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995 - Intermission : The Rose Lady

White God Festival, in the middle-level, which was crowded with many people, there was a woman in one corner where a beautiful flower bed was made with flowers from the Gods Realm.

She had long, loosely curled golden hair, beautiful but piercing red eyes, a red rose hair ornament, and a crimson dress that looked like she was attending a dance party.

She had her arms crossed in front of her ample breasts and a stern expression on her face, as if she was glaring at her surroundings.

She was undoubtedly a beautiful woman in appearance, but the extremely sharp atmosphere around her made it difficult for others to approach her.



[……Could she be……]

[It looked like she’s in a bad mood though, so it’s better if we stay away……]



The other participants who were passing by left the scene quickly, as if intimidated by the woman.

As the woman continued to glare at the scene with a grim expression on her face, a person approached her.



[……I’ve returned.

Is everything alright, “Eri”]




Approaching her is someone who looked like you’d lose her in the crowd…… A woman who looks plain as opposed to the woman with a flashy appearance……  The Grass Flower Princess, Camellia, apologizes while calling out to the blonde woman.

The blonde woman named Eri…… One of the World King’s Executive Subordinates, the Seven Princesses, the Rose Princess, Rosemary gave Camellia a sharp glance before she grasped her shoulder.

Then, pulling her face close to Camellia’s ear, she whispered in a small voice.



[Y- Y- You’re late, Lia…… I- I thought I’d faint here.]


[……No, I just took off for a few minutes to buy some flowers…… Is even standing in place here no good]



Rosemary speaks in a small, mosquito-like voice, unimaginable from her flamboyant appearance, Camellia smiles as she responds.

Thereupon, with the same expression still on her face, Rosemary repeatedly glanced from one direction to another.



[……Impossible, that’s impossipossipossipossible…… T- T- T- There are lots of strangers around…….

I feel like puking.]

[As usual, your expression and voice don’t match……]

[I- I- In the first place, i- i- it’s a mistake to come to t- t- this kind of hellhole.]

[……N- No, isn’t it you who wanted to go and invited me here, Eri]



Despite the grim expression on her face, her voice sounded like she was about to cry, and when Camellia heard her, she had an indescribable expression on her face.

Yes, in the first place, Camellia participated in the White God Festival because she was invited by Rosemary.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have planned to come.



[I wanted to see the flowers of the God Realm, but I- I- I didn’t think there would be so many people here……]

[……I was planning to get some major clean-up today but……]

[I- If Lia doesn’t come, t- there’s no way I’ll be able to come here by myself…… If it’s cleaning up, I’ll help you next time.]



The flamboyant-looking Rosemary and the plain-looking Camellia have always been good friends, and among the Seven Princess, they are the closest of friends with each other.

Rosemary, despite her flamboyant appearance, is quite shy and reserved, and her constant grim expression is just her face frozen in anxiousness.



Rosemary, who is quite fond of flowers even among the spirits, decided to participate in the White God Festival because she wanted to see the flowers that exist only in the God Realm, which she doesn’t have the chance to visit often.

However, Rosemary is unable to even converse with people she met for the first time, so she asked her best friend Camellia for help and joined the festival together with her.



[The flowers here were wonderful, but the ones Eri wanted to see weren’t here, right]

[U- Unnn…… I heard that the flowers that normally bloom only in the Sanctuary are on s- special exhibition today……]

[If it’s flowers from the Sanctuary, it’s likely that they would be exhibited in a more secure area.

With that being the case, it may be located around the area for the wealthy.]

[I- I see, t- then, let’s go there…… Lia, please walk in front of me…… I’m scared.]

[I hope it’s a place where you don’t have to request entry in advance……]



With a slight expression of dismay on her face as she whispered to Rosemary, Camellia walked off while looking at the information booklet.

With a sharp expression on her face, Rosemary followed behind her…… Of course, she’s inwardly slightly panicking at the sheer number of people in this venue.



[Even so, I guess I’m also curious about the flowers in the Sanctuary.

During that battle back then, they apparently moved them somewhere so that they wouldn’t get damaged, so I wasn’t able to see them.]

[U- Unnn…… It’s rumored that there are many flowers there that aren’t found in the Human or Demon Realm.

I don’t know how many kinds of flowers they would display, but I’m looking forward to it…… E- Even just once, I wish I could see the flower garden in the Sanctuary.]

[That would be difficult.

Even Lillywood-sama said that she had only heard about them from the Supreme Gods, but she had never actually seen one.]

[T- That’s unfortunate…… H- However, I’m also looking forward to seeing the flowers we’ll see today.]

[Fufufu, I guess so.

I hope we get to see some beautiful flowers.]



Rosemary’s expression was still grim, but her voice was a little more lively, and hearing her voice, Camellia also smiled as she continued on their way.
















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