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Chapter 2


Translator: Toffie

Proofreader: kt

“Madam Lindel, I’ve brought your meal.”

“Leave it there .

I’ll eat it later.”

Now was not the time to eat.


A little girl with bobbed hair approached me.

It was Luna, a girl who became my exclusive maid after I was  imprisoned here.

Luna was the only person who would  talk to me other than the priest.

“You should eat it while it’s still warm.”

A voice full of worry  begged me.

My heart clenched  when I saw her face, but now I don’t think I could even force a spoonful down my throat.

“I’ll eat it later, leave it there.”

I thought about it for a while, but I still refused to eat.

If I had not been forced into this situation, I would not be starving myself.

It’s already been a week since I have been imprisoned in this big room doing absolutely nothing.

In the meantime, Lionel did not even show his face.

I was going to fix the misunderstanding when I saw him again, but I have yet to see him.. 

I had no appetite for this situation.

No matter what delicious food they served me, it would all taste like sand.

As I lowered my head and avoided her eyes, Luna approached me and cried.

Still, Luna’s reactions can’t be helped. 

“The chef made duck soup specially for you.



However, the story was different when it came to duck soup. 

‘That snobbish old man personally made duck soup for me”

I peeked at the tray with a look of  surprise, I saw a bowl that was steaming up.

I smelled something fragrant, something  that I had never tasted  before.

My mouth began watering.

Duck soup!

My favourite type of soup!

I couldn’t take my eyes off the bowl, so Luna came up and said, 

“I heard this is Madam Lindel’s favourite food.

Since you arrived here, everyone has been worried because you haven’t eaten.

Please take a bite for their sincerity.”

Luna was begging me to eat.

This never had anything to do with today’s menu, duck soup. 

A young and innocent girl was crying because of me.

Now, I had to eat even if it tasted like sand in my mouth.

The reason that made her cry was clearly against the chivalry.

Even though I was misunderstood and deprived of my position as a knight, I, the vice commander, will keep my oath until my death.

“I’ll eat a little, considering the sincerity of you and the chef.”

“Yes! I’ll prepare it right away!”

When I got up and sat myself down at the table, Luna came to me with a tray.

The skin of the immaculate duck in front of me was beautiful.

I began to drool and hurriedly held the spoon in my hand.

“I have no appetite.”

I said for no reason as I secretly swallowed my saliva.

I was fighting against myself to not get pulled in by the duck soup.

Fortunately, Luna didn’t realize it.

“You have to eat, even if it is a little.

You’re not feeling well, but if you eat well, you’ll have the strength to fight the illness!”

At Luna’s words, the hand holding the spoon tightened.

It was very uncomfortable to hear what she said from my point of view.

When I heard such words from Luna’s mouth, I felt distressed.

When I put down the spoon that was aiming for the duck soup and looked at Luna, her eyes began to water.

“I’ll be okay.

I’ll always be on your side.

I’m on Madam Lindel’s side.”

Just a week after meeting me, Luna became devoted to me.

She seemed like she’d sacrifice anything for me.

On the first day, I was a bit scared.

The next day, it was awkward.

At one point, when I was bored and looked at the stars in the sky, Luna told me something.

After I listened to her and answered appropriately, we ended up in this state.

The problem is that I don’t remember what I had said back then. 

To clear up a misunderstanding, you need to remember what you said.

But I don’t remember anything.

When I thought I had said something else, Luna was already crying and pledging loyalty to me.

I felt sorry for Luna, but I wasn’t happy at all.

As a grown  adult deceiving an innocent child, it stabbed my conscience.

“I know I keep saying this, but I’ll be fine Luna.”

“Yes, you will be.

You must be!”

Luna seemed to have no intention of listening to me.

My expression was becoming more and more nervous, whereas  Luna’s eyes were becoming more serious.

I gave up and held my spoon again to eat the duck soup.

But a second obstacle arrived.

The knight that guarded the door entered the room.

No matter how much I tried to talk to him, he never answered back.

