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Its a mild afternoon, and the warm sunlight streaming in through the window lulls me to sleep.

Under such a comfortable atmosphere, I tilt my teacup filled with tea.

Back on Earth, I was more of a coffee drinker, but since I came to this world, Ive had many opportunities to drink tea, and now Ive become a tea lover to the point where I can somewhat understand the difference between different teas.

Incidentally, todays tea…… is somehow like that.

Errr, a little comforting and I can feel a tinge of sweetness, something like that.

Well, I guess its fine as long as it tastes good.



[Speaking of which, in the end, you havent finished your greetings to everyone before the White God Festival arrived.]

[Yeah, come to think of it, Im still in the middle of greeting the Seven Princesses, right]


You were unable to arrange an appropriate schedule to meet Rose Princess, Great Tree Princess and Cherry Blossom Princess, so were going to meet them after the White God Festival.]

[I see.

Well, theres no need to rush anyway.]




I nodded to Alices words as she sipped her tea, telling me that there was no need to rush.

The greetings to the Six Kings Executives had mostly been completed, and there were still three of the Seven Princesses left.

However, as Alice said, there was no need to meet them before the White God Festival, so it would be fine to calmly meet them after the festival ends.



Incidentally, the White God Festival, the first festival of the God Realm, is less than 10 days away, and no matter where I go these days, people are talking about it.

The other day, it seems that there was a lottery announcement for pre-ordered services and other events to be held in the middle-level, which caused quite a stir.

From what Ive heard, Im allowed to go as long as I want…… but I dont really need to go out of my way to pray to Shiro-san, since I was supposed to go to the Sanctuary in the evening.



[……By the way.

Isnt it about time I throw that tsukkomi at you]

[At what]

[……Why are you “wearing a costume”]



I hadnt been seeing Alice wear that lately.

I mean, shes making her clone wear a stuffed cat costume and she herself hadnt been wearing it, but shes currently wearing a costume.

Im curious how she was drinking tea while in that costume, but more importantly, I was wondering why she was wearing a costume in the first place.



[……Whoa there, please be careful with handling Alice-chan now.

It may explode, you know]

[What will]

[My sense of shame……]

[Youre still caught up about that……]



Apparently, the reason she was wearing the costume was simply that she was embarrassed.

She was still reeling from the previous festival date.

No, even though she did accept the result that I remembered what had happened, that doesnt change the fact that shes feeling embarrassed.

This is indeed a very Alice-like reason, and although I felt bad for her, I thought she looked cute.

With the situation like this, the thought of teasing her slightly budded within my heart.




[ ! ! ]



When I silently murmured, Alice clearly flinched, and seeing her like that, I burst into laughter.



[Pfft…… Ahaha.]

[……Kai~ to~ san~!]

[Im sorry, your reaction is just…… too funny…… Hahaha.]

[This is no laughing matter! This is just too bad for my heart…… Haahhh…… Seriously, Kaito-san, you sometimes turn into an S when it comes to me, you know that]

[Hmmm, now that you mentioned it…… That shows how much I let my guard down around you, I guess]

[Ugghh, thats not fair.

If you say it like that, I wont be able to complain anymore……]



I am rather aware of what Alice has said.

Ive been friends with Alice since before we became lovers, so in a way, shes probably the person I can talk to most honestly.

Also, her reactions are just so cute that I couldnt help teasing her.



[……Even so, it would be great if we could go, just the two of us.

To the beach, I mean.]

[……Youre right.]



Its not like I mean to urge her, and what I said was just to break the ice.

But hearing my words, Alice extinguished her costume…… and not wearing her mask, she turned towards me.

As if shes feeling embarrassed, her cheeks were blushing red, but the light dwelling in her eyes was strong…… I felt as if she was somewhat filled with determination.



[……Well, ummm…… I wouldnt make you wait long.]

[……I see.]

[Even though what happened then was out of my expectations, I think that incident raised my experience in love a little bit, and I feel like I can be a little bit more aggressive now…… but the fact that Im still a sh*tty noob when it comes to love hasnt changed, so I hope Kaito-san would go easy on me!!!]

[No, like I said…… the second half of what you said isnt something you vigorously declare.]



Seeing Alice puffing out her chest and describing herself a small fry when it comes to love, I couldnt help but chuckle.

Seriously, how should I say this…… Its just like Alice.



[Hey, Alice.

I have one request for when that time comes……]

[What is it It depends on what youre going to ask.]

[When were going to the beach, Id like to see Alice in a regular swimsuit.]

[Ughhh…… I- Its come to this huh……]



Its not that Im saying that it wont do if shes not wearing a bikini…… but the last time we all went swimming together, she wore a swimsuit that minimized the exposure of her skin to the utmost limit, so Id like to see Alice in a cute swimsuit.

Alice looked troubled when she heard my request, but after a while, she shyly muttered.



[……I see, its just, that swimsuit…… please buy me one.]

[In that case, lets go shopping together sometime.]

[Alright…… Ahh, but I wont wear anything too revealing, okay!!!]

[I know that.]



As I said that with a smile, I thought back to Alices words earlier.

Indeed, that festival date would probably be a pretty good opportunity for both Alice and me.

At the very least…… I felt much closer to Alice than I had before.




















Serious-senpai : [……The heck is this hell.]

: [Now, now, the next arc would be about the White God Festival, so you can probably get some rest, you know]

Serious-senpai : [Whats with that nonchalant look on your face, b*stard! How dare you act like that even though youre flirting like heck earlier…… From start to finish, its just filled with sugar…… This is just hell……]

: [Isnt it just like usual]

Serious-senpai : [……Its hell like usual.]



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