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The Dragon Carnival that started was just as I had expected, quite intense.

Even though the dragons were considered small-sized, from my point of view, they were huge, and the way they clashed with each other was quite powerful, and their flashy Breath attacks made me sweat.

There were several dragons that stood out to me, but the one that caught my attention was the Nidhogg, the Special Individual Wyvern like Frea-san.

In the first place, Wyverns that have gone through an enormous amount of battles are the ones that evolve into Nidhoggs, so having evolved into one is proof of their vast battle experience, but it was still amazing to see it overwhelm a dragon that was many times larger than itself.



Lilia, who was standing next to me, was also very excited, as I could feel her excitement with each battle.

Her innocent expression was very cute.

In the meantime, the battle progressed and the four best dragons had been decided.



The first dragon was the one that had caught my attention, Nidhogg, who had literally kicked the crap out of all the other dragons with their ferocious and wild fighting style.

In terms of simple fighting ability, I think theyre the best of all the winners.

They basically dont attack from a distance, a power type that engages in close combat and knocking down their opponents with their tremendous physical strength.



The second dragon was the Tempest Dragon, which Lilia-san had been cheering for.

Come to think of it, wasnt the model that Luna-san destroyed and Lilia-san got mad about depicting a Tempest Dragon Incidentally, its an interesting coincidence that the MMO I played before also had a dragon of the same name.

The Tempest Dragon feels like an all-rounder, excelling in both melee and ranged battles, and it was able to use a variety of magic such as lightning and wind to win without any trouble.



The third dragon, which I felt a connection with, was the Gun Rock Dragon.

The Gun Rock Dragons impressive defensive capabilities…… combined with the fact that it was the largest of the four remaining dragons, made them a moving fortress.



The fourth and final dragon was a young Black Dragon…… They were apparently the same species as Fafnir-san, and they were the coolest-looking dragon Ive ever seen.

They focus on long-range attacks like black tornadoes and wind slashes, and many dragons had fallen without even being able to get close to them.



[……What do you think, Lilia-san In my opinion, I feel like the Nidhogg is quite strong.]

[Lets see, I think that would be a good guess as they possess extremely high combat experience and ability.

However, from what Ive seen so far, they dont have any strong long-range attacks, which is a point of concern.]

[I see, they would be at a disadvantage when their opponent is at a distance.

By the way, who do you predict will win, Lilia-san]

[I think it really would be the Tempest Dragon.

I said this not just because its my personal favorite, but I think it has the best balance of melee and range, and can carry the battle to its disadvantage.

However…… If it ends up fighting the Gun Rock Dragon, from what Ive seen so far, its going to be difficult for them to get past the Gun Rock Dragons defense, so it would depend on the match-ups.]



It seems like even Lilia-san, who knows a lot about dragons, cant say for sure who will win.

I guess from here on, it would depend on their match compatibility.

Theres the melee-oriented Nidhogg, the versatile but underpowered Tempest Dragon, the defensive Gun Rock Dragon, and the range-oriented Black Dragon…… The combination seemed to be decided by lottery, and a little while later, the match-ups were decided.



From here on out, it looks like one battle would be going on at a time, and the first match would be Nidhogg VS Black Dragon…… I guess its a clash between the melee-oriented and the range-oriented huh



[Its a battle where each fighters strong point and weakness is pretty clear, isnt it]

[Yes, if they can get close enough, Nidhogg will win, while the key for the Black Dragons victory will be to keep Nidhogg away.]



As Lilia-san and I were talking like this, I suddenly felt complex emotions from the Sympathy Magic, so I turned my gaze towards him and called out.



[……Fafnir-san Whats the matter]



I was worried that he wouldnt be able to hear me because of the distance between us, but he seemed to have heard me, as in his dragon form, Fafnir-san looked back at me and spoke.



“……No, I understood it.

Scattering away full-power tornadoes I released with “a roar”, or how my full-power Breath couldnt even compete with just a mere fireball…… It was just her thats strange…… However, looking at this match-up, I couldnt help but feel my trauma resurfacing……”

[U- Unnn]

“……Hopefully, that young ones pride wont be smashed to pieces……”



……Thinking that something must have happened, I moved my gaze and looked at Frea-san, who had her arms crossed, and guessed what happened.

Ahh, I see…… Fafnir-san had fought Frea-san in the past, and it was quite the traumatic experience for him.






















Makina : [My children~~, its Mother~~! For the sake of my children, Mother will tell you the correct answers to the previous quiz!]






Q1 : In what name does the world know “48th Random Swordie-chan” as


Makina : [Its known as the “Royal Sword Arondight”.

In Chapter 441: “Something Filled with Love”, this is the product that was displayed at the auction of the festival hosted by Death King, Isis.]



Q2: What is the title of the 12th episode of Transcendentally Fused: Alice-chan Robo


Makina : [This is rather difficult without checking back the chapter.

Incidentally, the correct answer is “Where are the Bad Children Blue Oni of the Frozen World”.

You can find it in the Afterword of Chapter 845: “Rookie Adventurers and the Legendary Chivalrous Thief ⑦”.]



Q3: What is Kaitos best time record in Rubiks cube


Makina : [The answer here is “12 seconds”.

Incidentally, this answer was brought up by my beloved childs monologue in Chapter 415: “This Match Isnt Going to be That Easy”.]



Q4: What kind of leather is used for the belt that Kaito bought at Alices store


Makina : [This one is rather tricky.

The correct answer is “Grey Horn Bull”, but this is actually the only question among the 5 whose answer couldnt be found in the Web Novel.

This information was added in  Volume 2 of the Light Novel, so you would need to have read the Light Novel or the manga to know the answer.

The Author was rather mean to ask this.]

(T/N: Chapter 13)



Q5: Where did Zwei get the fish for Kaitos birthday party


Makina : [The correct answer is “the lake in the Ancient Forest”.

In Chapter 582: “Intermission: Kaito   ~ ~ Three Worlds in Motion ~ ~”, and Vier had mentioned this.

Well, that should be all, right How many questions did my children get By the way, it seems that Author-san cant answer all the questions correctly without looking at the previous chapters, so Mother wont blame you if you have questions you didnt know.”



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