right or left limbs designated by the roulette wheel.

If your knees or body touches the mat, you lose.



However, there was no roulette in the Twister game in this room, and Alice was reading out colors and the limbs that should touch it, at her own whims.

I think it should have been predictable at this point…… but now, I sincerely think of this…… Alice, I’ll remember this later.



“Well then, Kaito-san’s turn.

Right hand, red.”





Frankly speaking, the instructions were quite simple, and I can touch a red circle with my right hand without having to get into an uncomfortable position.

But don’t forget, the Twister game isn’t meant to be played alone……



If I were to explain my current situation in a nutshell…… it would be that “Shiro-san’s breasts were right before my eyes and nose”.

I don’t think this is something I should say again, but Shiro-san is a God…… Even if it’s tight positions which are obviously difficult for humans, something that should have been realistically impossible due to one’s prior posture, it would still be something she could calmly do.

It feels like they’re really contriving something here…… rather, I’m sure she’s doing on purpose.

Shiro-san is currently standing still in a bridge position below my body, with her face towards me, looking at me with expectant eyes.



And exquisitely guided by Alice, I’m currently in a position where I was slightly off-center and was on top of her.

Shiro-san really isn’t human…… Even when her back is barely grazing the ground, she doesn’t seem to find it difficult to maintain such a posture, but my mind was being whittled down in this state where I’m directly looking at Shiro-san’s ample breasts.

In addition, because of Alice’s earlier instructions, I was forced to spread my hands and legs little by little…… and gradually, my face was being lowered.



“Well then, Shallow Vernal-sama.

Right foot, blue.”




Thereupon, by receiving commands from Alice to make either one of her feet or hand to the side, Shiro-san returned to her original position again.

At this point, I knew exactly what Alice and Shiro-san were aiming for.

The first one that they’re thinking about was definitely for me to put my face on Shiro-san’s breasts.



In fact, I’m already driven to the edge.

She had beautifully-shaped breasts that didn’t lose their shape at all even when she was almost on her back, and an inexplicably pleasant scent drifted in as her face was quite close to mine.

If I just lower my head a bit, even if it’s just a little bit, I will be able to taste that sweet nectar…… being in this situation feels like I’m half dead.



Staying in this posture is getting harder and harder, so wouldn’t it be alright if I just give up and let go of this posture I’m pretty sure they won’t accept a loss like touching the wrong color or something like that……

As such a thought popped out of my head…… I also had one concern on my mind.



Normally, if I collapsed on top of her, Shiro-san’s posture would collapse too…… but it’s Shiro-san we’re talking about here, so perhaps…… wouldn’t she be able to support my weight even in that position Which means…… my body won’t touch the floor, right



[……Alice, I have a question.]

“Yes, yes, what is it”

[……How is this game going to end]

“It ends when one of you two loses.

Ahh, but since there’s a difference in specs between Shallow Vernal-sama and Kaito-san, Kaito-san will be counted as safe as long as I don’t determine that “your entire body has completely fallen on the floor” as a handicap.”

[……What about color mistakes]

“Well, let’s take it easy on that.

In the end, this is an attraction, a place one visits to have fun…… Let’s close our eyes regarding that matter.”

[……I’ll definitely remember this later.]



In other words, what her words mean…… is that “even if I collapse and my face dives into Shiro-san’s breasts now, it still won’t count as my loss”.

The game won’t end…… Even if I collapse, the game won’t end.

The worst that could happen is that this game would continue with my face still buried under her breasts.

There must be something…… something I can do to avoid this crisis…… T- That’s right!



“Well then, continuing on, Kaito-san.

Right foot, green.”



Alright, it’s finally time!



[……Ahh, oh no~~!]



When I heard Alice’s instructions, I pushed the ground hard with one of my hands and turned my body to the side while uttering a line that even I think sounds really monotone.

Thereupon, dodging Shiro-san’s body, my body started crashing down……




[What’s the matter, Kaito-san]

[My posture definitely collapsed earlier, right Why did my body suddenly return to “being above Shiro-san’s body”]

[What a mystery.]




My opponent was just too much of a cheat that I can’t even purposely be defeated! She definitely rewound the time of my body or something like that…… She’s going as far as to use her abilities just to prevent me from getting defeated.

I mean, do you really want me to put my face on your breast that badly!




Or rather, I think it’s more accurate to say that I want to hug Kaito-san while holding your head on my breasts.]

[……Errr, Shiro-san.]


[Is there a reason why we really have to do that in this situation]

[I guess not.]

[……We can just do that later, so can we excuse myself from this situation already]

[I don’t mind.]



It may feel like I’m digging my own grave here, but the worst thing that could happen to me would be for the game to continue with my face buried in her breasts.

Thinking about such a thing, even though it feels very embarrassing…… I don’t have any choice but to accept this condition.



[……Since we’ve sealed a deal, Alice, finish the game……]

“Well~~ Even so, it looks interesting, and since we’ve come this far, how about continuing……”

[……I’m not going to talk to you for a while.]

“I’m just kidding! I’m sorry! I got carried away! I’m ending the game immediately!!!”



The Twister game, which had really managed to chip away my spirit, finally ended.

However, I don’t know if it really was because Shiro-san’s breasts were right before my eyes and nose…… but somehow, I feel like Shiro-san’s scent was clearly lingering in my mind.

Seriously, why does she smell so good Even though Shiro-san isn’t the type of person who wears perfume…… It kind of felt relieving, or rather, she had quite the mysterious aroma.



[In that case, how about you make sure what kind of aroma it is]

[Ehh What are you———– Wfuuhhh!]

[By the way, this isn’t the same as the promise we made earlier, okay I’m just…… having you make sure.]

[ ~ ~ ~ ~ ! ! ]



Before I knew it, my entire face was pressed against something incredibly soft.

They didn’t lose their shape at all even when she was lying on her back, but when I touched them like this, it was impossibly soft and her body heat that was being faintly transmitted feels comforting————— Stop thinking about that! Wait, Shiro-san! I didn’t say anything about this!!! I didn’t……






Oi! You airheaded god! Why are you nonchalantly ignoring me! I know you heard me!!!



[Oops, speaking of which, after the negotiations were concluded, I was still trying not to read Kaito-san’s mind, lest it be unfair in our next game.

But well, it’s not like we’d face any sort of problem in the Sanctuary anyway, so it should be alright to leave things like this for a while.

Kaito-san’s privacy is important after all.]

[ ! ! ]



Oiiiiii! Heeyyyyy! How dare you talk about my privacy…… Rather, wait, seriously, this is bad! I certainly couldn’t breathe in this situation, but before that, I’m about to lose my composure here!

Today’s Shiro-san is being aggressive…… too much…… Ahh, this won’t do…… I’m losing con……



[It won’t do if Kaito-san suffocates, so I need you to take in oxygen directly…… It also won’t do if Kaito-san loses consciousness, so let’s have your mind composed for a bit.]



As if she’s talking about the most obvious thing in the world, she even blocked the escape route for me, passing out.

This truly is…… an act of the devil.





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