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I want to be an extra character, but I cant Princess Viona

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"Hmm... Im already lost! Why would someone with less work make this place like a maze? Is there something hidden? Ah, could it be treasure? Well, this one is not to be missed!"

I was still faithfully walking down the passages in the basement that was already like a maze, with too many intersections. I had already passed through who knows how many intersections.

"Huh, this time the path is divided into three. Alright... instinct, choose the treasure place!"

It was a bit risky to decide on a path based on the abstract feelings that arose. But, what the heck, I didn have any clues that could distinguish the best route.

"Hmm... to the right, huh?"

If Amara was around, shed be furious that Id chosen to go the other way. That girl was always cautious, she always thought logically and rarely believed in luck.

The passage I chose ended in an underground aqueduct. The blue fluorescent crystals attached to the sides of the passage also ended.

"Did I go the wrong way?" I muttered about turning around. However, I felt a breeze hitting my skin. It felt cool and came from the water channel.

I thought for a moment, "this is underground, right?"

I developed a happy smile after finding the most logical reason. "I don think Im wrong. There must be something interesting in this aqueduct!"

I plunged straight into the stream that was about 50 cm deep. The water was cold and a little turbulent, small trash was also washed away and passed between my feet. Fortunately, it was dark, so I didn have to vomit when I saw floating, human waste.

Yes, this is a drain, added the word drain. Now, do you understand?

I had walked more than 100 meters. The choice to investigate this culvert was not a wrong one. As I walked further, I heard a familiar voice.

It was the sound of thin metal blades clashing together!

"Ah, a girl? Uh, isn that the academy uniform?"

That was a surprise. From the other side of the culvert intersection, I peeked at two people, maybe four people pitting their sword skills against each other. Well, as far as I could see, it was an unequal fight. 3 against 1, especially a woman. Well, a loser would do that.

"What is your purpose in my kingdom?" the girl shouted with emotion. Her long violet hair fluttered as the sword she was holding gave off a red aura.

"Thats not enough of a bully, Princess!" said the man dressed all in black lunged at the violet-haired girl, about to swing his sword.

The girl managed to hold his attack back with admirable swordsmanship. Her opponent was given no chance to attack. She directly countered the attacking enemy.


The violet managed to make a wide slash on his opponents chest.


e careless, Miss Violet!"

She forgot that there were still two enemies behind her. Well, the girl was caught off guard.


A sword slash managed to hit her left arm. She survived because of her reflexes, otherwise, her heart would have been pierced.

"Hmm... I have to admit, hes pretty good. Whats his name? She should be a named character. Oh, yeah .... Princess Viona Mere?!"

I was still watching Princess Viona fight. She was now cornered and three people dressed in black surrounded her. Do I have to help her?

That would be troublesome! Once I deal with a named character, I will be involved with events that make the main character.

Thats the annoying part!

"Y-you guys are so brave to fight a defenseless beautiful girl!? Aren you ashamed?" said Princess Viona with a pained face.

"Well, on second thought. I didn need to show up, anyway. This is your lucky day, Princess!"

I formed Clay Weapon into a small bow in the palm of my hand. Time to aim.

Yep, three headshots. I turned out to be a good sniper.

The men in black died with head wounds. Meanwhile, the Princess was confused. And not long after that, she fainted.

I approached her.

"She fainted from a small wound? Well, I don think so. Its probably just a mental strain!"

I left Princess Viona alone and went down the culvert.

I had been walking for over half an hour. Until now, there was no sign of anything interesting appearing. Like Princess Vionas presence.

Thinking deeper, what was she going to this filthy place for?

Ah, damn it! I thought about what she said.

"...in my kingdom? Is there a big conspiracy? Is there? Is it? This is just dragging me into the problems that the main characters will face!"

I continued to explore the culvert because I considered if there was any treasure. That was not to be missed at all.

I had walked enough but hadn encountered anything yet. Its just an ordinary culvert. Well, maybe I was made to think so. The secret passage is also probably just an escape route for the royal family from the palace in case of an attack.

"Am I taking this too seriously? Princess Viona is probably just fighting common criminals?"

Even so, I hadn given up yet. I kept walking until I found a mysterious place.

I found a door, but it seemed to be locked. Well, I can easily open it.


This place is like a laboratory, I guess?

The equipment and decor are supportive. I saw injections and some similar items scattered on the floor. The place is a mess full of dust and cobwebs, probably abandoned for a long time.

I moved closer to the edge of the room. There was a cupboard and I tried to open it. I found a lot of materials from monsters like horns and hooves. Well, I know because I once had them too to make the perfect Clay Weapon.

"Huh, what a pity! These rare monster materials are already damaged, they can be sold."

I next headed to a table in the center of the room. It was full of old papers. Maybe I could find out about what was researched in this place.

"All blank papers? Well, if the owner of this place is smart, he definitely wouldn leave important things like research documents."

In the end, I found nothing. There was no treasure.

I decided to go back. Amara must be angry with me.

Oh, yes. About the fate of the Princess. What should I do with her? Save her? I think thats a bad idea.

I decided to just heal her wounds and leave her. Someone must have found her.

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