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Chapter 15: Tonight Is Our Wedding Night

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Song Yan suddenly reacted and immediately pushed Lin Qinghe away to chase after her.

“Qian Qian, dont go!”

“Song Yan!”

“Brother Yan!” Madam Song and Lin Qinghe called out at the same time.

Song Yan caught up to the exit of the neighborhood and could only see the car merge into the traffic.

“Qian Qian!” He shouted in the direction the car had disappeared.

Shi Qian leaned back in her chair and slowly closed her eyes.

An image flashed in her mind.

“Qian Qian, I am going overseas. You cant see me often in the future. Without Brother Song Yan around, you have to take care of yourself, okay”

“Brother Song Yan, can you not leave I dont want you to leave.”

“Does Qian Qian want to be with Song Yan forever”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then Brother Song Yan, when Qian Qian grows up, can you marry me This way, we wont have to be separated for the rest of our lives.”

“Id like that!”

“Is Qian Qian really willing to marry Brother Song Yan”

“Im willing. As long as I can be with Brother Song Yan, Im willing!”

“Alright, weve agreed that Qian Qian will wait for Brother Song Yan!”

Those words were originally blurred in her memory.

Seeing Song Yan today, these memories were awakened and clear again.

She couldnt help but remember the kiss Song Yan had placed between her brows.

“I want a stamp first. With this mark, Shi Qian is mine.”

That kiss had meant nothing when she was ten.

However, as she grew older, it accompanied her through her youth.

She would be unable to stop herself from wondering what had become of the young man.

She would also wonder if she would ever see him again in her life.

Shi Qian opened his eyes slowly, not wanting to sink into the memory.

She could no longer have anything to do with Song Yan.

It was just some childhood jokes, like playing house.

How could it be considered an oath of allegiance

Thinking about the suffering her mother had gone through when she was discovered to be ill, all the grievances welled up in her heart and tears fell uncontrollably.

She immediately reached up to wipe them away.

However, the more she wiped them, the more there were.

She simply gave up and cried her heart out.

Jiang Feng drove forward without any purpose.

Every now and then he glanced in the rearview mirror.

He wondered what had happened after Young Madam went in.

If he had known, he would have followed her in.

He had seen the Lin family before.

It felt like none of them were good!

Young Madam must have suffered a huge grievance!

An unknown fire rose in his heart. He wanted to rush back to the Lin family and deal with those scumbags.

Finally, Shi Qian stopped crying.

“Young Madam, where are we going now” Jiang Feng asked softly.

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“Please take me to the hospital. Ill make arrangements there, and then Ill go to my rental house to return it.”

“Okay.” Jiang Feng nodded.

By the time she was done, it was evening.

Aat the hospital, not only had she paid her debt, but she had also helped her mother change to a single ward.

In the meantime, she would let her mother recuperate in the hospital.

As long as she was pregnant with Fu Sinians child, her mother could go to the Imperial Capital for surgery.

This money was all from Madam Fu.

She was grateful to the Fu family.

Shi Qian pulled a suitcase back to Fu Sinians room.

What she saw stunned her!

When she was there, the room was furnished normally.

How had the room become like this in just a few hours

How was this a ward This was practically a bridal chamber!


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