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Hmmm, it didn’t work.

If I wanted to include the mixed bathing with Sieg, I’ll have to split it up, since my usual number of character count wouldn’t be enough.













Unconsciously overwhelmed by the spectacular view in front of me, I muttered to myself.



[……This is quite amazing, isn’t it]

[Yes, I guess it’s to be expected.

This place is so famous that even I’ve heard rumors about this place.]



Sieg-san, who was with me, also muttered, looking deeply moved.

We’re in the middle of the mountains in the Western Demon Realm, and we’re actually in a very popular resort in the Demon Realm.

There’s a beautiful, but not very big building nearby, and that’s where Sieg-san and I will be staying.

I also heard that there is an onsen nearby.

A building with an onsen on the side of a mountain with a nice view…… If that’s all you’ve heard, you might get the impression that it might be a nice place, it should be fairly common.



However, this resort…… “is reserved along with the entire surrounding mountains”, and due to a powerful barrier, “only one group is allowed inside the premises”, literally monopolizing the entire scenery.

This place is designed for High-ranking Demons and people in high positions to relax without worrying about the public gaze.

It is extremely expensive just to stay here for one night, but even so, it’s said that it has already been fully booked for the next few years.



As for the reason why Sieg-san and I are here at such a place…… The story goes back to a few days ago.

I received a letter from Tre-san addressed to me and Sieg-san, enclosing a pair of accommodation tickets for this resort.

It said that it was thanks for helping Cento-san and Cien-san when they’re troubled…… In the first place though, the reason why Cento-san and Cien-san were troubled was Tre-san.



Telling us that we should both go and check it out…… There was also an irresponsible sentence, telling us that “I could only get a reservation for that day, so go do something about your schedule” which was very typical of Tre-san, but after negotiating with Lilia-san, I was able to come with Sieg-san.

It seems that this resort is really famous, as Lilia-san and Luna-san were quite surprised when they heard about it.

It is apparently difficult to get a reservation unless you have a high position or great connections, and even Lilia-san, a Duke, finds it difficult to get a reservation…… The best they could hope for is apparently for a few years from now.



……How did Tre-san manage to secure a reservation for such a close date With her ability, I know that she would have lots of money to pay for it, but it seems that money isn’t the only thing needed to get a reservation.

She said she wasn’t famous, but could it be that she still had connections It seemed like she was acquainted with Agni-san, so she may surprisingly know many Peerage-holding, High-ranking Demons.



[……The building looks like a normal house.]

[It was just something I heard from rumors, but the house apparently changes according to the number of people and the physique of the people making the reservation.]

[Ah~~ I see, so it also accommodates large-sized species huh.]

[The basic concept of this place is to be a place where people can relax and be undisturbed by others, so it probably wouldn’t be a very big building to be easily used by a small number of people.

However, being that the Illumination Magic Tools on the front is the latest model, even if it looks simple, it seems that the quality is quite high.]



I exchanged a few words with Sieg-san in front of a building that isn’t simple, but not particularly large either.

I see, it’s a simple yet luxurious place, a hideaway to relax after a long day.

As we talked, we entered the building and found that the interior was simple, but well-equipped with everything we needed, including the latest magic tools.



[……The kitchen is fantastic.]

[What should we do about our meals]



The building is equipped with a magic box for food storage, the type that doesn’t require user registration, and in it, I feel like I can find all kinds of ingredients.

However, for those who don’t cook, it seems that they also have a catering service where you can order food by filling out an order form in the kitchen, which would then be delivered through a special magic box.

Anyway, as a super-luxury resort, their services are very extensive, and the booklet describing their available services is quite thick.



[We have plenty of ingredients available, so I’ll cook for you.]

[Ahh, then, how about we cook together I think I can do it without being a hindrance.]

[Yes, let’s do that.]



Hearing my suggestion, Sieg-san happily smiled.



[Though I say that, it’s still not time for us to prepare a meal yet…… So how about we take a walk around]

[Yes, from the booklet they gave us, there are many places we can visit and enjoy.]

[Are there any places you would like to visit, Sieg-san]

[……Errr, there…… on page 24……]



After hearing Sieg-san’s slightly embarrassed words, I flipped through the booklet.

Page 24 seems to be describing an area where they could interact with well-disciplined animals and monsters.

I see, this would certainly be a typical choice for Sieg-san.

I guess she’s been wanting to go there since she found it in the booklet.



[That looks great.

Then, let’s start there.]


[Errr, the Teleportation Magic Tool to the connection area……]

[It’s over there! Come on, Kaito-san! Let’s go!]

[W- Whoa, I- I understand.]



As Sieg-san, looking really excited, pulled me by the hand, I found her innocent smile to be adorable…… and I was convinced that I’m going to have fun for the next two days and one night.
















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