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I want to be a side character, but can not Train Robbery

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Five years after the bandit incident, we are already 15 years old. It was time to leave home and enter the Academy in the royal capital.

Dad was so ambitious, he enrolled us in an academy that was exclusively for nobles. Commoners like myself and Amara would be practically impossible to get in there if we weren talented. Thats why its called selection.

"Hey, my sister ... maybe I won be able to pass!?"

"What are you saying, Rie? Youll pass with me and well both outwit those nobles!"

Amara became infected with dad, she became just as ambitious.

"Seriously this time! I won forgive you if Im the only one who passes the selection," Amara said, threatening. Her gaze was as sharp as a sword. "I-Ill be so lonely, you know!"

I pretended not to hear her last words. Its just spontaneity.

Amara grows up to be a beautiful girl. Tall and slim bodies, silvery hair, and ruby-red eyes always attract everyones attention. The white skin looks very smooth. The embodiment of the perfect beautiful girl.

I bet Amara won lose to the nobles or even a princess.

As for me ... I don know. I find it hard to judge my appearance. I look almost the same as Amara, with silver hair and red eyes.

"Rie, you

e going to try your hardest on that selection, right?"

"Huh, yes, yes. But, I can promise," I said, sighing.

"Take it easy. Ill help you pass."

In the selection for admission to the Meredhia Royal Academy, there were only two types. Written examination and measurement of magic energy.

Even though I got a perfect score on the Written Exam, it doesn mean anything yet.

The real test is the measurement of magic energy. Even though I scored 0 on the written exam, as long as my magic energy is on par with the nobles ... Ive passed.

The noise of the nobility and the civilian people have magic energy capacity with a large difference.

The silence came. This is common if each chatterer has run out of topics. We were both quiet, enjoying the journey via train through the forest.

Well, I haven had a chance to say it yet. Isekai is not about the Middle Ages. My world is now in an 18th-century timeline, during the Industrial Revolution. The world is not very ancient.

Hmm ... I felt a strange flow of magical energy. I looked out the window and smiled furiously. A commotion will soon arise. This is the perfect time to be a side character, a role that usually just runs away or doesn get killed for the first time.

"Rie, stay away from me?"



The train felt shaking due to the explosion coming from the rear carriage as if it was about to roll over. It was terrible, everyone panicked. However, my sister remained calm, she loudly stood up holding out her sword.

"Everybody goes to the other wagon!" She shouted, commanding us. Yes, you are very heroic, my sister!

Everyone automatically followed Amaras lead, they moved to the front carriage.

"Rie, you too? Ill stop them!"

My sister is the main character.

"You have to promise to catch up, sister!" I said, patting her shoulder.

"Heh, of course. Im so much stronger now than I used to be, it won be like what it was five years ago. Im going to take out those criminals!" Amara chuckled.

Great ambition! But, never mind ... she is indeed the main character type. And also it seems that no one has the soul of a knight other than my sister.

I moved to the front carriage, leaving Amara alone. Fleeing to another carriage is not a solution.

The roof of the carriage sounded like someone was walking on it. Wow, this is an emergency.


There was an explosion in the middle of the carriage. All passengers who want to continue to evacuate to the front carriage have been blocked.

Maybe this is the right stage!?

Im the only armed man in this carriage, carrying a sword. Among the passengers, I also noticed that there was someone who seemed to be intending to enter the academy, he didn appear to be carrying a sword. Maybe he didn intend to get into the Spellsword faculty.

I went straight ahead, all eyes on me. Well, hope for me! But, alas, yes!?

"Theres someone who wants to be a hero."

"Heh ... our request is simple. Give me all your money, and well just pass. Oh, sorry about the hole in the wagon."

Meaningless. Giving money will not be enough, they will want more. For example, kidnapping us to be slaves and then sold. Well, not all ... maybe chosen. Most of the passengers here are elderly. Young people like me are more valuable, especially women.

"Hey, young man, don fight back if you don want to get hurt." The robbers grinned, pulling out their swords.

"I-I won let you do anything!" I said nervous and scared.

Good, I look like a young man with a high sense of Justice.

"Hey, kid. What nonsense is that? Look at your sword, don shake it!" The robbers laughed.

"D-don laugh! In the future, I will be a knight of this order. And I will exterminate people like you!" I said out loud.

Eh? I look like the main character of Shounen. It shouldn be, right? But, yeah ... already. Side characters sometimes have the same dream as the main character.

I hit one of the robbers. I swing the sword.



My attack missed and I received a blow to the face that made me crash into a chair.

Well, I screwed up the expectations of everyone who expected me. Ugh, thats too bad ... Im sorry, everyone.

I fainted instantly. Yan, just acting, anyway.


The doors in the rear carriages split diagonally. Yeah, thats Amara. I can feel the smell and the magic energy.

"How dare you! Ill finish you all off!" The Aura of anger from Amara is so great.

Ugh ... the surge of magic energy was a little big.

"Everybody down!"


The train wagon split horizontally into two parts. All the robbers were killed miserably with two separate body parts.

"Thats the result if you dare to touch my brother with your dirty hands!"

Wow, cool. You were very heroic, my sister. You

e in stark contrast to your fainted brother.

Amara approached me. "Although he sometimes pretends not to care about his surroundings, he is a very good person."

Well, I do sound like a really good big brother figure, though. Whatever it is ... don unbosom at a time like this, little sister!

Id become conscious five minutes from now. Amara has healed my wounds with her magic. The train was temporarily stopped after some fatal damage was found. We temporarily got off the train. Hmm ... perhaps we will be transferred to another locomotive.

"Argh ... w-what happened?"

"It was just a bunch of bugs that broke into the train. Take it easy, Ive already kicked them out." Amara gave me a bottle of drink.

"Hmm, well, thank you. You

e so good, my sister!"

"No! You

e the weak one!" Amara sneered.

"You have to be conscious! What weak people should do ... hide and run." Amara turned her face away from me. "You weakling! I don deserve to be an older brother!"

"I have to be?"

I stood up and patted my butt to remove the adhering dust. "I want to pee."

"Heh, Your hobby is sick!" Amara quipped.

"This is how your brothers behavior is. This is a natural call. I can ignore it."

I went away from the outskirts of the railroad tracks.

"I can see traces of your magic energy, robbers!"

The attack occurred at several points in the carriage. after Amara split the wagon into two parts, they fled into the forest. Well, not Amara ... someone may has drop off their guts.

Its a good chance. Now is my turn to rob the robbers. I need money when in the capital.

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