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(Askale’s POV)



Her head, which had been throbbing, stopped, and Lindel collapsed.




Askale was appalled. 


The blood quickly drained from Lindel’s face. 


Lindel, whose face went pale, could hardly breathe with her defocused eyes. 


Askale called Lindel once again, hugging her collapsed body in a hurry. 


Lindel’s eyes, which were shaken by the sound, turned to Askale again, but it was only for a moment.




Her body, which had been trembling, seemed to have stiffened for a short time, and blood flowed out of Lindel’s lips. 


Askale’s eyes were fixed on Lindel, even though the red, sticky blood was wetting his hem. 


While his trembling lips were at a loss for words, Lindel looked up at Askale.


But at the end of it, her exhausted body drooped.


“Lindel! Wake up! Lindel!” 


Lindel was unresponsive to Askale’s shouts.

The blood dripping down the chin reeked with a strong smell of blood. 


Askale was unable to respond to what had happened in an instant. 


Only when Lindel’s head fell to the floor did he come to his senses. 


There was no time to sit idly like this. 


Askale ran across the hallway of the palace with Lindel’s drooping body in his arms.


* * *


I realized now that I was dreaming.

It was because the sight in front of me was too unrealistic. 


In front of my eyes were Lionel, Laroque, and Askale. 


It was a combination that would never make sense, so I could immediately notice that this was a dream. 


“Why are you so rude If you think about it, I’m your ancestor.” 


At that moment, Laroque spoke to Lionel with a sulky face.


I looked at Lionel startled by Laroque’s words because I thought he would be on the rampage. 


Unexpectedly, however, Lionel shrugged his shoulders for a moment and did not seem to be very angry. 


It was definitely a dream. 


“Why don’t you do that when you’re talking nonsense”


Lionel pointed at me with his chin.

I flinched, but I immediately realized what he was pointing to.


I realized it wasn’t me.


Lionel was staring at a small child sitting next to me. 


I was a little surprised to notice the existence of the child only then. 


Lionel was staring at the child as if he was annoyed.


I followed his gaze and looked at the child, but I couldn’t accurately identify the child’s appearance.

Perhaps because it was a dream.


“Again! Again! You don’t even listen to me!” 


As I narrowed my eyes to identify the child, Laroque jumped and screamed. 


Surprised by the noise, the child leaned more and more against me.

I unwittingly wrapped myself around such a child. 


“Hey, get off”


At that moment, Cionel spoke to the child in a harsh tone.

Lionel didn’t seem to like children. 


Lionel’s face crumpled as the child came closer to me. 




I involuntarily wrapped myself in the child’s body in a ferocious response. 


“Both of you, be quiet.”


Askale, who had been observing the situation so far, finally spoke. 


Is he trying to protect the child It was surprising to see Askale’s cold face like this. 


But unsurprisingly, Askale looked a little annoyed. 


“Isn’t your brother in trouble And you stay away from my sister, too.”


The Askale’s cold voice was directed to the child this time.

Askale didn’t seem to like children either. 


But I was more surprised than that by the word ‘my sister that come out of Askale’s mouth. 


No matter how much it is a dream, I didn’t expect to hear this. 


I couldn’t say a word and felt someone pulling my hem. 


He was a meek child. 


“Lindel, they’re bullying me.”


The child spoke to me, but I couldn’t do anything for him.

I turned my eyes to the unbelievable atmosphere between Lionel and Askale. 


“Hey, why are you doing this to a kid Just calm down.” 


“Who’s a kid” 


Lionel’s sharp voice cut me off.

He was staring indignantly at the child next to me. 


“He’s just a child.”


“Lindel, how can that be a child” 


Lionel frowned as if he was dumbfounded by what I said.

It was his irritating face that I hadn’t seen recently.


I was surprised by the curtness I hadn’t seen in a long time, but this was it. 


“Are you jealous”


It was a little funny to see him jealous of a small child who was more than half his age.

I laughed quietly, throwing away my nervousness. 


Then Lionel’s eyebrow wriggled. 


“Is it obvious” 


Oh my gosh! I never imagined that he would be jealous of a child. 


Lionel’s reaction was amazing and surprising, but at that moment, Askale called me. 


He looked at me with alarmed eyes, as if my mind were off. 


“Sister, what happened to your hair” 


“What My hair”


I stared at him, unsettled by his direct remarks.

Askale was piercing me with his eyes. 


“That bastard, where is the little boy 


I followed Askale’s gaze and turned my head to my side.

The child was obviously a child, but I felt strange about their reaction that kept thinking I was weird. 


“What are you saying” 


However, as soon as I turned my head, I was surprised by the sight of the dark man, who filled the view, and fell back. 


“Oh my god! You scared me!” 


I almost broke the back of my head, but I was able to avoid the man pulling me down. 


A grown man was now sitting in the place where the child was.


The man smiled at me.

TL/N: Honestly, I have no clue what’s happening but like we all have weird dreams sometimes.

Hopefully, this dream where this child turns into a grown man is explained in the future


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