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Slowly opening my eyes, I found myself in a dimly lit room—– seeing a ceiling I dont know…… isnt the case at all.

I didnt get sent to another world again, Im just seeing the ceiling of the inn were staying at.

Trying to raise my upper body up, thats when I suddenly realized something.

Arehh Isnt my body injured from fighting

Im pretty sure my arm was broken, and I think I also broke a bone around my ribs…… but there wasnt even a trace of it anymore.

I see…… It was all just a dream huh.

Since my body is so cleanly restored, it occurred to me that the fight against the Black Bear was just a dream, but thats when the door of the room was suddenly vigorously opened.


[Huh Whoa!]

The person who appeared from the opened door was Isis-san, who isnt supposed to be here.

Jumping on me with great speed, Isis-sans impact towards my body made me lightly slam against the bed.

[……Thank goodness…… Kaito……]

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[Eh Arehh Isis-san]

The heck, whats with this situation

I may not know why Isis-san is here, but I know that most of all, the current situation is very dangerous.

Isis-sans tightly hugged my body like shes clinging onto something, and her very soft and slender body is pressed against my whole body.

How should I say this… Its like I just experienced one dream after another…… Just when I escaped from that hellish dream of mine…… I woke up, arriving in heaven.

[……Kaito…… Its already alright…… Those who hurt…… Kaito…… I already killed them.]


I didnt quite understand what she was talking about.

Those who hurt me Is she talking about that Black Bear

However, the Black Bear that I fought was slashed by Lilia-san in half…… Does that mean there were more of them

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When I asked Isis-san for more information, it seems that a swarm of Black Bears appeared after I passed out, and Isis-san wiped them all out.


I see…… That Black Bear I fought was monstrous enough, and even if she said there was a bunch of thousands of them, I cant imagine the scene where Isis-san is beating them up at all, even if it actually was the case.

Anyway, it seems that thanks to Isis-san, there was almost no damage to the city of Rigforeshia.

Isis-san stayed still and kept hugging me for a while before she stood up with a slightly sad look on her face.

[……I should…… go home now…… If Im here…… Lilia and the others…… would get scared.]


I see, the reason why the always worrying Lilia-san and the others havent come to my room even after I woke up, I guess the better way to describe it is that they cant get close due to the effect of Isis-sans magic power of death.

A magic circle manifests beneath Isis-sans feet…… probably a Teleportation Magic Circle leading to her castle.

[U- Ummm! Isis-san.]

[……What is it]

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[Thank you very much for today.

And, ummm, Id like to thank you properly…… Would you like to, errr, have dinner with me another time]

[……! ……Is that alright]


It will be my treat at that time.

Otherwise, I wont be able to repay you.]

[……Unnn…… Im really…… looking forward to it.]

I can understand that “thanking someone = buying them a meal” is quite a short-sighted thought of me but…… That was the only thing I could think of at the spur of the moment.

However, the effect of those seemed to be immense, as Isis-sans expression, which looked sad, changed to a bright one as she nodded in response.

And with a small wave of her hand, Isis-san left, wrapped in the light of the Teleportation Magic.

After Isis-san left, I left the room and walked down the corridor of the inn to apologize to Lilia-san and the others for making them worry about me.

This inn is one of the most high-class lodgings in Rigforeshia because its only used by Lilia-san, who is a Duchess, and the wide corridor is so quiet that anyone would think that this place was reserved for a private party.

Walking for a while, I found myself in front of some kind of lobby or a lounge, but I arrived in a rather large room, and in the distance, I found Lilia-san and the others.

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[Huh! Kaito-san!]


[Youve finally woken up huh.

Thank goodness.]

The three people there were Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san and Sieg-san, and they all looked relieved when they saw my face.

[Im sorry for causing you to worry.]

[No, do you still feel any pain anywhere]

[Not anymore, Im feeling completely fine.]

[Is that so…… Thats really good.]

Answering to Lilia-san, who spoke to me with concern, that my physical condition is now perfectly fine.

[Speaking of which, Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san dont seem to be here…… Could it be that they have been injured]

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[Ah, no, neither of them were “injured”.]

Since Yuzuki-san and Kusunoki-san werent here, I asked if they have been injured after I passed out, but it seems that they are both fine.

However, why do I feel like theres some meaning behind her words when she said that theyre not “injured”.

[Did something else happen to them other than being injured]

[Aoi-san and Hina-san are now sleeping in their room.]

[……They were exposed to Death King-samas magic power of death and lost consciousness.]

[A- Ahhh……]

Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san answered my question with a slightly pained tone.

I see, it seems that they werent injured by the Black Bears, but they fainted because of Isis-sans magic power of death.

[Incidentally, Rei-sama and Fia-sama are attending a reorganization meeting for the almost destroyed security force.

