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I was dumbfounded and unable to speak.


“Then what should I do in that situation”


Lionel’s eyes were red and tears filled in them. 


I haven’t been breathing for three days! 


I was appalled by myself.


Can humans live without breathing for as long as three days 


In the first place, even three minutes didn’t make sense. 


I asked Lionel in a voice that was stupid even for me to hear. 


“You’re not here for my funeral, are you” 


Lionel’s eyes became harsh. 


“No, I made a mistake.”


I hastily retracted my words.

But I couldn’t take back what I had already said. 


Lionel’s hands tied me tightly to the point of pain. 


He held me tight and buried his head on my shoulder. 


“Even as a joke, don’t say that.”


The atmosphere became cold. 


The priests’ eyes were looking at me were swollen. 


I also knew this was my mistake.

I had no excuse for Sonel’s sensitive response. 


“I’m sorry.

I’m just…” 


“It’s all right.

There’s nothing to apologize for.”


Lionel’s voice was still muffled.

His sharp look had softened, but he still looked shaken.


“Thank you for waking up.”


His sincerity was felt in the small whisper.

I didn’t dare imagine how he felt during the three days I didn’t wake up.


Seeing him so shaken up made me feel sorry for him.


Worrying about me made me feel more pain than happiness.


I awkwardly reached out and hugged him back.


With each other in our arms, we were no longer talking.

I used to care about people’s eyes, but even I didn’t care much at this moment. 


I was anxious because there was no way to soothe the person who must have been anxious because of me.

I was just hugging his wide back as hard as Lionel did. 


And yet, in fact, I was out of breath with embarrassment. 


I knew I was in a surprised state until a while ago, but it was strange that I was out of my mind. 


I saw the door open in the distance after being there for a long time.


Even the painted white door was a little boring.

Due to the excessively white door, the appearance of a contrasting man dressed in black inside became more noticeable. 


The man, who covered his whole body in a black robe, had half his face covered by the robe’s hood. 


But I could tell from the covered face.

The man was obviously looking only at me. 


“You’re awake at last.” 


The man’s mouth opened and a clear voice was heard.


Unlike the atmosphere, which seemed particularly dark and gloomy due to its appearance, the voice of the new company was very fresh. 


When I looked at him, Lionel released his arms that were holding me.

He looked back at the man who appeared behind his back, pulling my shoulder toward him. 


‘Who is that’


Before we could question his identity, the man strode towards us. 


Strangely enough, the priests stepped aside to avoid the man like the Red Sea splitting.

They seemed to be avoiding the impure.


The priests seemed afraid to touch him. 


I became more curious about that man’s identity. 


The moment I was distracted by him, a strong force drew my attention.

Lionel completely locked me in his arms as if he were turning my eyes away.

“I’ll thank you very much for this.”


The voice above my head was cold.

It was such a businesslike attitude that I wondered if he was the same person who was so desperate until a while ago. 


But this was more like Lionel than the Lionel that cried earlier. 


Thus, I was more interested in their conversation than in his changed attitude. 




The man in black approaching us stopped. 


“It’s an honour to hear the Emperor’s gratitude.” 


The man reacted with a frowning exaggeration. 


It seemed strange to see him speaking in a theatrical tone with his arms wide open. 


Perhaps I was the only one who thought it was strange, but the priests next to me were also frowning. 


Soon after, a soft voice of a man followed.


“By the way, Your Majesty, I saved the Lady.

Isn’t your reaction too harsh”


I shuddered. 


I felt stiff by the unexpected story, but a big hand grabbed my head and pressed it into my arms. 


Thanks to that, I couldn’t see the man properly. 


“Unfortunately, it seems that you’re wary of me.

Did I do anything wrong”


It was an impertinent way of speaking to the emperor of an empire. 


It was the first time in my life that I witnessed someone speak like that in front of Lionel. 


I was nervous about what might happen next, but an unexpected reaction was returned. 


“Even though you behaved so arrogantly, your neck is still intact because you saved my woman’s life.  Don’t make me repeat myself.” 


Lionel’s tone was dull.

But rather so, I could see that it was his sincerity. 


I reacted to the words that had said the man had saved me. 


Lionel was uncomfortable, but I could barely see it. 


The black man was too conspicuous.

While examining the man’s figure, I noticed a smooth chin exposed under the robe. 


The smooth lines were very impressive at first glance. 


At that moment, the man’s gaze felt strong.


The man raised his hand and took off the hood that was covering his face.

His beautiful face was revealed as long, dark hair flowed down his shoulders. 


I couldn’t help but be surprised by the man’s face. 


I was surprised by his exceptionally beautiful face, but most of all, his eyes surprised me. 


The first jewel I saw in my life was right in front of me. 


“Well, I was presumptuous.”


But I did not admire his beauty for long. 


The man looked at me and muttered, pretending to answer Lionel.

His red lips moved slowly. 


“That’s too bad.” 


The man who looked at me smelled like a familiar madman.


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