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945 Chapter 945

The old man brought Lucifer to the command center of the ship, where no one was allowed to come without permission.

For some reason, the old man appeared to have quite a favorable view of Lucifer.

Then again, the people here werent surprised about it anymore.

They knew the old man really liked Talented people.

He wanted to see the Star Alliance become as strong as it could, and thats what made him work so earnestly in selecting the best of the best through these trials.

When it came to talent, who could be better than Lucifer The young man not only managed to kill the Flame Lord but also to do it with such ease.

If there was one person who had impressed them the most throughout the week, it was Lucifer.

It wasnt just the old man who was impressed by Lucifer but almost everyone who didnt have an inherent hate or bias toward him.

With the talent that Lucifer had shown, it was evident that he was going to get to a really high position in the Star Alliance as long as he didnt die young.

Most of them were sure that Lucifer might become the youngest person to reach the General Rank.

It had been a long time since a Captain was promoted to a General Rank as the criteria, and the strength needed for that was quite high since the Star Alliance General was the peak of the hierarchy that a person could reach if one were to ignore the Queen.

A General was the most influential person after the queen, which made almost everyone strive to be a General.

Seeing the potential inside Lucifer to become a General, most of the men here had quite a favorable opinion of him.

The only problem was that he had killed someone he shouldnt, and that could create some trouble in his path.

If he didnt succeed in the trial ahead to get promoted to the Captain Rank at least, then his life could very well be at risk.

It wasnt easy to win either.

Even though he had been topping all the trials since the beginning, since his starting point was so low, he was still below Ron and Raayi in the main ranking.

If he wanted to clear this Trial successfully, then he needed to win this last challenge as well.

He needed to win it by a huge lead, which seemed quite hard at this point.

At the moment, the most likely to get promoted was Raayi since Ron wasnt taking these challenges seriously.

Raayi was going through these challenges with the intent to win, but Ron was just going through it like it was a game for him to test himself.

Unlike Raayi, Ron was making things hard for himself.

Thats what made everyone feel that Raayi could win.

Still, even if Lucifer couldnt win, they still respected him.

From the lowest ranked, he was still able to enter the top three Ranks, especially with such powerful competitors of this year.

That in itself was worth respect.

​ If there was anyone who won their respect, it was Lucifer.

It was also why they didnt oppose Lucifers arrival here.

“Excited for the challenges ahead or nervous” The old man asked Lucifer.

“None…” Lucifer answered.

“Its an entirely different feeling.”

“Fear” the old man asked, smiling.

“Worried about the Rasin Clan because of what happened with Mander”

“Not that either.

I dont worry about the Rasin Clan.

I have a feeling Ill be safe from them after I win and get promoted, at least for some time, so thats not what Im thinking about either.”

“Then what”

“Its just an intrigue… I thought the Star Alliance just worked to protect the worlds, but here we are going to destroy one.

So I was wondering just what kind of entity is the Star Alliance…” Lucifer explained, thinking out loud.

He also had another concern which he didnt tell anyone yet.

In the world where he was going, there were three troublesome guests that he had sent there himself.

That world was more like a prison for those three as he wanted to avoid them last time.

Two of the three were the Baltics that the Star Alliance wanted to protect.

In case those three came before the others from the Star Alliance and told them everything, then they could know that it was Lucifer himself who killed them.

His story about him not knowing anything was going to be in trouble as well.

Thats why he needed to get to those three first, but how He didnt know where those three were going to be.

First, he needed to find those three.

At the same time, he also needed to find the last of the seven Stone Fragments that were embedded in the Council Sword.

He had three goals, and all of them had equal importance.

He needed to find the stone, kill the Dungeon Dwellers, and then win this trial, for which he needed to take as many lives as he could.

All these goals had hardships of their own.

It wouldve been much easier if he had arrived here as a Captain on his own ship like his initial plan.

At least he could search for those three without being observed by others.

“Will everyone be assigned a different territory of their own”

Before the old man could even answer the last question, Lucifer asked a different question.

“Thats right.

We were planning to have everything be divided in the ten territories to make things easier for you all.

However, that is just an idea for now, but its quite hard to execute since amongst the ten territories, some would be weaker, and some would be stronger.”

” One of those ten territories can also cover the Royal Territory of that world, which would be hardest to clear.

Thats why it might be quite unfair for some while giving benefits to others.

Thats why its not the final plan.

We still need to think about it.”

“Ill take the Royal Territory!” Lucifer exclaimed instantly.

If it was a territory system, then it was perfect for him.

He was sure that the stone was with the Royals of that world.

He also had a feeling that the Baltics might try to approach the Royals for help to get out of that world or at least live in luxury there.

The Royal Territory would solve one of his biggest problems.

Moreover, if he convinced the old man to use the territory system, he could make sure that no one else entered his territory and saw the Baltics! It definitely made his trial harder than the others, but it was still perfect for him!

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