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“Well, when you feel like you’re going to die”








When I stared at him with a straight face, Laroque burst into playful laughter. 




“I’m joking.

If you think something has changed because of the contract, as you said, eat it.

Estel is basically a medicine that helps balance your body.

It’ll help you in any way.” 




“Then shouldn’t you have given it to me when I threw up blood”




“I didn’t have it back then.

I couldn’t make it by myself because of the seal, so I took this opportunity to make it with my friend’s help.” 




I observed the precious medicine with fresh eyes. 




It doesn’t seem that amazing, but maybe it’s because I’m human.








“If it’s that precious, should I just eat it now” 




“It’d be better if you held onto it.” 




“You told me to eat earlier” 




“It’s a dragon’s medicine.

Your human body may have side effects.”




“…You want me to eat something that might cause side effects”




When I glared at him giving him a look that asked if he was crazy, Laroque replied with a smile.




“That’s why they didn’t give it to you in the first place.

I was next to you anyways, but if I leave now, I don’t know when I’ll come, and I can’t help you even if there’s a problem, so I’m giving it to you.

So eat only in a real emergency.” 




“The bottom line is that I’m screwed whether I eat it or not.” 




“So you don’t want it”




Should I just kill him Seeing my irritating expression, Laroque said to like it more. 




I regretted that I had been worried about him just a moment ago. 




Laroque took a step back.

He leapt into the sky with a light motion.

It looked like he was already about to go back. 




While I was watching him, my eyes suddenly with Laroque’s.




“One more thing.” 




When I tilted my head puzzled by what it was, his pink eyes curved into a half moon shape. 




“It’s okay to delay the execution of the contract a little.”




I had a puzzled expression for a moment. 




I tried to ask him, but no sound could come out. 




I reached out in a hurry, but my fingertips couldn’t reach the figure that had already almost completely disappeared.




“What You said you can’t die!” 




Before I knew it, I yelled at Laroque, who was smiling with a disgusting face. 




“Hey! Stop! You can’t look at me.

That’s what you said!” 




Was that a lie too!




If that’s the case, why was I so concerned until now You have to meet the deadline.

That’s why you always insisted.




As I showed signs of anger, Laroque began to laugh and giggle as usual. 




“I did it because I was afraid you’d run!” 




Seeing me in anger, Laroque was delighted with his usual immature face. 








“Then take care! Don’t cause trouble until I come back!” 








The last remaining black hair was all gone. 




With a bottle of red powder in my hand, I screamed into the empty space. 




“Hey, you crook!” 




I felt as if I could hear Laroque laughing in my ears.




* * * 




“The festival will return after this busy period.” 








“The sky is especially clear this year, so everyone is looking forward to it.

You’ll see the stars better on Ursilla’s night.” 








“Excuse me, Madam Lindel.” 








“Are you okay”




I finally came back to my senses when my name was suddenly called. 





I looked up, and Luna was already looking at me with a worried face. 




I must have been distracted again.





I didn’t hear you.

What did you say” 




“Well, it wasn’t important.

But are you sure you’re okay”








“I’m fine.

I’m just a little tired.”




I couldn’t concentrate on anything else because I kept worrying about Laroque’s business.

In particular, the fact that he didn’t respond to my words to not get hurt made me feel uneasy.




I had no idea what the dragon was trying to do when he could not even use his powers properly. 




I was dazed thinking about it, but I couldn’t tell Luna this of course.








‘No, why should I worry That crook!’ 




Suddenly, I remembered that I had been deceived, and instead of worrying, anger began to rise.








I was angry at the thought of the anxiety I had because I was still worried about the tight deadline. 




As my expression changed minute by minute, Luna’s face became more worried.




“If you’re not feeling well, I’ll call the priest right away.” 








I jumped from the mention of the priest and dissuaded Luna. 




“You don’t have to call a priest.

It’s not that I’m sick, it’s just that I’m tired.” 




It was obvious that another disease would appear if the priest was called. 




Just hearing that word made me tremble, so it was natural for me to react like this. 




But Luna began to cry about whatever else she was thinking.




“You’re not doing anything but you’re tired…” 




Don’t worry about it.




It was true that I had done nothing, but it hurt me a little to say that. 




I was embarrassed, and Luna was still talking about whatever she had to say without paying any attention to me.




“At times like this, you need to see a priest.” 




“No, I don’t need it.” 




“I can tell that you keep stopping me.” 








My voice naturally faltered. 




“You’re saying you don’t want to worry the priest who’s been suffering day and night lately.

But you mustn’t hide your pain!” 




I frowned. 




The priest has been busy saying he would try to reduce my pain, but from a normal point of view, it was just very difficult. 




Despite my lukewarm reaction, Luna burst into tears with my hands clenched in both her hands.




“I didn’t think about that, and it doesn’t hurt.” 




“I’ll quickly go and bring the priest!” 




Luna jumped out of her seat and ran outside. 




I had to grab my head with the awkward hand I had held clenched earlier. 




“-I tried to say no, but you just won’t listen to the very end.”




Since Luna ran out in that state, it was obvious that it would be noisy again when the new priest came. 




“It wasn’t time for me to worry about Laroque.” 




A pitiful voice wailed in the empty room. 




Shortly after, with a loud noise, people stormed in. 




How am I so accurate I realized that my hunch was not wrong again. 




“Madam Lindel! Are you alright”




At the sight of the priest gasping and shouting in front of me, I lowered my hand that was grabbing my head and looked at him. 




His loud voice made my ears ache.




“Ah, you’re here” 




“Did you have a headache”




My head, which had been fine, began to feel a sharp pain at the words of the priest. 




It’s not like that, so I’d like you to calm down first. 




However, anyone could see that the new priest was so enthusiastic that it would be futile to stop him. 




There was no one to stop him in the first place.

The priest began to make more fuss when my eyes looked unhappy.




“Madam Lindel! It’s okay! Don’t worry! I, this priest, will dedicate my entire being to helping you!” 




I was thinking of suggesting Lionel to change his doctor when he comes tonight.


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