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[Almost destroyed! Reorganization Eh I heard that the city received no damage though……]

[Yes, the Black Bear didnt cause any damage.

However, after being exposed to Death Kin-samas frightening magic power of death, almost half of them had their minds broken……]

[Thats not surprising.

Even I couldnt stop shaking for a while.

It was rather fortunate that Kusunoki-sama and Yuzuki-sama were among the first ones to faint.]

In the aftermath, she broke the Guard Forces mind! How outrageous could her magic power of death be……

How terrifying Isis-san was at that time can be seen by looking at the three of them trembling just as they remembered what theyve seen.

It seems that Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san were fortunate that they passed out before their minds could process the horror caused by Isis-sans magic power of death.

Just when we were speaking about that, Lilia-san stood up with a serious expression on her face, she walked up to me…… and suddenly got down on her knees.


[Kaito-san, Im really sorry.]

[Li- Lilia-san! W- What are you suddenly doing!]

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Im really confused about why suddenly kneeled on a dogeza, and Lilia-san just held out the necklace I gave her last night.

[Kuros necklace]

[……This necklace had a defensive magic imbued on it, though not a powerful one…… That is to say, if I hadnt borrowed this, Kaito-san wouldnt have been injured like that.]

Theres defensive magic in Kuros necklace Thats the first time Ive heard that though…….

I thought there was only search magic in it, but it seems that there are lots of other magic in it as well.

Lilia-san didnt seem to understand all the details about this necklace either, but after the earlier incident, she asked the former court mage Rei-san to take a look at this necklace and found out that it contained defensive magic.

Deeply bowing her head, Lilia-sans voice was trembling as she continued to speak.

[No, if only I had been more level-headed right from the start…… I said I would guarantee the safety of Kaito-san and the others just when we met, but I was so preoccupied with myself that I forgot to even have someone guard Kaito-san and the others, and because of that, Kaito-san got hurt.

Everything is… Everythings my fault.]

[……N- No, its not like its Lilia-sans fault or anything like that……]

[No, it could have been prevented if I had only been more level-headed.

If I had just been more careful…… Im sorry.

Im really, really sorry.]

Lilia-sans voice began to distort with tears, as she continued to bow her head, keeping on apologizing to me…… The heck, shes starting to get annoying.

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I repeat, Im not some kind of saint.

I dont remember it happening that much, but I can also get angry at times.


Im really sorry……]


Im going to apologize in advance.]


After I told that to Lilia-san who keeps on apologizing to me, I swung my knuckles down on her head as hard as I could.


Even though Lilia-san is a person with great abilities, she isnt always using Body Strengthening Magic.

My knuckles that struck her unprotected head seemed to be quite painful, and Lilia-san held her head down with both of her hands.

[If you just shut up there, and stop murmuring like a creep there…… How serious can you be that you distorted the facts and reached towards that conclusion!]

[Eh Eh]

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[What happened before was just an accident, right I got hurt because I got careless, and me being careless isnt Lilia-sans fault at all! Or rather, shouldnt I be thanking you instead, Lilia-san Thank you for saving me before!]

[Eh Ah, y- y- yes.

Y- Youre welcome]

Hearing the words I blabbered about, LIlia-san flusteredly nodded, though she still had a puzzled look on her face.


Then, this is the end of this conversation! If you say anything more about it being your fault or anything like that, Ill hit you again.]

[Y- Yes!]

[In the first place, thinking that everything is your fault is a bad habit of yours, Lilia-san.

I know that Lilia-san is a serious person, but it still depends on the time and circumstances.

Even that time too……]

Lilia-san, whose position quickly changes from a dogeza to a seiza, and I go on with my lecture-like words.

(T/N: dogeza is the bowing, seiza is the sitting upright on your knees.)

I honestly dont think that this is something shes always doing, and maybe its not something I should have said to her, but I think someone should tell off this overly-serious person.


I am now inclined to give Miyama-sama a heartfelt round of applause.

Thats really well said……]

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[Lu- Luna! Sieg too, dont just nod there, please help me out.

Kaito-san somehow looks kinda scary right now……]

[Lilia-san! Im still not done talking yet!]

[Y- Yes! Im sorry!]

Lilia-san looked like shes becoming teary-eyed in a way different from a moment ago, but since I dont intend to be lenient to her, Im going to continue my sermon.

Dear Mom, Dad——- I dont really think that this is something shes always doing, but I still scolded her for that.

Well, how should I say this—– her over-seriousness is also a problem.


Lilias thoughts:

If only I had been level-headed, I could have prevented Kaito from being injured

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If I had just arranged someone to escort them……


In other words, its my fault that Kaito was injured


Its all my fault.


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