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Chapter 12: Shes Here To Ask For Money! Does She Have to Care About Someones Face

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The Fu family employees were very polite to Shi Qian and did not dare to slight her at all.

This touched Shi Qians heart.

It was a feeling of being respected.

“Brother Jiang Feng, I want to go to Yushui Bay. Can you send me there” Shi Qian asked softly.

“Okay!” Jiang Feng immediately nodded.

An hour later, the car drove into the Imperial Water Bay District.

It was the same low-key Volkswagen.

From the outside, it looked ordinary.

However, after Shi Qian sat inside, she felt like he had gotten into the wrong car.

The interior was too luxurious and comfortable!

Except for the logo, maybe this car had nothing to do with the car she was familiar with.

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The car stopped in front of the Lin familys villa.

“Young Madam, do you need me to go in with you” Jiang Feng asked softly.

“No, wait here for me. Ill be out in a minute.” Shi Qian pushed the door and got out of the car.

The door of the Lin familys house was closed. She pressed the doorbell.

The door was opened by the Lin familys nanny.

When he saw Shi Qian, he immediately revealed a disdainful expression.

“Im looking for Su Youwei,” Shi Qian said coldly.

“Now that the Lin family has an esteemed guest, its not convenient for them to receive you. Wait outside first!”

The nanny started to close the door.

Shi Qian pushed the door open forcefully!

Im not here to beg today!

Was there a need to see the attitude of a nanny!

Caught off guard, the nanny screamed in pain when the door hit her nose.

Inside the house, the two families were chatting happily.

A scream broke the harmony.

“Mr. and Madam Son, Ill go and see whats going on.” Su Youwei stood up and walked out.

Inside the house, the conversation continued.

“Shiming, I didnt expect Cloud City to change so drastically in just ten years. Youve also become the richest man in Cloud City.”

“Old Song, are you mocking me Youre doing so well overseas. I heard that you own a biological company thats all about cutting-edge technology. Moreover, my nephew, Song Yan, is a top researcher in the world. How can I compare to you Im just an upstart.”

“Youre too kind, too kind!”

Su Youwei walked out and her face darkened when she saw Shi Qian.

Why was she here so quickly

Did you get your certificate in half a day

That Fu family was really afraid that this fatty meat would run away!

They thought that by letting Shi Qian marry into their family, they would be able to build a relationship with the Lin family. This wishful thinking was destined to be in vain!

“There are guests around today, so its not convenient to talk about you. Come back another day.” Su Youwei directly chased her away.

“Are you trying to deny it” Shi Qian questioned coldly.

“Deny The money is mine. If I say Ill give it to you, Ill give it to you. If I say I wont give it to you, I wont give it to you. Do you think you can come and snatch it” Su Youwei crossed her arms with a sneer on her face.

“Shi Qian, you have to thank me for finding you such a good marriage!”

Shi Qian went forward to pull Su Youweis hair! His speed was so fast that Su Youwei was caught off guard.

Su Youwei lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Her scalp was almost pulled off!

Shi Qian ignored her and dragged her into the house by her hair.

The few people sitting in the living room were shocked when they saw this!

“Shi Qian! What are you doing! Stop!” Lin Shiming shouted.

Shi Qian grabbed Su Youwei with one hand and took out her phone with the other to play yesterdays recording.

“But Auntie has a way of getting you five hundred thousand.”

“What way”

“Your grandfather had a good friend—”

“If you get a marriage certificate with that person, you dont have to look for your father for this 500,000 yuan. Auntie will compensate you with her own money. However, before you see the marriage certificate, dont even think about getting a single cent!”

Listening to these recordings, Su Youweis expression turned extremely ugly.


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