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It was finally the day of the White God Festival, the first festival hosted by the God Realm, and our group that would be attending the festival were heading to the God Realm as planned.

We can basically teleport to the God Realm from the gates near the temple, but the temple gates are small and considering the number of people visiting the God Realm today, its highly likely that it will be very crowded.

Thus, they have adjusted it so that you can teleport to the God Realm from all the gates today only.



[Even so, it would still be pretty crowded, wouldnt it They would have something like a waiting list, right]

[No, I think well be fine…… Miyama-sama is with us after all.]



Hearing Luna-sans response to Hina-chans murmur, everyone else nodded in agreement.



[Indeed, they probably wont make Kaito-san line up…… but Kaito-san, have you heard anything regarding this]

[Unnn Ahh, I havent been told to go anywhere in particular, so should we just head to the nearest gate We could also use my Teleportation Magic Tool…… but the Teleportation point I had registered was in the upper-level.]



Even though Aoi-chan asked that, all I heard was that Ill be spending time with Shiro-san in the Sanctuary after 6 pm, and that someone will be my guide once I reach the middle-level.

I havent received any other specific instructions.



[Lets head for the gate! Putting aside Kaito-san, as expected, I dont think its a good idea to thoughtlessly step into the upper-level……]



After Lilia-san flusteredly said this, we headed for the gate closest to our home as we originally planned.

Incidentally, I told Lilia-san that God of Sky will arrive to guide us in the middle-level.

Although she had this indescribable expression on her face…… It seemed like she had anticipated the possibility of someone guiding us, so she didnt faint.

Well, she did mutter “Its usually not so easy to meet a High-ranking God…… but I guess its already too late for that”.








After a short ride in the two carriages that Lilia-san had prepared for us, we arrived at the gate we were heading for…… but as we had expected, there really were quite a lot of people here.



[……Master, I think wed better get down and walk instead.]


Lilia-sans carriage has also stopped, so shed probably get off and walk, so lets get off too.]



Nodding to Anima, who had judged that it would be difficult for our carriage to advance with all the people around, I called out to the three other people riding within our carriage, Eta, Theta and Caraway.

After they quickly made their preparations, we descended from our carriage…… but then, for some reason, the scenery switched.

It seems like we were indoors, but in the middle of that large empty space, we met up with someone familiar.



[Mhmm Youve finally arrived.]

[Chronois-san This place is]

[Ahh, this is the guest room of my temple.

I made it so that when Miyama and the others arrived near a gate, you would be automatically teleported here.

If you are riding in a carriage, you will be teleported when you get off.]



When she told me this, I looked around and saw Lilia-san and the others in the other carriage, seemingly also teleported here.

How should I say this…… In the end, we still got teleported to the upper level……

As I was thinking about this, Chronois-san approached Lilia-san and handed her a small booklet.



[Lilia, representing everyone here, I give you this.

Heres a guide to the festival.

This is the latest version and its slightly different from the one I gave you beforehand, so take a look at it when you go around.

Ill give you a copy for everyone.]

[T- Thank you very much.

Ummm, Chronois-sama…… What should we do after this]

[If you go out of my temple, you will be teleported to the entrance of the lower level venue.

If anything happens, call out to a nearby God.

All of them firmly remembered Miyama and your groups faces, so theyll quickly come to your aid.]

[……I- I see.]



Hearing that all the Gods remember not only my face, but even Lilia-san and the others, Lilia-san lightly held her stomach and nodded.



[……Aoi-senpai, as expected of Kaito-senpai.

Its the VIP treatment there.

Hes getting a super VIP treatment.]

[Rather, I think theyre still holding back.

Considering that hes Shallow Vernal-samas lover, it wouldnt be surprising if he was getting treatment even more absurd than this, but knowing that Kaito-san would feel adverse from that, theyre probably holding themselves from doing that.]



I certainly am prepared for some of the Gods to follow me wherever I go, but I was really relieved to see that they took that into consideration.

Its just a hunch, but I felt like Fate-san really did great this time.



[Ahh, I forgot to mention this earlier, but your group is free to enter the upper level.

If you want to take a break, you can come to the upper level and rest.

The others have also known about this.]

[I- I understand.

Thank you…… for your concern.]

[I understand how you feel, but dont worry, Lilia.

Ive already made sure that the special treatment would be kept to a certain level, so you dont have to worry about situations beyond your imagination.

If something happens, Ill follow up on it, so dont be afraid and have fun.]

[C- Chronois-sama……]



As expected, it seems that Chronois-san is well aware of Lilia-sans hardships and promised to follow up on her in case something happens.

Hearing Chronois-sans words, a relieved expression appears on Lilia-sans face…… but doesnt it feel like Im being perceived as some sort of trouble maker Im being discredited here.



Its just…… Unfortunately, I dont have any factors that could prove them wrong, so I could only accept it……




















Lilia and the others : [……Something will definitely happen.]

Chronois : [……Something will definitely happen.]

Alice-chan : [……Something will definitely happen.]

Serious-senpai : [……Theres no way nothing will happen.]




Here shows their passionate trust to Kaito.



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