Today was the first time he has ever spoken to me.

“His Majesty has come.”

‘I haven’t even taken a bite yet!’

It was difficult to even eat once.

Nel, who had been neglecting me for the past week, came to me when I was about to eat.

If the priest had come, as usual, I would have ignored it.

But it was the Emperor.

After I involuntarily put down my spoon, Nel arrived.

I hate it.

No, I thought I hated it but it was nice to see Lionel’s face.

What a man.

When the Emperor arrived, Luna and the knight bowed.

I, too, tried to get up from my seat to greet him.

But before that, Lionel’s sharp voice stopped me.

I didn’t expect a friendly reunion but did he have to act like this as soon as we met

“Are you refusing to eat again”

When I raised my head with courtesy, I saw anger in Lionel’s face when he looked at me.

“You didn’t even take a bite.”

He said bull** as his cold eyes glanced over the tray.

It was really ridiculous.

He was the one who interrupted my meal.

Lionel shut his mouth tightly in regret.

His eyes became sharper.

“Why Do you want to starve now”

“What! It’s not like that!”

I was surprised and tried to make excuses, but Lionel didn’t seem to believe me.

He approached me, with the same terrifying expression he had that day, grabbed my arm.

Due to the side effects of the fraudulent contract, I had lost weight and muscle.

I was in pain because I could not handle Lionel’s grip.

“Ugh! Your Majesty!”

I couldn’t hold it in and let out a scream.

He loosened his grip but still held my arm.

“You, the ex-vice commander, is unable to withstand a grip of this degree and you’re still saying you’re fine”

The voice in my head urged me to tell him the truth.

As soon as we met, it became like this.

“I said I’m not sick and I have no intention of dying.

You are all misunderstanding.”

I stared at him without looking away because I was upset and frustrated.

“If that’s the case, tell me.

Explain to me why you are like this and what caused you to vomit blood in front of me.”


“Please tell me the truth.”

Lionel’s voice was heavy.

In that one sentence, I felt more tormented and sorrowful than anger in his voice.

I was speechless as his dark eyes looked at me.

I couldn’t bear it, but still didn’t dare to tell the truth.

As I remained silent, Lionel let go of my arm and stepped back.

The air around us sunk coldly.

Because the conversation ended like this, I had no choice but to look at him.

Lionel squeezed and rubbed his eyes with one hand.

“Priest, come closer and treat her.”


Only then did I notice the presence of the priest.

An old priest standing by the door hurriedly came to me.

The face I saw every day for a week was getting darker every day because of me.

‘You can’t get anything from taking my pulse.

I’m sorry, grandpa*.’

*The priest isn’t her actual grandfather, it’s like how some kids point at a random elderly stranger say, “That grandpa is holding a balloon!”

My current condition isn’t something that a priest’s ability can cure.

Even if you check my pulse and examine my body, you won’t find anything.

I felt sorry for the priest.

As expected, the priest, who found nothing wrong today, made up an excuse to the Emperor with a dark face.

“I-it’s… She is lacking energy and her pulse is weak.”


“W-well! I’m not-”

“So the Emperor’s doctor has examined her every day for a week but has not found a single cause”

“Y-Your Majesty, please kill me!”

The priest fell on the floor and trembled.

The atmosphere got heavier and heavier.

I couldn’t stand to watch the trembling priest anymore, so I opened my mouth. 


It’s not the priest’s fault.”

“M-madam Lindel!”

The priest’s teary eyes turned to me but I could not look back because of guilt.

I spoke with my eyes fixed on Lionel.

His cold eyes were already fixed on me. 

“Let me go.”


“No one here will be able to cure me.”

This was the truth.

The contract with the dragon could not be resolved by humans.

But I couldn’t tell them the entire truth.

I didn’t have the courage to see him angry so I closed my eyes.

I’ve already given up on the cold duck soup.

I had to change Lionel’s mind and let me leave this place.

I didn’t have time to save myself.

“Abandon me, Your Majesty.”

The die was thrown.


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