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After being introduced to that prank of a basement, I’m introduced to a few other places before heading towards my room.

The interior of the mansion that Alice had prepared had things that really had my hands itching…… but if I were to be asked, there were a lot of things that I felt were indeed useful.

There were still some pranks, but other than that basement, they looked properly made, and weren’t something that urged me to smack Alice in the head again.



[Now then, it’s finally time for Kaito-san’s room!]



There were two things that came to my mind when I heard the excitement in Alice’s voice.

The first one is that she could have possibly placed “her worst prank of all” in my room.

The other one is that she has done the opposite and my room is actually proper and safe…… Alice certainly plays lots of pranks, but she’s never played a prank that makes me feel uncomfortable, so I think that this is more likely.



But if that’s the case, the question now is that…… “Why is it that she decided to show me to my room last” If she’s going for the impact, she should have shown that centerpiece room at the end.

Alice is the type of person who cares a lot about such entertaining performances, so I’m pretty sure that that would have been the case.

That means…… there’s something in this room Something that surpasses everything I’ve seen so far……



[……Kaito-san Are you not going to enter]

[Hold on, I’m still getting ready……]

[Mhmm, that reaction of yours is troubling.

You have half-trust and half-doubt in Alice-chan huh…… Well, I think “the second one that popped in your mind” is the right answer.]

[……Don’t just naturally read my mind.]

[No, with Shallow Vernal-sama’s blessing, there’s no way I can read Kaito-san’s mind, you know I’m just predicting your thoughts.]

[……I see.]



Seriously, how smart is she If there’s something like IQ tests in here, I’d like to see how smart she is……

Well, putting that aside…… Even if I think about all sorts of things, nothing won’t happen until I open this door.

Taking a deep breath to calm myself down, I opened the door in front of me.




[What do you think It’s a pretty good reproduction, isn’t it]

[……No, rather than reproduction…… This feels like it’s exactly the same……]



On the other side of the door…… was my very familiar private room.

No, I mean…… It looks “exactly the same as my room in Lilia-san’s mansion”.

Seriously, from the overly large bed to the furniture arrangements.



[Well, it really is the best to feel at home in your own room, so I’ve chosen to design the room that Kaito-san is most familiar with.]

[I- Is that so…… No, this certainly makes me feel relieved but…… Unnn No, wait……]



As I perplexedly looked around the room, which could be said to have betrayed my expectations in a good way, but was also somewhat anticlimactic, I suddenly noticed something.

I thought it would be exactly the same as that room I had spent a year in…… but there was only one difference.

What the heck is that



[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[That “gate-like thing” at the back of the room…… What’s that]

[Ahh, it’s a “magic tool…… that I asked Shallow Vernal-sama to make”.]



I see, it seems that I had been thinking about this all wrong.

The two developments that came to mind…… Neither of them was actually the correct answer…… but a combination of the two.

Unnn, that doesn’t look like it’s something decent at all.

The fact that it was made by Shiro-san proves that it can’t be made by anyone in this world……



[……Alice, briefly explain to me.

What kind of outrageous magic tool is that]

[No, it’s not really that outrageous.

To put it simply, it’s like “a gate that allows you to teleport anywhere you want, ignoring all Teleportation Inhibitions casted on that place”.]

[……Errr, does that mean that I can directly teleport to the Sanctuary]

[That’s right.

Well, you’ll have to register the transfer point beforehand…… but registering that place is kinda difficult, so I’ll register it for you.]




The truth is that Teleportation Magic doesn’t really allow one to teleport just about anywhere they want.

The Teleportation Magic Tool I have is capable of teleporting me to very long distances…… but I couldn’t teleport inside a place protected by a ward that inhibits Teleportation.

For example, the Sanctuary is one of such places which naturally nullifies all Teleportation Magic, so when I visit Shiro-san, I need to either ask her to invite me or teleport first to the God Realm’s lower levels, before trekking through the middle and upper levels.

The reason why I have registered the front gate of Lilia-san’s mansion and the gate of Isis-san’s castle as my transfer point is that their homes are enclosed within a Teleportation Inhibition Ward.



Even so, some overwhelmingly strong people…… such as Kuro, can nullify Teleportation Inhibitions and teleport in as they will, but the magic power consumption of their teleportation is much greater than normal Teleportation Magic, and there shouldn’t have been a magic crystal powerful enough to store enough magic power to cast such a spell.

Well, even though I say that the consumption of magic power is large, if my amount of magic power is 1, Kuro would have around trillions or quadrillions of magic power.

We have such an incomprehensible difference in levels, so such a spell apparently doesn’t consume that much for Kuro.



[……I guess it really is convenient To be honest though, the only main use I can think of is when I go to the Sanctuary……]

[Well, I guess you can think of it as just something mildly convenient…… It’s just something “you can only use it to teleport to Kaito-san’s world” anyway, and “even though only Kaito-san can activate it, but if Kaito-san opens up the gate, other people can also come through”.]

[……I’m sorry, I take back my previous statement.

This really is one outrageous magic tool.]



……This gate allows me to teleport between worlds That means, I could just easily skip from this room to my room back on Earth to visit my aunt and uncle if I want to…… That’s really outrageous, you know





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