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Even within the vast Demon Realm, theres a large city that stands out from the rest.

In the center of the city, in the huge colosseum, the reigning existence tilted his head at his visitor.

[Ahh Miyama Kaito Whos that]

[Hes an otherworlder who is in close contact with Underworld King-sama and Death King-sama, and it seems that World King-sama is also interested in him.]

[An otherworlder Hoohhh… Kuromueina and Isis, and even Lillywood huh…… Is that guy “strong”]

[I dont know, Im afraid we only received that much information.]

The messenger replied to the king who speaks in a rough language with a slightly nervous look on his face.

[……To give us such information, what the heck is that bastard planning now Tche, I wouldnt know about it even if I asked you that huh……]


Im sorry, I couldnt assist you.

War King “Megiddo Argetes Borgnes”-sama.]

[Haahhh, so never thought about it before talking about it to me huh…… Want me to crush you to pieces!]

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The messenger cant help but step back.

After looking at the scene with a bored expression on his face, Megiddo tells him with a smile on his mouth.

[But well…… This sounds interesting.

Im going “to invite” that otherworlder to come here! If hes strong, so be it! If hes weak, I wouldnt be interested in as much as a piece of his hair, and I will crush him right there and then.]


[Also, tell this to that “No Face” fellow, I dont mind that bastard is sneaking around, but if that fellow interferes in my way…… I wouldnt be lenient anymore.]


Receiving Megiddos words, the Phantasmal Kings emissary bows his head deeply.

As if he doesnt want to speak further, Megiddo removes his gaze from the messenger and looks towards the colosseum.

There were a huge number of demons there.

You can find more than 100 high-ranking demons, including peerage holder high-ranking demons, all lying on the ground with wounds all over their bodies.

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[Oraaahhh! How long do you all plan lying there!!! Just because weve had a mere 1000 years of peace but for all of you to be wearing cowardice, how pathetic!]

[M- My…… apologies.]

[Hoy, get your lazy asses up! Lets get another round! Ya bastards, show me some guts to even give me a scratch!!!]

Even with more than 100 high-ranking demons against him, this cant be anything more than a way to pass time for the War King.

The most belligerent king in the Demon Realm who loves fighting more than anyone and spends his days in battle…… The War King Megiddo Argetes Borgnes.

His tremendous howl still roared through the land around the Colosseum today.

In the mountain range of the Demon Realm, where the dragons lived, their king, the Dragon King, was quietly listening to the messengers words.

[This is the information I have received from my lord, Phantasmal King.]

“I understand.

Well also make our moves.

Tell that to No Face.”

Although his tone is calm, his voice is so loud that it resounded to the sky.

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Its no wonder since the Dragon King Magnawell Baskus Lardo Kurtzvald is the creature with the largest physique in the Demon Realm…… No, in the whole world.

His body is so huge that it no longer feels more accurate to describe it as height, but as “elevation”.

If it were to be expressed in the unit of measurement of the other world, Earth, it would be more than five thousands meters.

It was a huge dragon, so huge that it really looks like it pierced the heavens.

Seeing off the Phantasmal Kings messenger as he left, Magnawell turned towards the High Ancient Dragons hovering around his body and muttered.

“……I just dont understand that No Face fellow, what is that fellow scheming now”

[What are we going to do, Magnawell-sama]

Hearing Magnawells words, one of the dragons quietly asked.

“For the time being, lets just wait and see…… I feel like that fellow is trying to skillfully lead our thoughts.”

[Phantasmal King-sama did]

“Umu, the information that fellows emissary provided certainly was intriguing.

In fact, I too, was somewhat intrigued by this otherworlder.

However, I think thats exactly what that fellows after.”

[Does that mean that he was trying to use you, Magnawell-sama]

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Hearing the words Magnawell indifferently said, the dragon lets out a displeased sound.

