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I Went Back in Time and Became Otherworldly Handsome Gambling For Money!

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Xiang Feng shifted his weight impatiently, his eyes darting around the bustling market. He could smell the fragrant spices and hear the chatter of locals haggling over prices. Guo Xiaoli, however, seemed oblivious to Xiang Fengs desire to leave. She grabbed his arm, her voice full of enthusiasm as she chattered away, engaging him in conversation. Xiang Feng sighed; he didn want to be rude and so he endured the conversation, though his mind was elsewhere.

Xiang Feng was aware of the girls interest in him, but it was only due to his physical appearance. If he still retained his former, unpleasant visage, Guo Xiaoli would have disregarded him entirely. He didn care, if she wanted him only for his looks, he was happy to return the favor. He wanted someone to have fun with, and she seemed like the perfect candidate.

Guo Xiaolis gaze was full of yearning as she queried Xiang Feng, her voice a gentle plea, "Will I see you tomorrow then?" He nodded solemnly in response, "Yes, Im free." Taking her proffered phone number, he held it delicately between his fingers, and the other girls in the vicinity looked on with a deep envy, their whispers of discontentment growing louder.

Guo Xiaoli felt a wave of joy wash through her when Xiang Feng agreed to accompany her on their date the following day. She was so elated she felt as if she could jump a hole in the air. With a broad smile she bid him farewell and departed, eagerly looking forward to their rendezvous.

As he made his way through the streets, he noticed with surprise and pleasure that the young women he passed by were no longer avoiding him with their old haughty indifference. Rather, many of them would greet him with a smile or a friendly nod, a transformation that had come about due to his newfound, more attractive appearance. He was taken aback by this sudden change, and could not help but feel a warm, pleasant glow of satisfaction as he walked on.

Xiang Feng disregarded the gazes of the people in the marketplace, and set off to purchase the items his mother requested. Much to his astonishment, he found that many of the vendors were offering him the items without charge, claiming that a young man of his handsome appearance deserved such a gift. He chuckled to himself, reflecting upon the benefits of being attractive.

When Xiang Feng was making his way back home, he suddenly stumbled into someone he recognized. The boy was a figure from his past, someone who had bullied him relentlessly when he was still fat and ugly. As soon as the boy realized he had bumped into someone, he reacted with aggression. "What the ** dude?" he shouted, trying to shove Xiang Feng away. But when he took a closer look at the tall, muscular figure in front of him, he suddenly changed his demeanor and said, "I was just joking," before hastily attempting to make his escape.

Xiang Feng grabbed the boy by his shirt and hoisted the boy up, holding him aloft in the air before hurling him with tremendous force against the wall. The boys body made a sickening thud against the unforgiving surface, and a sickening spurt of blood escaped his lips as he coughed.

The passerby stared in disbelief, unable to comprehend the sheer strength that had been demonstrated.

As the boy lay there, unable to move and struggling to breathe, he waited in terror for the next onslaught from this formidable stranger; yet, against all expectations, it never arrived. Instead, Xiang Feng hovered above him, a menacing presence, and uttered a single, gruff sentence: "Get the ** out".

In that moment, the boys fear was palpable, and he was overwhelmed by a profound realization that he could not afford to cross this powerful figure. With trembling limbs, he scrambled to his feet and fled, as if driven by a powerful wind.

As the boy dashed away from the scene, Xiang Feng did not pay any heed to the stares and murmurs of the gathering crowd, instead turning his attention to the path ahead of him. With a determined stride, he set off in the direction of home, hoping that this time he would make it there without any further impediments in his path. His heart was filled with a sense of determination that made his steps all the more resolute.

Xiang Feng arrived home in the late afternoon, weary from his long journey to the market. He had been gone for hours, but he was pleased to find that he had been able to acquire all the items his mother had requested of him. His father was seated in the armchair, engrossed in the newspaper, and his sister was not yet home.

He queried his father, inquiring after Yanyus whereabouts. His father, however, remained silent, yet his mother responded with a gentle assurance, "I believe she went outside for a stroll; she will be back soon." Xiang Feng did not give the matter much consideration, content to accept it as it was. His confidence in his sisters intelligence was unshakeable; he trusted her implicitly. After all, she was an intelligent young woman.

Xiang Feng trudged up the stairs to his room, feeling a twinge of nostalgia as he remembered how this same staircase had been a part of his life for so many years. Once inside, he settled into his chair, the familiar feeling of comfort washing over him. He glanced to the side and saw his old computer, the one he had used countless times in his youth. He had a fondness for it, despite its age and slowness in comparison to current technology. In its prime, it had been quite fast and he had enjoyed pushing it to its limits. Now, however, it was time to start it up again. He punched the power button and the machine whirred to life. As he waited for it to boot up, he reflected on the memories of his past that this computer had stored away.

Xiang Feng peered at the computer screen before him, illuminated by the soft glow of its monitor. His keen eyes spotted the familiar logo of Windows 3.1, installed and ready for use. He could not help but remember the days when this operating system was the pinnacle of modern computing, with its intuitive interface and user-friendly design. He felt a wave of nostalgia wash over him as he thought back to a simpler time.

On his computer, there were a plethora of games installed. From games like World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, to games such as Fallout 3, and Left 4 Dead. He couldn help but cringe at the sight of each game, a reminder of the time he had wasted in his youth. Upon opening some of them, he was astonished to find that all of his characters had the highest level of equipment.

Xiang Feng sat at his computer, his fingers hovering over the keys as he stared at the blank screen. He had wasted too much time in the past, and now he was determined to make it right. He was not here to be lulled into a dreamy state by his memories, but to check his bank account and make some money. Grim determination seized his features, and he punched a few keys, bringing up his financial information. A few clicks later, he was staring at a number. A number that could make all the difference in his future. He had wasted enough time in the past, and now he wanted to correct it.

He had a grand total of 10,000 RMB in his bank account, a truly remarkable sum of money for a young man of his tender years. It was a large enough amount to make him feel both excited and slightly apprehensive; He knew he must be careful with it, and he was determined to make wise decisions with how he chose to spend it.

Xiang Feng pondered the simplest way he could fathom to make money in the present moment. He considered purchasing Bitcoins, yet he realized they would only bring him a return many years down the line. He desired a method that he could utilize to instantly bring in an income.

He racked his brain trying to remember any stocks that could potentially become valuable, but nothing came to mind. With a frustrated sigh, he muttered a curse under his breath. "Damn it all," he said, shaking his head in disbelief at his own stupidity.

Xiang Feng suddenly remembered that he could take a gamble on something, namely the results of the 2008 Olympic Games, which were being held in his home country of China. He had been a fan of the Games for many years, and he was particularly obsessed with the results of the Chinese athletes. He thought that if he could accurately predict some of the outcomes, hed be in for a big payday. He was determined to make the most of this opportunity.

Xiang Feng had a plan. Hed scoured the web for any gambling sites that allowed predictions on the upcoming Olympic Games. With each bet, the initial stake would be multiplied, depending on the odds.

Hed found a few competitions, but the first one hed set his sights on was swimming. He wagered 10,000 RMB on Liu Zige, a swimmer who was to compete in the 200 meter butterfly. The ratio was 1:10, meaning if Xiang Fengs prediction proved correct, hed be rewarded with a massive 100,000 RMB! But if his memory should prove to be not as reliable as he had believed it to be, then he would find himself in the unfortunate position of losing all of his hard-earned money.

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