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While eating a crispy and tasty Danish taiyaki, we walked together and looked at the stalls that someone would be interested in.

It was usually Hina-chan, Luna-san or Caraway who suggested that we stop by a stall, and we were having fun watching the active members of the group.



Thereupon, I suddenly felt a light tug on my clothes, and when I turned around, I saw Sieg-san with a puzzled look on her face.



[Sieg-san Is something the matter]

[……Kaito-san, look over there.]

[Errr…… She does look awfully familiar.]


Moreover, I cant see the two that should be beside her.]



When I looked towards the direction Sieg-san was pointing at, I saw a tall woman in a suit-like outfit in front of a stall that looked like target shooting…… Tre-san.

Lets put aside how were in a festival, and even though the likelihood of stumbling upon someone in the lower-level is quite outrageous, lets also put that aside.

The problem here was that I couldnt see Cento-san and Cien-san, who were supposed to be with Tre-san.

Understanding what this situation means, Sieg-san and I exchanged glances and nodded.



Then, after letting Lilia-san and the others know, I quickly sent a hummingbird to Cento-san and Cien-san before approaching Tre-san.

When I got close, I noticed that Tre-san was in the middle of playing target shooting…… and to my surprise, she was shooting down one prize after another without missing a single shot.



[……Nice shots.

Do you play a lot]

[No, this is the first time Ive played this, but aint I amazing Im totally good at this…… Wait, arehh Kaito What a coincidence! Isnt this totally fate Wanna start an affair with me]

[No, thank you.]

[Thats strange, did I not have enough Afexion points ……Kuromu-sama told me that it will naturally increase if I naturally meet you, but I just couldnt get that ebent to happen.]



Well, I was thinking that in a way, this could be considered as an event, but looking at Tre-san, who was still the same as ever, I couldnt help but let out a sigh.



[Hello, Tre-san.]

[Ah, Sieg! Yahooo~~ On a date with Kaito Im so envious, I want to go on a date with him too.]

[Its more like everyones come to play.

By the way, Tre-san…… Wheres Cento-san and Cien-san]

[I slipped away from them.

Well, there are so many people so I guess it couldnt be helped.

Well meet up soon enough!]



Seeing her being super optimistic as usual, I couldnt help but wryly smile along with Sieg-san.



[Do you remember…… where you last saw them]

[Ahh, that I remember.

Its here on the middle-level! Saying that it was easy to get separated here in the lower-level, the two of them carried me here…… but I quickly slipped out of them and ended up getting lost.



[Its quite mysterious though.

The scenery here looks different from the middle-level I know of.]

[……This is the lower-level after all.]



Im not sure if someone of her stature should really be acting cutely like that, but since shes a beauty to begin with, acting like that surprisingly looks good on her…..

No, that aside, how in the heck did she get from the middle-level to the Teleportation point in the lower-level

(T/N: What shes doing there is like that tongue-sticking-out emoji.

Its just hard to describe it in english.)

At that moment, a hummingbird was sent back by Cento-san and Cien-san.

Looking at the contents, they seem to be thanking me for contacting them…… but it seems like there were too many people that theyre unable to head here right away, so they asked us to watch over Tre-san for a little while, if possible, to make sure she didnt go anywhere.

After looking at the contents together with Sieg-san, we nodded at each other and spoke to Tre-san.



[……Tre-san, we have a suggestion.]

[What is it, Sieg]

[I guess meeting here must be some sort of fate, so why dont you come with us Were planning to head to the middle-level after we go around the lower-level to some extent, so it will also be easier to meet up with Cento-san and Cien-san.]

[Ohh, that sounds great! Unnn, if its okay with you two, by all means! Well~~ Everythings always fun when youre doing it with someone!]



For the time being, we couldnt leave Tre-san alone, so Sieg-san suggested that we go around together, and she immediately agreed.

She seemed to be very excited, so I think shed be a good match with Hina-chan, who is currently very excited about the festival.



It was a bit unexpected, but when I went back and explained the situation, Lilia-san and the others readily agreed, and we decided to go around together with Tre-san.

Tre-san is a very communicative person, so shell get along with everyone, so I guess I can be relieved for now……




[Kaito-san Is something the matter]

[Ah~~ Im sorry, please wait a bit.]



Just when I thought I could be relieved for the moment, I caught sight of a certain someone out of the corner of my eye…… Rather than someone who wasnt supposed to be on occasions like this, its more like shes someone whos extremely worried when shes on occasions like this.

Well aware that I probably looked astounded right now, I approached the person and called out to her.



[……Perhaps, did you got lost, “Fors-san”]

[Ohh, how lucky I am! Youre always there whenever Im in trouble.

Its like youre my savior.

No, the word “like” isnt appropriate here.

You did save me already before, and are now here to save me again, you definitely are my savior.

Ahh, sorry for the delay in answering your question.

Just meeting you here makes me feel overwhelmed with emotions…….

Of course, Im lost, and I need your help.]



Seriously, one pops up after another, what the heck is going on here…… To have met two stray children even though we just arrived at the White God Festival, how should I say this…… Im worried about the future.




















New Party Member ①: The Optimistic Onee-chan who slipped away from her group and quickly retrieved the flag.

New Party Member ②: The Directionally-Challenged Maddo Scientisto who was most definitely invited to participate by Laguna.



Serious-senpai : [……The speed at which Kaito collects flags……]


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