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※ Please note that these stories were posted for the Light Novels Volume 1 (from the beginning to around the date with Kuro)



※ This story is about Kuro and Shiro, around the time when they werent dating Kaito yet, so theyre rather innocent.















[……I feel that somethings wrong.]



In the peaceful afternoon, while we enjoyed chatting with each other over a cup of delicious tea, Kuro suddenly said that and stood up.

Well, it isnt unusual for Kuro to say something out of the blue, but I dont have a good feeling about what shes about to say now.



[Somethings wrong, you say…… What do you mean]

[……The formation…… I guess]



Ahh, this really would turn out into something troublesome.

After all, she supposedly answered my question, but her answer is just filled with mysteries that it doesnt make any sense……

And in fact, besides me and Kuro, there was one other person who was drinking tea, as if she didnt care about whats happening around her.



[With that being the case, Shiro! Lets go with Plan B!]

[Whats Plan B]

[I dont know, but just go along with it!]

[I see.]



The one who proposed the plan also doesnt have any plan! Heck, Shiro-san, why are you even nodding your head at her words

Yes, as I had promised before, today, I was going to have tea with Kuro and Shiro at the floating garden…… but it doesnt seem like the day would end peacefully.

Just like that, making eye contact with each other, Kuro and Shiro-san nodded her head without any hesitation.



Thereupon, Shiro-san lightly waved her finger, and as the table and tea disappeared, the “shape of the chair I was sitting on” changed.

I was supposed to be sitting on an ordinary chair for one person, but for some reason, it turned into a long horizontal one, just like the benches in parks.

It was as if someone would sit beside me…… Alright, lets run.



Arehh Thats weird…… My body wont move Whats happening here They must have done something, right  They used some kind of magic to pin me down in place, right

As I had such a thought in mind, Kuro and Shiro-san sat down on the chair that became long enough for us three to sit together, with me in-between them.




Now this is perfect!]

[W- What is!]

[……Operation R, I think]

[Didnt you say that youre going with Plan B!]



Kuro, who had definitely come up with this idea, sat down next to me and smiled.

She looked so cute that it made my heart skip a bit.

Geez, since its like this already, I guess it couldnt be helped.

I knew very well that I couldnt escape here, so I just gave up on that.

However…… Why are you “hugging my right arm”! It feels sof…… this isnt the time for that!



[K- Kuro! W- What are you……]

[Hmmm~~, Kaito-kuns so warm~~]

[No, Im not asking you how you feel……]



Kuro was clinging to my arm, rubbing her cheek against it.

I could feel my face getting very flushed as I called out to her, but Kuro didnt seem to mind at all, seemingly enjoying herself.

T- This is bad.

I dont really know what exactly is bad, but still, this is bad.

I could feel Kuros body heat from the close contact, and my head started to feel fuzzy.

It feels like my body is floating just like those times I had a fever.

Even so, I managed to keep my cool, but cruelly kicking away such a thought, I was pursued with another attack.




[Wait! Shiro-san, what are you doing!]

[Plan B.]

[Seriously, what the heck is Plan B! Wait, theyre touching me……]


From the opposite side of the arm Kuro is holding on to…..

On my left arm, Shiro-san hugged me, imitating Kuro.

This marshmallow-like feeling pressed against my arm, this is definitely Shiro-sans…… awawawa.



[Unnn, now this is perfect!]

[W- What is]

[Eh The current Kaito-kun is “holding a flower in each hand”, so this should be the perfect formation, right]

[Because theres that saying, youre going to make me a monster holding a flower in each hand! No, in the first place, it was just a metaphor, so you dont have to physically cling onto me, okay!]

[Is that so ……Well, dont mind, dont mind.

Now, lets resume our tea.]



My cries of panic at the situation of being sandwiched between a beautiful girl and a beautiful woman dont reach the smiling Kuros ears.

When Kuro announced that we should resume our tea, Shiro-san waved a finger and a long horizontal table appeared in front of us.

……The front was blocked too.

Seriously, I cant run anymore.



[Fufufu, Ive actually prepared a new baby castella for today.]

[……What is this I have a really bad feeling about this.]



The usual baby castellas were tasty…… enough for me to think that Kuros true identity isnt the Underworld King, and shes actually the Spirit of Baby Castellas.

Well, it wouldnt be a problem if the baby castellas coming out were the usual…… but the problem is how she called them “new”.

When I heard that, I was immediately reminded of that wasabi-filled baby castella I had once eaten.

It would be great if it isnt like that.

At least, I hope that its at least something proper……



[Why the heck is it “silver-colored”!]



Thats strange, the baby castella I know of is brown.

No, it generally should be brown-colored.

Well, of course, Ive seen orange-colored bread and the like, so I suppose it wouldnt be strange for something to be kneaded into the dough to change the color.

However, errr…… What ingredients did she use to have a “metallic silver” color Did she mix mercury into it Itll kill you, you know Unnn, that definitely kills you.

This is definitely something I shouldnt eat.



[Now, come on, Kaito-kun.

Eat it~~]




The words she said with a big smile on her face sounded like a death sentence to my ears.

No, no, this things no good.

This thing has a color that humans shouldnt be eating, you know!

I want to run away.

But if I tell her that I dont want to eat it, Kuro will be sad.

I dont want to see Kuro looking sad, but even if thats so, I dont want to put that horrible object in my mouth.

Damned if I do, damned if I dont…… Im locked in a stalemate.



[……N- No, you see…… M- My hands are full so……]



Even though I said that in desperation, in fact, my right arm is being held by Kuro and my left arm is being held by Shiro-san.

It doesnt seem like they want to let go of my hand, isnt this a good escape route for something I just thought of in an instant



[Then, “Ill feed you”.]




……Reality sure is ruthless.

When Kuro heard my words, she smiled, picked up a baby castella and held it out to my mouth.

I now find myself in a wonderful situation where a cute and beautiful girl is holding out food to my mouth.

This should have been a situation Id be happy about.

……If only the food shes holding out to me is a one-way ticket to hell……



[Here, Kaito-kun.


[……A- Ahhhn.]



Overpowered by Kuros cuteness, feeling chills all over my body, I slowly opened my trembling mouth.

Thrown into my mouth was the lump of silver, having incredible softness unimaginable from how it looks…… and a “bad taste” that made my hair stand on end……







What the heck is this taste It was as if it was boiled under muddy water, coated with chocolate, and topped with tabasco and whipped cream…… Bitterness, sweetness, spiciness and sourness…… All of them mixed together and spread in my mouth as a horribly bad taste.

My stomach felt like it was going to burst.

My whole body is refusing to eat it.

Let alone swallow, my will rejects chewing whatever it is in my mouth.

Even so, even when tears dripped down my eyes, even if Im heading for my death, I desperately swallowed.

Breathing hard, I managed to get over it and felt relieved, before I slowly asked Kuro.



[……K- Kuro…… Have you tasted this]


I thought Id let Kaito-kun eat it first……]

[……I- I see…… You see, this…… Mghh!]



……This tasted so bad that I felt like dying.

The moment I was about to say those words though, for some reason, “another one” was thrown into my mouth.

The unprecedented bad taste that struck me once again triggered my brains defense instincts, and my consciousness rapidly faded away.



[K- Kaito-kun! A- Are you alright! G- Get a grip!]

[……Kuro…… From now on…… taste…… it first……]




As my consciousness fades, I only glanced at her…… The culprit who had imitated Kuro and threw a silver baby castella into my mouth, curiously tilting her head at me.

Shiro-san…… You really are……



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