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After we decided to stay overnight and finished eating, Anima quickly sent a hummingbird to let others know that we would be staying here for the night.

This kind of care and quick action is very impressive.

In the meantime, I took out the magic tool Ive been wanting to use from my magic box and started preparing it.

Its a magic tool similar to the portable pet house I bought at the auction in the Six Kings Festival, and its official name is Small Portable Temporary Housing Installation Magic Tool: Log House.

As the name implies, this is an amazing magic tool that creates a house by setting it up and activating it.

Since I bought a pet house, I thought I should also buy the same type of magic tool that can accommodate people, but I never had a chance to use it.

I later learned that these Small Portable Temporary Housing Installation Magic Tools are actually quite common, or rather, its quite popular that they even have different varieties.

It seems to be a must-have magic tools, especially for adventurers, and this would be the first in their list when they finally gathered enough money.

It seems to be the best choice for camping because it can protect you from the wind and rain better than a tent, and it requires very little effort to set up.

The Log House type that I bought is quite expensive, but the Small Hut type is affordable and easy to acquire.

In fact, Luna-san, a former adventurer, said that she had the Small House tpe.

Well, its still much more expensive than a house of the same size, and there is a limit as to how long it could be continuously set up…… a limit as to how long this magic tool could be used as a temporary residence, and unlike magic boxes, it doesnt allow for the storage of additional items, so its use is limited.

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Incidentally, the top-grade Log House type that I bought is a two-story building with a bath.

Its also a luxury item that was able to be summoned for two days straight…… The price was 400 white gold coins.

Thats about 4 billion Japanese yen.

As usual, this was something I purchased from Alice, so it was more expensive than usual, but being that they were bought from Alice, Im assured that they were of high quality.

[Errr, place this Auxiliary magic tool where I want to place, then activate.]

[It doesnt seem like theres anything hindering it.]

When the Auxiliary magic tool is activated, it scans the surrounding area and checks if there is enough space for a temporary house to appear and if there are any obstacles.

If the color of the Auxiliary magic tool changes from red to blue, it means it can be installed.

[……Ahh, but dont we need to contact the Government Department related to this matter and get their permission for the location and duration for installation]

[Thats right…… Master isnt subject to the laws of a country though, so I think youll be fine…… but I think you might want to contact Ryze-dono with a hummingbird.]


Well, lets do the actual installation later, and send a hummingbird to Ryze-san first…… and while we wait for their reply, lets continue fishing.]


And thus, I sent out a hummingbird to Ryze-san and will resume fishing again———- wait, hes fast! He already sent out a reply!

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We didnt even manage to resume fishing before I received a hummingbird reply from Ryze-san.

To summarize its contents, he said “Thanks for the heads up, theres no problem at all.

I cant really go camping because of my position, so Im a little jealous.”

Telling him that Id be happy to go camping with him when theres an opportunity, I turned on the magic tool that was in the process of being activated.

[……Ohh, this is amazing.

No, I knew that this was such a magic tool, but I didnt expect a house to suddenly appear…… Magic really is amazing.]

[Its a nice log house, isnt it…… What should we do Should we check it out first]

[Guess we should do that.

Well have to decide on our room and all that after all.

According to Alice, it comes with the bare minimum of furniture……]

[If Alice-dono is the one who made it, then there shouldnt be any doubt about it.]

……It seems that Anima really thinks highly of Alice, as her comments show that she trusts her a lot.

In any case, we should first check inside, so Anima and I entered the log house together.

The smell of wood wafting in the air is very pleasant.

On the first floor, there were large rooms, and the kitchen and the living room were also quite spacious, making it seem like it would be perfect for a large group.

The second floor has a row of private rooms, which seem to be bedrooms.

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There are four rooms on the second floor…… so including the living room, it looks like ten people can stay here without any problems.

The bath…… has something that looks like a cypress bathtub! As expected of Alice, she knows her stuff.

[……I see, with this size…… That doesnt seem like it would be a problem.]


[Ahh, no! My apologies, I was just making up my mind.]


But for some reason, the only thing Im bothered with was the serious expression Anima showed when she checked the bathroom…… I was curious about it, but since I was so excited about staying in my log house for the first time, I didnt press her deeper and just headed for the next place.

And that ended up being a fatal mistake.

It may also be that I was caught off guard, considering that I was staying together with the serious and reliable Anima.

This was something that should have been already nailed in my mind.

I should have known what the result would be if I held onto my optimism while entering the place called “bath”……

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: [And with that, if youre a long-time reader, you should already know whats going to happen.

Yes, its the mixed bathing event that all of Kaitos lovers experience!]

Sieg-san : [Hwoeeehh!]

: [……Ahh, speaking of which, only you…… didnt get to experience this huh.

Ahh, but Author-san had already remembered it, so Im sure it will happen soon.]


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