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Chapter 5: Fantasy, Destroyed

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Shi Qian was not a skinny beauty.

Instead, she was curvy in all the right places, and not fat at places where she shouldnt be.

According to others, her flesh knew where to grow but theirs had a mind of its own.

Shi Qian picked up a rubber band and tied it into a low ponytail.

She smiled at himself in the mirror.

That smile was gentle and tenacious.

“Shi Qian. Everything will be fine.” She let out a shaky breath.

… .

Dongfang Shuiyun was a Chinese restaurant.

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It was one of the most luxurious and expensive restaurants in Cloud City.

There was no booking in advance no matter who you were.

Even Su Youwei was not a regular here.

“Mom, who is that woman How can she book a place at Dongfang Shuiyun” Lin Qinghe wondered.

“He thinks that our Lin family is the richest family in Cloud City and wants to marry our Lin familys daughter, so hes trying to puff himself up at his own cost! Who knows how this room came about!” Su Youwei guessed.

“Thats true.” Lin Qinghe nodded. “They must have thought that I was the one involved in the marriage, so they decided on Dongfang Shuiyun!”

“A vegetable wants to marry my daughter Dream on!”

Outside, Shi Qian parked a shared bike and looked up.

This was a place where nobles gathered in Cloud City.

As a child, she had visited two or three times.

She was about to step inside when his phone rang.

“Hello, is this the Beached Whale” said an unfamiliar male voice on the phone.

Shi Qian was slightly taken aback. She saw that it was an unknown number and felt defensive.

“Who are you How did you find my contact information”

Her voice was still a little hoarse. It was different from the pure and calming voice on the livestream.

On the live broadcast, her voice could stir up a raging fire at any moment.

When she coaxed people to sleep, her voice could seep into their hearts again and keep tickling their hearts with a small feather!

Every sound of her voice made ones imagination run wild.

Or relax, nervous or excited…

They couldnt stop themselves.

But what was this!

Jiang Feng couldnt help but think to himself, In this day and age, breasts are fake, and faces are fake. How can a voice be fake

His initial thoughts were destroyed!

“Who the hell are you What do you want from me” Shi Qian tried to ask patiently.

“Are you still live-streaming tonight Ill give you rockets. As long as you live-stream every day, Ill give you rockets every day!” Jiang Feng had already given up on finding a real person.

Id rather listen to the live broadcast. Wouldnt it be better if I didnt freeload

He was afraid that when he found the real person, her voice wouldnt be the only thing that was fake.

It would be bad if she were a muscular Barbie!

“Its my freedom to broadcast whenever I want! Youre already harassing me!” Shi Qian hung up and blocked the number.

Jiang Feng called again, but he couldnt get through.

Was he blocked

He could not help but look at the unconscious Young Master Fu on the bed.

What was he going to do

Did he screw this up

Shi Qian pocketed her phone and walked to the door.

The hostess politely stepped forward. “Excuse me, miss, but which room are you in”

Shi Qian was surprised.

She actually didnt receive any cold stares dressed like this.

It seemed that Dongfang Shuiyuns service over the years was still the same.

After all, it was a place where nobles gathered. Who would want to make their presence known here

“Linshuipan.” Shi Qian told her the room name.

“Please follow me, young lady.”


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