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※ Please note that these stories were posted for the Light Novels Volume 1 (from the beginning to around the date with Kuro)



※ This story is about Lilia, when her love for dragons wasnt discovered yet.













Duchess Alberts office.

The head of her household, Lilia Albert, sat in her chair, staring at the package on the desk in front of her.



[……F- Fufufu.]



As a young Duchess, she is a very serious person, which is probably why she doesnt have any hobbies…… Thats what the people around her say.

However, she actually has a hobby that she keeps secret.

That is……



[W- What a great piece of work.

This was quite expensive, but this “Red Dragon Model” has been wonderfully created……]



With a smile on her face, Lilia opened the package and gazed at the dragon model that revealed itself.

She looked ecstatic, which is something you wouldnt normally imagine from her.

Yes, Lilia had loved dragons since she was a child.

Collecting dragon scales, fangs and models…… That is her only and greatest hobby.



However, Lilia kept her hobby a secret from the people around her.

The reason is simple: she felt embarrassed about it.

Thats why she had bought the model this time under multiple layers of disguises so that her servants wouldnt notice.

Lilia stared at the model for a while, before she looked around.

There was no one in her household that would come in without knocking, and she had already confirmed in advance that there was no presence of anyone in the vicinity.

Even so, its human nature to keep on double-checking.




After confirming that there really was no one around, Lilia approached a large bookshelf in her office and took out some books from it.

At the back of that bookshelf, there were several magic crystals and Lilia touched them in a certain order.

Thereupon, the bookshelf slowly shifted to the side and a door appeared.

This was Lilias secret collection room.

Inside, she had carefully stored her collection of dragon-related items.

The moment Lilia thought of putting the Red Dragon Model she had just acquired in there though…… She heard a knock on the door.



[ ! ]



When Lilia heard the sound, she quickly put the bookshelf back in place and quickly hid the model that was still on her desk underneath it.

Thereupon, trying to remain as calm as possible, she called out to the door.



[……C- Come in.]

[Excuse me.]



Hearing a mans voice, since there was only one man in her mansion, she immediately knew who was knocking on her door.



[Is something the matter, Kaito-san]

[Im sorry to bother you.

Theres actually something Id like to consult with you……]

[You need to consult about something Yes, what is it]

(O- Of all the time, why are you consulting to me now!)



She tried to keep her composure.

However, even though she had a smile on her face, Lilia was really flustered.

If the dragon model were to be discovered by someone, even her long-time friend Lunamaria would find out about this secret hobby of hers.

It would be bad for her dignity as a Duke, and more importantly, that would be embarrassing.

Lilia, who was thinking about this, wanted to end Kaitos consultation as quickly as possible.



[Ah, yes…… Arehh Lilia-san.

“A book had fallen over there”, you know]

[Eh Ahh……]



Perhaps, when she had hurriedly put the bookshelf back together, a book seemed to have fallen on the floor.



[I guess this would be from that bookshelf over there]

[P- Please wait! I- Ill get it back myself!]

(T- That wont do! The mechanism behind that bookshelf hasnt been locked yet.

If Kaito-san touches it now…… the door……)



Lilia quickly stops Kaito and picks up the book herself.

The mechanism behind the bookshelf is turned on by touching the magic crystals in a specific order, and activated by touching the bookshelf in that state.

When she wants to turn it off though, she needs to touch the magic crystals in the opposite order.

Thats why she couldnt return the book to its original position right now.

If she were to accidentally touch the bookshelf, the door to the secret room will appear.



[……Arent you going to put the book back]

[I- Ill just put it back later!]

[I- I see……]



Kaito curiously tilted his head at Lilias flustered appearance, but he didnt pursue the matter deeply.



[S- So, Kaito-san Youre consulting about……]

[Ahh, yes.

Actually, Im looking for a new pair of shoes, so Id like to know if there are any good stores……]

[S- Shoes, is it…… In that case, I recommend checking out the store I usually go to……]



Feeling relieved when she managed to get the topic back on track, Lilia quickly wrote down the name and location of the store in a notepad on her desk.



[……You should try this store.

If you tell them you were referred by me, theyll give you a discount.]

[Thank you…… Errr……]



After receiving the note from Lilia, Kaito checked it and slightly tilted his head.

The location of the store was written on the note along with a map, but still unfamiliar with the geography of the royal capital, the area Lilia was pointing about wasnt clear to Kaito yet.



[Lilia-san, is this open area the plaza near the fountain]

[Yes, after turning right from there, its just a few minutes walk.]

[That means…… this area would be……]

[Stop! Kaito-san, stop!]

[Ehh Ah, yes.

W- Whats the matter Suddenly shouting……]



Its not that Kaito did anything strange.

Thinking of confirming the area that Lilia was talking about, he started walking towards the large window in the office.

However, that was a very bad idea for Lilia.

She quickly hid the dragon model under her desk…… If hes in the same position as before, Kaito wouldnt be able to see it because its in the shadow of her desk.

However, if he were to get close to the window, he would be able to see it.

Therefore, Lilia couldnt let Kaito get close to the window by any means.

Lilias thoughts were racing as she came up with an excuse to convince Kaito, who was wondering why she had raised her voice.



[T- That place is “collapsing”!]




But sadly…… Lilia was fatally bad at lying.



[Whats collapsing]

[T- The floor will collapse! Then, the ceiling will fall on you!]

[……You do know that you live in a house that isnt that defective, right……]



Although Kaitos relentless pointing pierced her heart, all Lilia could think about now wasnt letting Kaito near the window.



[It would collapse! It would really collapse!]

[……I- I understand.

I- Its just a guess but…… Lilia-san, are you hiding something under your desk]

[Wha! W- W- W- What are you talking about I- I- I- I have n- n- n- nothing to……]



When the heart of the matter was prodded, Lilia became really shaken.

Her reaction was like saying she was hiding something, and there was no way for her to escape.

If Kaito had asked her “What are you hiding”, the panicking Lilia would have confessed.

However, that didnt happen.

Before Kaito could say anything, a person entered the room.



[……Excuse me.

Milady, whats with all the ruckus…… Oya If it isnt Miyama-sama.]

[Eh Ahh, hello, Lunamaria-san.]

[You appeared just in time…… For some reason I do not know, it seems like Kusunoki-sama and Yuzuki-sama were looking for you.]

[Eh Theyre looking for me]

[Yes, it seemed like they had something important in mind……]



Hearing the words of Lunamaria who came into the room, Kaito glanced at Lilia once.

He was still wondering what Lilia was hiding, but he didnt intend to force out what Lilia was hiding from him.



[Well then, Im going to go find them…..

Lilia-san, thank you very much.]

[N- No, you can consult with me anytime.]



After thanking Lilia and bowing to Lunamaria, Kaito left the room.

After seeing him off, Lilia patted her chest and let out a sigh of relief.



[……Milady You seem rather tired.

Should I brew you some tea]

[……Yes please.]

[Well then, excuse me.]



After Lunamaria left the room, Lilia sat back in her chair with an exhausted expression on her face.

And thus, the secret hobby of the Duchys head was safely kept secret…… Is what she thought.






With a somewhat astounded expression, Lunamaria, who had left the office, muttered to herself.

[……Theres no way shes seriously thinking that no one knows about that, right Shes still as cute as ever.]



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