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The sound of pages being turned over, pens writing, and curtains rustling from the wind was all there was as everybody worked silently in this quiet library without any conversation.


In the middle of all this, I was doing something a little different from those around me.

I just kept staring at my two best friends writing something on their notebooks in front of me, then nodding their heads in satisfaction as they confirmed with the textbook.


Although they invited me to teach them, I couldn't play my role because of my stupid suggestion to hold it in the library.

However, I was optimistic, thinking that this was a rather good situation.


Yes, two well-matched couple doing their best to study.

This could a page of our youth.

It was stored in a permanent folder in my brain.

Good job, past me! I wanted to shout that loudly, but that wish couldn't be fulfilled here.

So, I just kept staring.


Come to think of it, recalling back to my middle school days, we never studied in places like this.

Self-study sessions, maybe I remembered there being classes like that, but our seats were so far apart that we ended up reading by ourselves.


While reminiscing about these kinds of things, I wasn't in the mood to study, and so I waited until they attempt to communicate with me.


After a while, Tasuku handed me a piece of paper he had written something on.


"You don't seem too busy."


I wasn't idle, Tasuku-kun.

Your teacher (temporary) was still storing this scene into his brain.

But he wouldn't be able to read the voice inside my heart, so I wrote a reply on the blank space on that paper and returned it.


"Because even if I wanted to teach you, I wouldn't be able to talk here.

I'll tell you the solutions and how to answer later, so just keep going."

”Understood, Hiro-sensei.”

"How obedient.

I'll buy you a meat bun on the way home. ☆"

"(*´ω`*) Thanks."


"――― Pfft."


I couldn't help but inadvertently let out a breath at the unexpected kaomoji on the reply.

Oh no.

My stomach was about to twist off from holding my laugh so hard.

As I held my mouth and desperately tried to stifle my voice, this time, Ayane handed out a piece of paper to me.


"\(*´ω`*)/ Hiro-sensei."





Fuu, my laughter receded.

My sense of humor wasn't too shallow to laugh the second time again.

You misunderstood me.

Seeing me like this, Ayane looked puzzled, tilting her head as she whispered.

Or rather, you were still in situation where you had to ask me to teach you.

Concentrate on your studies.


"I won't buy you a meat bun on the way home if you mess around, young lady."

"It'll make me fat, so I don't need it."


T-this girl!


The smirking Ayane probably just wanted to get in of the exchange between me and Tasuku.

For that, I would buy Ayane her favorite shortcake, along with the meat buns for Tasuku.

Fuhaha, I could just picture her figure screaming as she stood on the weighing scale.


While imaging the fun that laid ahead, I continued observing the two of them.




The three of us were now on our way home.

There was nothing new after that, and the two of them continued on with their studies, concentrating.

No one ever sat near or spoke to us.


As I was staring at the two, I came up with something.

Of course, it was about that support.

It was called, 'Operation Relationship to be Admired by Students Around Them'.


I had the idea after seeing the atmosphere in the library today, with students pretending to read books as they observed the two from a distance.

I looked around from time to time, and the fact that many students were making eye contact with me was the best proof of this.

And probably, or rather, with absolute certainty, they had a look in their eyes as if thinking, 'Those two...I wonder what kind of relationship they had.

Ah, I met eyes with that strange guy.

Oh no.'

By the time my eyes met with them, was I as transparent as air in their gazes, or were Tasuku's and Ayane's presence so strong that they overshadowed mine I just hoped it was the latter.


While thinking about what kind of problems might happen, I spotted a convenience store out of the corner of my eye.


"Tasuku, I'll buy you that meat bun as promised."



Tasuku responded with a v-sign, expressionless.

He did a unique gesture.

I wonder if he wanted to use something he found on the internet.


"I don't need a meat bun."

"Ah, since Ayane worked so hard, I'll buy you your favorite shortcake."

"Really! Wow~, which one should I pick~"


In contrast to the blank-looking Tasuku, Ayane entered the store enthusiastically.

Just according to plan[1], and so I had a smile on my face, thinking that.


Side note, Ayane didn't hesitate to pick the most expensive shortcake.




After taking a bath, I checked my phone and saw a missed call and a large number of messages.

That last one I read had...


"I will remember this."


Simple words that were so far from the usual Ayane.

Something must have happened.

Of course, I had an idea as to what it was, but I wasn't the one to blame.


"Let's exercise well (lol)"


Immediately after, I was sent a barrage of angry stamps.

Seeing that, I snickered.

To begin with, she wouldn't gain enough weight in one day to be that concerned about it.


⸻⸻⸻ (ノ*ФωФ)ノ ⸻⸻⸻ [1] Keikaku means plan.  TN Notes: Sorry for the late upload.

Was busy with academics.-

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