It was a voice laced with anger at No Face for trying to use his master, but Magnawell didnt seem to mind that much as he continued to speak.

“There are too many unclear details in the information.

I think its reasonable to assume that that fellow is hiding it on purpose…… In that case though, what is No Faces aim Perhaps, it was to make us meet the otherworlder……”

[What good would that do for Phantasmal King-sama]

“That fellow isnt acting for his own benefit.

However, that fellow does tend to focus on efficiency…… In that case, does that mean that fellow wants me to deal with this otherworlder No, that fellow would have just moved on his own if that were the case…… Hmmm, I really dont know.”

Continuing to work in the shadows, No Face seems to be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Magnawell tried to figure out what he was planning to do, but no clear answer came out.

“……Anyway, well just wait and see for a while.

No Face has probably sent a messenger to Megiddo as well.

Then, we just wait for him to make his move before we make our own.”

[I think if its War King-sama, he would immediately try to make contact with him.]

“I suppose.

Hes not stupid, but I dont hes smart enough to think of a plan.

Hell probably make a move sooner rather than later, so Ill just wait for him.

However, just wasting time waiting wont accomplish anything…… To all my subordinates.

Gather information about the otherworlder, Miyama Kaito.”

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[Hahh! At once!]

“……Now then, No face.

I dont know what youre up to, but youre mistaken if you think that everything is going to turn out the way you think it would.”

After giving instruction to the dragons, the gigantic Dragon King quietly stares at the sky.

Feeling that large waves are about to appear around the world, with one otherworlder being in the middle of it……

In a dimly lit room, two demons were on one knee, giving their reports.

[……These are the replies of War King-sama and Dragon King-sama.]

[……Good work, continue monitoring Miyama Kaito.]


Are we still not going to take any action and only observe him]

[Yeah, I still havent finished measuring his worth.

I still cant decide whether or not it would be better for the world to leave him be.]

After sitting on his throne and listening to the reports of his subordinates that he sent to the other members of the Six Kings, No Face quietly muttered.

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[If hes beneficial to the world, I dont mind leaving him be, but if he were to bring chaos to this peaceful world…… Ill just erase him.]

[However, from the information we have, this otherworlder possesses a magic tool that can instantly heal all his wounds, and it may be difficult to kill him.]

[Foolish…… There are many ways to “kill the mind” without the body dying.]

With a cold voice that doesnt have an ounce of compassion, No Face told them that he will kill Kaito if necessary.

The magic crystal given by Shallow Vernal keeps his body from dying…… But to No Face, it was not much of a problem.

Because No Face was the king named after phantasms, and killing peoples minds is his specialty.

[And be sure to tell whoever elses following him to not do as they please and stay put…… The final decision is mine to make.]

[ [ Hahh! Everything as Phantasmal King No Face-sama wills it! ] ]

The subordinates who received No Faces words deeply bowed before disappearing from the area, and in the quiet room, No Face muttered as he stared in the void.

[With this, Megiddo will move.

Magnawell will wait for Megiddo to make his move, but he will probably have his subordinates gather information…… and with this, I can manipulate the information he gets…… There wouldnt be any problems.]

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In the dimly lit room, a faint light shines on No Faces face.

From behind the robe he wears so deeply that his face cant be seen, his long, jet-black hair, which blends into the darkness, swayed.

In the dim darkness, the Phantasmal King No Face continues to secretly move…… as if gazing at the world from within the darkness……

[……Now then, lets see if youre up to the challenge, Miyama Kaito.

Lets see if youre qualified to challenge the “mysteries hidden by Kuromueina” or not……]


As the Phantasmal King secretly moved behind the shadows, the other members of the Six Kings began to move…… Each of them will appear in front of Kaito in the Six Kings Arc, which begins after the end of the Sacred Tree Festival Arc.

T/N: 3/15

I used “he” on the Phantasmal King here, but raws dont show any specific gender for him, so this Phantasmal King may be a “she”.


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