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(Luke Belrio’s POV)

The Imperial Chief Doctor, Luke Belrio, couldn’t believe what he discovered at first.

This was because it was something that could and should never have happened.

‘Don’t worry about me, just take care of yourself.

You’re suffering a lot because of a fake patient.’

Lindel was a very nice person.

Ordinary patients would visit the priest for the first time and beg them to save them.

But when the priest fail to cure them, they would threaten the priest or cause a riot.

Of course, it’s understandable.

Death and suffering cause us to be like this.

Even an old man who had lived a long, fulfilled life, would still be afraid of death.

But Lindel was never like that.

Rather, she apologized and worried that they were suffering because of her.

In a situation where she may die tomorrow, she smiled and worried about her surroundings.

Lindel couldn’t even eat her food properly.

The head chef poured his heart and soul into cooking her dishes, but she hardly ate them.

No matter how weak her liver was, there seemed to be a rejection inside.

Not only that, Lindel said she often vomited blood before.

When a human’s internal organs are twisted, in other words, when they feel the terrible pain of being torn inside, they vomit blood.

The pain is beyond one’s imagination.

Lindel was enduring such a situation alone.

Without anyone’s help.

When Luke and many others asked Lindel if she was sick, she shook her head with a pale face.

‘I’m fine.

It doesn’t hurt.’

The knight who endured the pain alone, in case their loved ones get worried, was admirable.

Therefore, Luke wanted to help her as a priest and as a human being.

So he searched through books every day and bowed his head to other priests he knew for advice.

That’s how desperate Luke was.

However, Lindel’s illness was a terrifying discovery.

“Her soul is twisted.

Luke would rather believe he was crazy and spouting nonsense.

* * *

(Lindel’s POV)

The priest must have gone mad and started spouting nonsense.

A twisted soul was just a setting used in old-fashioned novels.

If the priest had been a little younger, I would have grabbed him by the collar and told him to stop consuming drugs.

His words were so absurd.

But the problem is that everyone but me has been misled by that sham priest’s words.

“What do you mean her soul is twisted”

“It is as I said.

Madam Lindel has not recently been exposed to any particular trauma or poison.

So I noticed that the onset of the disease takes a long time.”


“When I searched through a number of books, I could barely find an old disease similar to Madam Lindel’s.

At first, I could not believe it.

But now, I’m certain.”

The priest lowered his head in front of Lionel with a sad face.

“Madam Lindel’s soul is twisted.

It was even more ridiculous to explain that bullsh*t than to process it.

Lionel’s voice shook like a candle in the wind.

“Wh-What is the cause”

“A curse.”

The priest turned to me and answered.

“It is a symptom that appears after having been cursed for a long time.



Lionel was as shocked as I was.


I couldn’t help but be surprised.

I was actually thinking that my symptoms resembled a curse.

Because of my wish, my body was creating an optimized state for my body to fulfil my wish.

To be honest, it was like a curse to me because the process proceeded regardless of the person’s will.

Does the priest really know about my condition

But it’s also strange.

The priest said, “a long time”.

My contract was recently made so I mumbled without realizing it.

“It hasn’t been that long.” 

The words meant to be for me rang loudly because everyone was quiet.

I was embarrassed that everyone’s eyes were looking straight at me.

I didn’t want this attention.

Then once again, the priest began spouting nonsense.

“As expected, Madam Lindel already knew.”

“What do you mean”

“Madam Lindel has always been aloof.

As if you already know what’s going to happen.

Madam Lindel already knew she was cursed and would become like this.”

“Is that true Lindel, why didn’t you tell me!”

Lionel shouted in disbelief.

However, the priest shouted desperately and blocked the agitated Lionel.

“It’s only natural that you can’t tell anyone!”

He half started sobbing.

As tears constantly fell from his eyes, the more anxious I felt.

“Madam Lindel received the curse in place of his Majesty.”

My hunch was right.

The crowd fell silent.

The situation was growing beyond my control.

“W-What is that”

The minister, who had been sitting still, stumbles and asked.

I couldn’t tell if I was surprised that it was a curse on Lionel or that I received the curse for Lionel.

I couldn’t figure out what these guys were talking about.

I wanted everyone to shut up, but the priest didn’t seem to have any intention of doing so.

“I beg your pardon, but your Majesty has had many enemies since you were a prince.

The criminal must have cursed you to harm you because of a grudge.”


Lionel’s eyes shook.

“I heard that when your Majesty was fifteen, you met Madam Lindel for the first time.

Hasn’t your discomfort disappeared ever since you met Madam Lindel”

Bloody eyes turned to me.

He nodded his head and looked pale as if he were about to collapse.

“As expected! Since then, Madam Lindel has been cursed by his Majesty.”

The priest asked me sobbing.

“How long have you endured to protect his Majesty”

Someone shut his mouth! 

Translator Corner:

Updates might be delayed often because it’s summer break for me and I want to take this time to work and do some extra classes.

I’ll still try to update every other Sunday though.


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